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‘Superman Returns’ Choo Sung Hoon Competes For UFC In Seoul

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‘Superman Returns’ Choo Sung Hoon Competes For UFC In Seoul

The popular KBS 2 Television entertainment program 'The Go back of the Superman' member and MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon competed at UFC (Ultimate Combating Championship) CombatEvening on Nov. 28, 2015, in Seoul, Korea.

The popular KBS 2 TV entertainment program 'The Return of the Superman' member Choo Sung Hoon has been taking a spoil from the displayto pay attention onthe contest today. His wife Yano Shiho has been taking the role of Choo Sung Hoon in looking after Choo Sarang at the show. In similar news, the KBS 2 TV entertainment program 'Superman Returns' tells a tale of Korean famous person dads and their children. Actor Song Il Gook and his triplets Song Dae Han, Song Min Gook, and Song Guy Sae, MMA fighter Choo Sung Hoon and Easternmost sensiblestyle Yano Shiho's daughter Choo Sarang and comic Lee Hwi Jae and his dual sons Lee Suh Joon and Lee Suh Uhn celebrity in the show. The KBS 2 TV entertainment program 'Superman Returns' airs each Sunday night.

13 spaces decided on for urban regeneration in Seoul

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GaribongGaribong(가리봉 - 2013) 13 puts in Seoul were decided on for urban regeneration and revitalization and could be remodeled soon. The chose locations come with the Seoul Station area, Sewoon Electronics Plaza, and Nakwon Arcade.

The Seoul town govt announced on Thursday that the 2025 Seoul Urban Regeneration Strategic Plan has passed the deliberation of the urban making plans Commission. Urban regeneration is a task that invitations citizens to revitalize the identity of the region as an alternative of demolishing old constructions to build new ones.

The designated places are Seoul Station, Chang-dong, Sangkye-dong, Garibong, Haebangchon, Sewoon Electronics Plaza, Nakwon Arcade, Janganpyeong and five others. the ones places are maximum wanting regeneration among 27 places selected for "Seoul Urban Regeneration Comprehensive Plan" in March.

Seoul will verify the regeneration plan by way of the finish of this year and make a public announcement. The city will subsidize up to a overall of 50 billion won (43.14 million U.S. dollars) for the following five years. it is going to also open more than a few verbal exchange channels for the residents equivalent to presentations for residents and give a spice up to for resident meetings.

"A prison foundation has been arranged for the urban regeneration project that might revitalize the identity of the regions with residents` initiatives", stated Jin Hui-seon, Seoul city`s Urban Regeneration Center chief. "We will continue with the detailed plan for every region and become them into tourist attractions".

Hwang Jung Eum Taking into consideration the feminine Lead in “Moon Lovers” Drama Remake

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Hwang Jung Eum Concerned about the feminine Lead in “Moon Lovers” Drama Remake While it's far showed that actors Lee Joon Gi and Kang Ha Neul are proven to famous person in the remake of the Chinese drama “Moon Lovers,” assets say that actress Hwang Jung Eum is these days brooding about the role of the foremost female lead role!

On November 18, an associate stated, “Hwang Jung Eum is in the general stages of having a look over the female lead role of ‘Moon Lovers.’”

Hong Jong Hyun and EXO‘s Baekhyun also are contemplating their roles in this drama. If Hwang Jung Eum accepts her role, this may whole the forged line-up for “Moon Lovers.”

Meanwhile, this drama is set a lady unexpectedly traveling back in time. It's going to get started airing firstly of next year.

Hong Jong Hyun in Talks to check in for Lee Joon Gi, Kang Ha Neul, and EXO’s Baekhyun in “Moon Lovers”

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Hong Jong Hyun in Talks to sign up for Lee Joon Gi, Kang Ha Neul, and EXO’s Baekhyun in “Moon Lovers” Actor Hong Jong Hyun has gained a casting be offering for the drama “Moon Lovers.” On November 18, his firm WIDMAY Entertainment said, “He is still thinking over the offer. The role has no longer been determined yet.”

