Seo In Guk completes re-examination for military duty

Seo In Guk completes re-examination for military duty

On June 5, Jellyfish Entertainment revealed Seo In Guk has successfully completed his re-examination for military duty.

The agency stated, “Seo In Guk went in for a re-examination today at the Central Physical Examination Agency located in Daegu Province, which became an ongoing process starting April 27.We have been informed that the results will arrive within 2-3 weeks. Jellyfish Entertainment will be making an official announcement upon receiving the results. Please understand that we are unable to confirm anything at this time.”

Prior to this, Seo In Guk was told he needed to go for a re-examination due to his ankle injury after entering the military on March 31 in Gyeonggi Province. Furthermore, the actor claimed he had experienced pain from time to time but did not regard it as a serious illness,causing him to take multiple exams.

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