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Lim Seulong to free up virtual unmarried Album ′Melatonin′ on November 20

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Lim Seulong to free up virtual unmarried Album ′Melatonin′ on November 20

--> Lim Seulong has snuck up on lovers with news of a new virtual unmarried album.

Lim Seulong′s electronic single album Melatonin can be released on November 20, and he′s set to transport hearts with his dreamlike voice.

The digital single album, set to drop at midday on November 20, will involve two tracks that spotlight Lim Seulong′s musical style, adding the lead single Melatonin and Witcher.

Melatonin is a tune encouraged via the hormone associated with biorhythms, conveying a message to other people at the pass always and littered with insomnia in the fashionable age, to reside luckily doing what you love. Witcher is a lovely song about love with a dreamlike sound.

Lim Seulong composed and wrote either songs on digital single album, showcasing his enlargement as a singer-songwriter, and American mastering engineer Ted Jensen mastered the album.

Melatonin will be released on music sites in the dark on November 20.

Seulong showed to lead film 'Horror Experiences 3'

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Seulong showed to lead film 'Horror Experiences 3'

Singer actor Seulong has been forged as the lead for the impending movie, "Horror reports 3".

An go along with Seulong"s firm SidusHQ told television Daily, "Seulong has been cast as the lead for "Horror Stories 3" recently" and "has already been filming".

"Horror Stories" is a horror film series in omnibus format. "Horror Stories" and "Horror Stories 3" were released in 2012 and 2013 back to back. "Horror Stories 2" used to be invited to the 13th Dallas Asian Film Festival and the 12th Florence Korean Film Festival and become awarded Silver Crow at Brussels global wonderful Film Festival.

Seulong debuted as a singer thru 2AM and discovered his new house with his present agency SidusHQ after his ban broke up. Here is his 3rd silver screen appearance after his roles in "Acoustic" and "26 Years".

Park Eun-ji, image with Seulong and Choi Yeong-min

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Park Eun-ji, image with Seulong and Choi Yeong-min

While Park Eun-ji has been solid for the web-drama "Love Cells Season 2", an old image of her and Choi Yeong-min has come up.

She posted this photograph on her Instagram saying, "With the men from "Love Cells Season 2". Choi Yeong-min and Seulong".

Park Eun-ji is posing with Seulong and Choi Yeong-min at the waiting room of the "Love Cells Season 2" premiere.

Park Eun-ji plays Hye-ri, who runs a cooking display with Tae-joon (Seulong) and has a overwhelm on him yet threatens Nevi (Kim Yoo-jeong).

Meanwhile, Park Eun-ji wore a red get dressed to seduce Tae-joon at the episode of "Love Cells Season 2" on the 15th but gets rejected.

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Im Seulong Lands Role in Internet Drama “Love Cells 2″

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Im Seulong Lands Role in 
Internet Drama “Love Cells 2″

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Durable> as a Legal Professional who questions his sexuality

As A Result Of his Abnormal Enchantment to his friend, Kang Ho Gu (

2AM"s Seulong to make a transformation into a star chef in "Dating DNA" season 2!

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Following last month"s news of Kim Yoo Jung"s return for the second season of web drama "Dating DNA" it"s now been reported that 2AM"s Seulonghas been added onto the cast!

He"ll take on the character of a good looking star chef who"s perfect from head to toe. But he believes love is a luxury, and has chosen success as a chef over love.

We think he definitely looks the part of a star chef, what do you think?

The drama is looking to complete its cast and will soon begin filming.

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Lim Kim And Seulong Go On A Roadtrip Adventure For Ceci

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Lim Kim And Seulong Go On A Roadtrip Adventure For Ceci

Lim Kim and former 2AM member Lim Seulong had a couple"s road trip pictorial for the July issue of Ceci. The stars posed in the forest and inside a shiny caravan while modeling attire by Lucky Chouette, Calvin Klein and HM.

Among Lim"s affordable footwear, there was a pair of platform sandals by Aldo. The "Glori" black flatform cross sandals can be yours hereat ASOS and can be seen below in greater detail.