“Moon Lovers” is a remake of the Chinese drama “Scarlet Heart.” The usual tale is ready a lady from the prevailing day who is going back in time to the Qing dynasty. If Hong Jong Hyun accepts the offer, he'll be joining actors Lee Joon Gi and Kang Ha Neul, who have also acquired casting offers, in addition EXO’s Baekhyun in his drama debut.

The drama could be directed via Kim Gyu Tae (his outdated projects come with “That Winter, the Wind Blows” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” and may air someday next year.

EXO's Baekhyun considers to big name in 'Moon Lovers'

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EXO's Baekhyun considers to big name in 'Moon Lovers'

EXO"s Baekhyun is most likely to make his drama debut in Chinese remake drama "Moon Lovers".

According to SM Entertainment on November 17th, Baekhyun won the be offering for Kim Kyu Tae director"s new task "Moon Lovers" and is these days reviewing his role.

Lee Joon Ki and Kang Ha Neul also are in talks to join in the solid of this drama.

"Moon Lovers" is a remake of popular 35-episode Chinese drama "Scarlet Heart" which aired in 2011. Director Kim Kyu Tae("That Iciness The Wind Blows", "It"s Adequate It"s Love") might be in charged of the directing. The broadcast will start in the primary part of next year. READ MORE

EXO's Baekhyun most probably to megastar in upcoming drama 'Moon Lovers'

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EXO's Baekhyun most probably to megastar in upcoming drama 'Moon Lovers'

Fans will most likely be seeing EXO"s Baekhyun on the impending drama "Moon Lovers".

SM Entertainment revealed on November 17 that Baekhyun is reviewing the role in the remake of the 2011 Chinese drama series "Scarlet Heart", which is decided in the past. Other giant names which are stated to be joining Baekhyun come with Lee Joon Ki and Kang Ha Neul.

"Moon Lovers" is expected to premiere in 2016. remain tuned for updates!

Ancient Korean roof tiles on display screen in downtown Seoul

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Ancient Korean roof tiles on display screen in downtown Seoul

The first impact is powerful with giant eyes, flat nose, sharp pangs, and red face. A patient observer, however, will see a other face. The lips wear a trace of smiling, and the circular facial contour feels friendly or even hilarious.

The description is set a roof-end tile from the ancient Goguryeo Kingdom of Korea in which the face of a demon is carved to dispel misfortune. The tile is displayed at YooGeum Museum situated in Jongno-gu, Seoul. The ancient tile, which takes the type of a square with rounded edges, has a around backside as it's miles designed to be placed at the ridge of a roof. it's 39.3 centimeters long, which is far better than the ones of Shilla or Baekje dynasties. The tile belonged to a eastern collector named Isao Iuchi (1911-1992).

In 1964, Isao Iuchi, who was once a doctor, purchased from a Japanese collector some 5,000 pieces of Korean classic roof tiles and bricks made in between the 3 Kingdoms duration and the fashionable period. Isao decided on 2,000 pieces out of them to make a compilation in 1987 and donated 1,082 pieces of roof tiles to the National Museum of Korea in the similar year. In 2005, Yoo Chang-jong, the director of the YooGeum Museum, sold an extra 1,296 pieces of roof tiles.

The reality that large-sized tiles were used in Goguryeo Dynasty issues to a high-level of wood architecture this is essential to bear heavy weights, explained Kim Seong-gu, the founding president of the Korean studies Society for Roof Tiles and the former director of the Gyeongju National Museum.

The out of the country Korean Cultural Heritage basis on Monday issued a newsletter to shed mild on the redemption and educational values of "Isao Iuchi Collection". The special exhibition of the Iuchi collection will run thru July 16, 2016 at YooGeum Museum.

