9 Vintage K-Pop Songs You will want HEAR

9 Vintage K-Pop Songs You will want HEAR

4kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Each and every K-Pop fan wishesto grasp some if no longer all of thosevintage songs.

The upward push of K-Pop started in the 90s as a result ofthe subsequentteams popular songs. If it werent for the muse of these groups on others, the groups you know and love as of latecan haveno longer even existed. Take a glance at these 9 classic K-Pop songs all and sundrydesires to know.

9 Classic K-Pop Songs Everybody Needs To KnowBy way of Koreaboo

Regardless ofwhilst you began taking note of K-Pop, one and all needs to dig down to where it all began. The classic songs of the 90s were not simplestthe start of anything great, yet also paintings to motivate many of your favourite artists today. Investigate cross-check these classic K-Pop songs that everybody needs to concentrate to.

Debuting in 1995, H.O.T is considered asthe primary male K-Pop group. Their hit song, Sweet amongst its bright and cheerful sound has remained a well-likedmusic since its release.

Seo Taiji and Boys I KnowBy Koreaboo

Today songs of heartbreak are a not unusual sight in the music industry. However, Search engine optimization Taiji and Boys I Know used to bea large arrive at back in the 90s. Stuffed withvigorous dance moves, I Know turn out to be a popular track among fans.

DEUX Turn Around and consider MeBy Koreaboo

DEUXs song Turn Around and Glance At Me turned intothis sort ofmassive inspiration, even VIXX put a spin at the song and released their own edition of it.

Turbo Black CatBy Koreaboo

Many other folks know singer Kim Jong Kook from the show, Running Man. However, he failed toat all timesbig name in the diversity show. Back in the 90s, Kim Jong Kook was widely known for being a a phase of the group, Turbo, with their catchy song, Black Cat.  

Fly to the Sky DailyBy Koreaboo

Well known and still celebrated in Korea today, Fly to the Sky released Day by Day in 1999. It served as an impressive debut for the duo.

S.E.S Im Your WomanBy Koreaboo

Known for disregardingattractive appearances in desire for making a song talent, S.E.S Im Your Girl was a highly demanded song for its remarkable style.

Kim Gun Mo Wrongful AssemblyBy Koreaboo

One of Kim Gun Mos maximumneatly known songs, Wrongful Meeting tells a tale about a persons weigh down who falls in love with their friend and the tale continues along via emotional turmoil.

g.o.d To My MomBy Koreaboo

Recently making a return after a long length of hiatus, g.o.d is still known principally for their older songs. To My Mother is a ballad of a spoiled kid who at some pointrecognizes the sacrifices his mother had made for him.

As one of the crucial earliest Korean hip hop groups, 1TYM entered the industry with a new sound that stuckthe eye of many keen listeners. The crew is most known for their debut song 1TYM.

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9 Covers by potential of Lee Hi You want to Hear

9 Covers by potential of Lee Hi You want to Hear

9 Covers through Lee Hi You want to Pay attention amycwang93 March 7, 2016 0 LINE it!9 Covers by Lee Hi It's very important to Hear As all of the hello Heels available in the marketholddirectly tothe thresholdin their seats expecting Lee His awaited comeback, weve compiled an inventoryof a few of her biggest covers. For any individual who was oncecame uponvia a survival program, it isn't a surprise she has such so much of covers of noted songs (and a excellentquantity in English)!

1. Bust Your Windows Jazmine SullivanFirst at the list is the audition that put Lee Hi on the map. The judges were shocked, and audience too, of the tough voice that got here out of this sort of young and small teenager. Her facial expressions and frame language discuss to the song and compliment her audition in some way that make her appear to be a herbal on stage.

2. Love the style y'all Lie - Eminem ft. RihannaReturning as a guest collaborator on season 2 of K-Pop Star, this rendition of Love how you Lie in collaboration with 2000 Won changed intofantastically interpreted and in truth resulted them in hanging first position that round! The reactions of the alternative contestants and guest collaborators turn out only how touching this functionality is.

3. Lies and Lonely BIGBANG 2NE1A playful medley of 2 famous hits by BIGBANG and 2NE1 by Lee Hi and Akdong Musician that mesmerizes the hosts of Curative Camp. The 3 of them piece in combinationvery bestteam spirit and play off the others strengths so well. Its hard to accept as true with they are all belowtwenty years old!

