Seo Taiji says it’s BTS’ era now

Seo Taiji says it’s BTS’ era now

During the ’25th Anniversary Concert’ by Seo Taiji, the legendary artist showed much love to BTS for performing with him at the show.

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At one part of the concert, BTS’ Jimin said, “Hyungnim, it’s no joke today” as the crowd became more hyped up to see the artists perform. Seo Taiji happily replied, “Now it’s your era/generation. Show them.” 

Because this comment was said by an individual who is considered to be a legend in the Korean music industry and the father of K-pop, it is quite the compliment and recognition for the group. 

Did you see the collaboration between BTS and Seo Taiji?

“Now, it’s your era. Show them.”

– Seo Taiji at his 25th anniversary concert to @BTS_twt

— 지미니쉘 (@jiminishell) September 3, 2017