World famend Korean Wagner singer to accomplish 'The Flying Dutchman' in Seoul

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World famend Korean Wagner singer to accomplish 'The Flying Dutchman' in Seoul

Richard Wagner`s opera "The Flying Dutchman" might be conducted for the primary time in 40 years at the Opera space in Seoul Arts middle from Wednesday thru Friday next week, where Korea National Opera singer Yeon Kwang-chul will be gambling captain Daland. Opera singer Kim Il-hoon will be a replacement forged at the remaining day. The Dong-A Ilbo met Yeon at a convention room in Seoul Arts Center on Wednesday.

"Is it a clich to mention i think new each and every time? other from other composers, Wagner wrote all of the lines by way of himself", Yeon said. The orchestra also doesn`t remain as accompaniment and expresses the feelings of the performers. Various from Italian operas where the orchestra highly relies on the vocalist, the producer, singer and orchestra can create more than a few versions. here's what`s new".

Yeon had a substantial admiration of Wagner`s operas. Last year at Bayreuth, he completed in "The Flying Dutchman", "Valkyrja" and "Tannhauser", coming on level 16 times for 4 weeks. When asked why he digested any such tight killer schedule, Yeon acknowledged he didn`t wish to yield them to others.

This time, "The Flying Dutchman" reinterpreted the original, converting time background from 18th century to trendy time, and also modernized the stage.

"Daland is a father who needs to make his daughter marry a rich Dutch captain as an alternative of a deficient fianc who is a hunter", he said. "Daland used to be an experienced and simple character, yet this time replaced to uneasy and timid whale fishing send captain. The producer`s intentions were good".

Yeon said he first of all had an inferiority complex about being an Asian and being short. He recalls how he has struggled because of bias by foreigners. It changed into Daniel Barenboim who valued his voice and led him.

"Once i used to be making ready for a functionality in Japan", the opera singer said. "I don`t know if I was targeted, but an individual at the japanese generating company said he sought after the team to be composed of handiest Eu singers. Barenboim then said he wasn`t European and took me". Barenboim is a Jewish conductor born in Argentina.

This is why Yeon at all times tries to lead juniors. Tenor Kim Suk-chul who is appearing with him this time (Eric cast) was also invited to the Bayreuth festival, which was a tremendous deal helped by Yeon.

Yeon has a complete agenda till 2018. beginning with The recent York Metropolitan Opera next month where he'll play Verdi`s opera Il Trovatore, he will be on stage at London Royal Opera, the Staatsoper Wien, Opera National de Paris and Teatro genuine in Madrid.

Despite the tight schedule, Yeon will seem at a stage at two puts in Korea at year-end. Born in Cheongju, Korea, he will have a solo recital there in December as his 2d homeland performance. He will also carry out at a nursing house where his Cheongju Faculty of Tune professor is staying.

"Since it's miles difficult for elderly other folks to observe opera for see you later as two hours, I made up our minds to visit my hometown and sing Korean and German songs for them. The performance for my instructor often is the same with when I visited my Berlin music college professor and played for him. The professor is partly deaf, but is still enthusiastic in music".

"A international renown singer making a song at equivalent to stage might be discouraging", the Dong-A Ilbo reporter said. "Reputation is built by other people. If I have dignity of what I do, reputation is nothing. I don`t think I want to be self-conscious about others", Yeon said.

Chaos Breaks Out at Anti-Government Rally in Downtown Seoul

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Chaos Breaks Out at Anti-Government Rally in Downtown Seoul Various citizens’ teams arranged a large-scale rally called the “People’s Rally” held in and around Gwanghwamun Plaza in downtown Seoul on November 14. An estimated 100,000 protestors and 47,000 police officials took to the streets in protest of the govt. and President Park Geun Hye‘s policies, adding the hotly-debated government-issued textbook.

The rally started in different places across Seoul, including Namdaemun Plaza, Seoul Station Plaza, and Maronnier Park in Hyehwa-dong, sooner than converging in downtown Seoul in front of City Hall. in line with police, the rallies were all unauthorized, and at the time of writing a minimum of 10 people were arrested. Of the ones arrested, 3 are top faculty students.