(Photo : ASOS) During the accompanying interview, the artists discussed writing lyrics for their respective albums.

Seulong described the mood of his Normal debut solo album as sensual. He explained, "You have to be frank while writing lyrics and have to continuously listen." He continued, "I wrote lyrics for a sexy mood. For a few days, I wrote lyrics while listening to rock guitar songs that inspired provocative content I wanted to hang on to."

Lim was more specific and discussed the writing process for the song "Wind" off her Simple Mind album. She stated, "For "Wind," I worked with rapper Beenzino. We established the concept of the song together. When we found a natural fit for me, I finished the lyrics of the song."

Recently, Lim Kim described a day in her life for the June issue of Vogue Girl. Meanwhile, Seulong had an artistic black-and-white pictorial in the July issue of DazedConfused.

About the Author: Elsa is the founder, head writer, and editor of She"s a coffee addict, K-pop enthusiast, fashion lover and one of the few remaining members of the Church of Kristianity.

Im Seulong and Lim Kim have reportedly had their first ever meeting

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Im Seulong and Lim Kim    have reportedly had their  first ever meeting

-- Although talented musicians in their own right, Im Seulong and Lim Kim have not crossed paths - until now.

Im Seulong and Lim Kim met for the first time for a spread in CeCi′s July issue, which was shot with a ′Musician′s Travels′ concept in mind and captures the two artists in roaming musician mode.

Although the two appeared awkward at first, they quickly warmed up to each other on the topic of music.

Im Seulong recently released his first solo album Normal, taking complete creative control of the production for the first time, while Lim Kim proved her talents with her latest album Simple Mind.

The complete spread and interview with Lim Seulong and Lim Kim can be found in the July issue of CeCi

Seulong is the definition of chic in avant garde "W" pictorial

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Seulong is the definition of chic in avant garde

Seulong is taking the daring leap into a solo music career, departing for a little while from his fellow 2AM members. Fashion magazine "W" featured the artist in their July issue, parading a sharply chic avant garde side to him never before seen.

The 2AM member is the height of high fashion in the photos, his chiseled features accentuated with a dramatic hairstyle parted down the middle and some bold contouring. Seulong also discussed his upcoming solo album in a detailed interview, stating that although he really likes ballads, the album derives more inspiration from the R&B genre. Because this is his first album, the singer inevitably nursed some doubts, as he confessed that the responsibility and stress were great. However, he is just happy that he was able to finish what he started.

You can read more about the singer"s story and view his sleek black and white photos in the July edition of "W". Meanwhile, get a sneak peek at the pictorial below!

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Fans rejoice at seeing Seulong and Jo Kwon reunited

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Fans rejoice at seeing Seulong and Jo Kwon reunited

Seulong had a not-so-secretive rendezvous recently for an outing with fellow 2AM member Jo Kwon, miss A"s Fei, and Hwayoung.

Seulong recently uploaded a picture of all four of them together on Instagram along with fond words that went, "Kwonnie (Jo Kwon), Fei, and Hwayoung noona. Old Friends. It was good seeing Kwonnie."

The picture shows the group sitting around a table and enjoying what looks to be some delicious bingsoo (Korean shaved ice - perfect for chasing off the heat!). Jo Kwon in particular catches stands out with his "ahjusshi" middle-part hairdo and his bright smile, clearly happy to be spending some quality time with friends. 

A photo posted by LSODD (@2among) on Jun 25, 2015 at 6:32am PDT

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Seulong and Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) pose together for "CeCi"

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Seulong and Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) pose together for

Talented artists Seulong and Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) got together for a photo shoot!

"CeCi" released a shot of the two together and individual cuts, as well. The pictorial has a relaxing, almost Bohemian vibe as the two enjoy the day out for a picnic. They look good together, no?

Even though it was the first time the two met each other, the two always had interest in each other"s songs. It was revealed that they talked about music and got a lot closer through this shoot. Perhaps they should collaborate? Yes!

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