Seventeen’s Mingyu becomes ‘Min-Gyver’ on ‘Laws of the Jungle’!

Seventeen’s Mingyu becomes ‘Min-Gyver’ on ‘Laws of the Jungle’!

Seventeen’s Mingyumade his ‘Laws of the Jungle’ debut on the July 21 broadcast!

On his first day, Mingyu started working on a fire by digging out a hole for a firepit. During his interview before heading off for the island of Komodo, he shared,”When I was young, I really enjoyed constructing things. If I didn’t become a singer then I would have wanted to do something relevant to architecture or design.” Mingyu showed his extensive DIY abilities by constructing a handmade breathing tank, a searchlight, and a wooden bed.

Check out his ‘Min-Gyver’ skills in the clip above!

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