SEVENTEEN Discusses Their Growth As Musicians And Being Compared To EXO And BTS At Comeback Showcase

SEVENTEEN Discusses Their Growth As Musicians And Being Compared To EXO And BTS At Comeback Showcase

The group held the showcase for their fourth mini album Al1 on May 23 and began the event by showing the music video for Dont Wanna Cry and performing their new title track.

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When greeting reporters, S.Coups said, Weve been showing a boys love story through our music till now, but this time, were showing a boys sorrow. Because of how different our comeback is, it feels like were making our debut for a second time.

SEVENTEEN will be taking on the EDM genre for the first time with their new track. Woozi explained, Dont Wanna Cry is of a genre that SEVENTEEN has never done before. We discussed what would be the best way to express a boys sorrow, and we decided on EDM. We think well be able to reach deep and bring up a lot of emotions. Im happy with how the song came out.

Hoshi promised their most epic performance yet and added, We worked together with a performance team. We tried to express the sorrow and complicated feelings of our lyrics in our choreography. Our new dance is one to watch out for. Our previous dance routines were powerful and energetic, but we tried to put an emphasis on lines in this new one.

SEVENTEEN is often grouped together with EXO and BTS and called EBS when people talk about the most popular boy groups of today. Regarding this, the members said, Its an honor to be grouped with such great groups. It makes us want to emulate them and keep making our own unique music.

Seungkwan added, We want to work hard and win awards like them. Theyre amazing. We will work harder and keep improving, referring to BTSs recent win at the Billboard Music Awards.

Emphasizing the members involvement in creating each album, Woozi stated, Every member gets very serious when making our albums. Because weve had such a bright and energetic image so far, its been hard to show the depth of our music. We wanted to show everyone that weve been working harder on that. For every album we release, we get more involved in the creation process by sharing our opinions and finding the best solutions. S.Coups concluded the statement with, Our biggest rivals are our former selves.

When asked what SEVENTEEN would do if they won on a music show, Jun chimed up and said, Well take our shoes off and dance barefoot. Seungkwan had everyone laughing when he added, Though Im not that tall, Ill try to take my shoes off.

SEVENTEEN kicked off their comeback on May 22 with the release of their new mini album Al1. The group plans to showcase their greatest performance yet with Dont Wanna Cry.