Seohyun Addresses Criticisms About Her Acting And The Pressure Of Being An Idol-Actor

Seohyun Addresses Criticisms About Her Acting And The Pressure Of Being An Idol-Actor

Seohyun shared her thoughts about working on her upcoming MBC drama Bad Thief Good Thief at a recent press conference.

The cast and crew of MBCs new upcoming drama Bad Thief Good Thief held a press conference recently, and Girls Generations Seohyun shared her honest thoughts and prospects for the drama.

When one reporter asked if she felt pressured to do well, especially since this is her first time working on a drama with over 50 episodes in a season, Seohyun gave a mature and honest answer.

To be honest, the pressure is really high. In addition to pressure, I also feel a lot of responsibility. But since there is high pressure, I believe it helps me be more direct with myself and encourages me to do better, so its a driving force for me to do well.

In regards to my attitude towards this production, my goal is to gain recognition as an actor, so Ill be giving my everything to do well in this drama.

— Girls Generations Seohyun

Seohyun was also asked how she felt when she first heard she would be working with Ji Hyun Woo, and whether there were any scenes where she worked closely with him.

When I first heard I would be working with Ji Hyun Woo, I felt so reassured because hes an incredible actor with lots of experience, and Ive watched all his previous works. To be working with someone whos as good at acting as Ji Hyun Woo, I had butterflies in my stomach and I has very excited. I think all thats left is for me to grow and improve.

Another reporter asked Seohyun whether she had known about the criticisms she was receiving for acting in a weekend drama while also being an idol.

In response, Seohyun explained that such criticisms were inevitable, but she looked forward to show the audience how well she can portray her character, Kang So Ju, and grow as an actress.

Honestly, I think its inevitable to receive those criticisms. I havent worked on many productions as an actress, and I think its a natural concern for many people, so there will definitely be criticisms.

In the future as Kang So Ju, I believe I need to show the audience what it takes to be an actress, and so I feel a lot more resposibility. I hope to show everyone my growth as Kang So Ju in the drama, so please enjoy the drama.

Watch the highlights of the press conference below!