Additionally, one officer and 3 protestors were admitted to space hospitals for injuries sustained throughout the protest as it became step by way of step more violent. Protestors attempted to wreck beyond the barricade of police vehicles by pulling on ropes connected to the vehicles, whilst police attempted to disperse the crowds by the usage of water cannons and tear gas.

One protestor in his 70s, recognized best by his surname Baek, is these days in serious condition after suffering a severe head harm from being knocked down by the water cannons.

People have been taking to social media, steadily updating the location as it occurs.

A video posted by Dahee Jeong (@daheejeong83) on Nov 14, 2015 at 3:22am PST

A video posted by Artist HeejungSong (@spia1224) on Nov 14, 2015 at 12:25am PST

A video posted by @kaocottontail on Nov 14, 2015 at 12:24am PST

A photo posted by 단비 (@dbeeyoo) on Nov 13, 2015 at 10:36pm PST

A photo posted by Juwon Leel (@juwonlee89) on Nov 13, 2015 at 10:52pm PST

A photo posted by @void_wall_void on Nov 14, 2015 at 3:27am PST

Let's take a moment to pray for the security of those blameless those that were scuffling with for their rights #PrayForKorea

— Laura (@5sose31d) November 14, 2015

Update November 15, 12:47 a.m. KST:

An professional observation from the clinic states that Mr. Baek is still alive regardless of old reports, yet remains in critical condition. He used to be knocked from his feet by the force of the cannons and driven back 1 meter along the concrete.

Update November 15, 11:58 a.m. KST:

During the riots a overall of 51 people were arrested, and tens of individuals were injured.

Park Shin Hye Lovers Specific Their Dissatisfaction With Her Friendships With Male Celebrities

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Park Shin Hye Fans Express Their Dissatisfaction With Her Friendships With Male Celebrities While actress Park Shin Hye is cheering on her friend, singer Lee Hong Ki, several netizens have expressed their dissatisfaction toward their friendship.

On November 12, the actress posted relevant footage of his first solo album “FM302” on her Instagram account. She also plugged his album name song music video bringing up her phase in it.

Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Ki met at the set of the 2009 SBS drama “You’re Beautiful” and feature remained close buddies ever since.

However, several comments by capacity of her fans obviously disillusioned over her close friendship with Lee Hong Ki and his agency FNC Entertainment have surfaced.

Here is one of the most posts:

“I actually can’t stand it today. He is going on type presentations and rambles on about how competitive her personality is and gets it written up in such so much of articles. Yet her fans are having intellectual breakdowns looking to protect her from negative comments on online network sites. You didn’t know that, huh? Cross take a glance at the ones sites each and every now and then. See if there’s even a mention of these incidents… You’re so merciless in your quiet and patient fans who don’t even would like to discuss those things. I'm hoping you know the way your fans feel… now not in want of to look any male celebrities and tags on your Instagram. I assumed you’d know, yet I don’t think you do. So I’m telling you immediately up. Don’t do this again. I hope this is the ultimate time… I hope you read our comments.”

Another netizen wrote, “I’m not just speaking about this agency. We don’t care about other idol participants or folks on her drama. Don’t publicize your friendships with others and display us yourself only, Park Shin Hye.”

Yet another netizen commented, “Don’t publicize your friendships with male celebrities. Don’t communicate about it and don’t let others use your friendship either.”

On the alternative hand, some netizens expressed their confusion over negative comments and sent Park Shin Hye messages of support. One said:

“You two looked so great, so I got here here to cheer you on. But I see some comments which are hurtful toward Park Shin Hye. I realize her fans get upset over negative comments she would possibly acquire over her friendship with male celebrities. However, I don’t think we have got the correct to inform her whom to be pals with or to hang out with. If i used to be in her place, I’d get harm over those fans’ comments instead of some other nonsensical negative commenters. Taking into consideration the circumstances, I’d take a step back and give coverage to her as a fan, in order that those negative comments can roll off her back. Park Shin Hye, remain strong. I look forward to seeing the music video.”

What are your thoughts? Do you watched her fans are out of line?