Seventeen’s DK beautifully covers “She Didn’t Love Me”

Seventeen’s DK beautifully covers “She Didn’t Love Me”

Seventeen’s DK┬ácovered Yang Da Il’s “She Didn’t Love Me”!

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On Seventeen’s official YouTube channel, a video was uploaded in which DK beautifully sang the passionate RnB song. Through his own style and painting his voice color to the original song really made the whole cover pop out. In the video, DK shows his talent through different techniques and singing through his own unique way that forces the fans to fall in love with him once again.

The whole video setting is very simple with him simply sitting down and facing away from the camera. However, it is this atmosphere that helps the viewers gravitate towards DK and his singing ability instead of everything else around him.

If you haven’t had a chance to, check out the cover as well as the original song!

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