Seolhyun, Pure and Sexy White Dress Looks

Seolhyun, Pure and Sexy White Dress Looks

Capturing both purity and seductive image, white dresses can be really alluring. Many women know that fact when they wear white dresses, and actress Seolhyun certainly knows that too! Having a perfectly proportioned body after a diligent diet, and becoming many women’s wannabe body, Seolhyun can pull off any look given. However, it was spotted that she enjoys wearing white dresses! Let’s take a look.

1. A white dress with punching details. It is not too revealing compare to her usual K-pop girl group uniforms, yet, it is somehow so seductive about that outfit.

2. The vintage accent on her neckline emphasize her long neck and flared skirt is the definition of feminine touch.

3. For her airport look, she chose a loose-fit white blouse, and by choosing an extra short bottom, she created an illusion of short one-piece dress look. with a bun hair style, she look even more refreshing in the summer heat.

4. Subtle see-through white dress with laces is graceful and feminine. Even though she did not wear any loud accessories, her dress was enough to capture the attention.

5. On the red carpet, many actresses actually avoid the white dress look, not wanting to create the wedding dress image. Yet, Seolhyun manages to look like a goddess born to be on red carpet with any white dresses she is given. Deep neckline and one shoulder dresses emphasize her fragile and delicate neckline.

6. To show off her million dollars worth body, she chose mini white dresses and to avoid looking vulgar, she chose a classic A-line dresses instead of form-fitting when it comes to mini dresses.

7. Her favorite style of white dresses. We know these are her favorites because she is seen the most with these designs. Just by wearing simple white dresses, her existence is vibrant anywhere she appears. Along with her velvety black hair and red lips, she is the definition of Snow White in South Korea.…