4. Killing Me Softly The FugeesTo mention Lee His voice was made for this song would be an understatement. Her modern and melodious making a songat all times captures listeners hearts (I mean, just watch JYPs excitement escalate!) Lee Hi no doubt does this mythical song justice with her performance.

5. Let It Move Edina Menzel (Frozen)Eacha phase ofthis cap is authentic and special in its own way. Even though the song is covered often, Lee Hi, B.I, Donghyuk, and Hong Seok actually embed that hip hop feel YG Entertainment is understood for and make this song a a laugh and exciting performance. Now not to mention, watch how much fun shes having with the boys.

6. As Time Is going By Yoon MiraeWith a voice just as powerful as the talented Yoon Mirae, Lee His performance of As Time Goes By is actually one for the books. Not just did she sing, she even rapped for the primary time. Of course, we shouldcharacteristic some of this to her being coached by the only and only T.O.P.

7. Officially Lacking You TamiaSome other functioning alongside YGs maknae line consisting of Lee Hi, Akdong Musician, and Bang Ye Dam. This quilt of Officially Missing You sticks outas a result of the concord between the 3 very other acts, the long-established rap by the men, and a twist on lyrics to describe the adventure to achieving your dreams, which those survival program participants definitely have revel in with.

8. Rolling in the Deep AdeleAnything that Lee Hi never fails to do is to put across her strength into her singing; she is incessantly praised for how long she can keep her notes. Adeles Rolling In the Deep is optimal for appearing off these skills of hers.

9. Mercy DuffyLastly, we have got her canopy of Mercy by Duffy that displays US a playful aspect of her and rather a contrast from the deep, husky voice which contrasts with many of the covers indexed above. Lee His skillreally lies in her ability to conform to any taste and upload her own exclusive twist to whatever shes performing.

Is there a canopy of Lee His that you cant forestall listening to? Let us know in the comments below!amycwang93 loves singing, dancing, and reading. When she isn't imagining rapping along Song Mino, she spends her time online shopping.

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“Apple Girl” Kim Yeo Hee is Machina for upcoming EP, “Hear Me”

“Apple Girl” Kim Yeo Hee is Machina for upcoming EP, “Hear Me”

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Emerging to fame as Apple Woman on YouTube, singer-songwriter Kim Yeo Hee is returning beneath the guise of Machina for her upcoming new mini-album, Hear Me.

As Machina, Kim Yeo Hee is kick beginning her latest solo task which stemmed from years of toughpaintings on her composing, recording, and writing a new taste of music.

Machina is from the Greek expression of Deux Ex Machina and a sophisticatedconnection withthe incentive of the artist to explore a new type oftune that harmonises between Pop and anything mystical, that transcends classification and willmodify the prestige quo.

Hear Me, which will have a general of five tracks adding fourth dimension To Time, I'm You, Honey Little one Darlin, Liar, and Salt, will be available digitally by way of iTunes and physically at Japans Tower Records on February 17th.

Source: Machina Facebook

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Girls' Generation's YoonA asks fanatics to hear Taeyeon's 'I'

Girls' Generation's YoonA asks fanatics to hear Taeyeon's 'I'


Girls" Generation"s YoonA asked fans to you'll need to listen to Taeyeon"s solo debut music "I". 

YoonA posted the above photo to her Instagram on October nine with the message, "Going to a photo shoot. Let"s listen to "I" all through great weather like this. Yoongstagram on Korean Alphabet Day as well." The Girls" Generation member has earbuds in and seems like she"s taking section in her staff leader"s new song. 

Have you been enjoying Taeyeon"s "I"?

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Superman Returns Seo Eon  appeared  to  have said the  first  words which  his  parents were  not there  to  hear it

Superman Returns Seo Eon appeared to have said the first words which his parents were not there to hear it

Superman Returns Seo Eon Says His First Words, But His Parents Miss Them Lee Hwi Jaes son Seo Eon utters some of his first words on this weeks Superman Returns!

On the May 17 broadcast of the show, Seo Eon and his brother Seo Joon casually play around with sunglasses, when Seo Eon suddenly puts his thoughts into actual words for the first time on camera.

While inspecting his pair of pink sunglasses, Seo Eon surprises viewers by saying with a cute voice, What are these?

Unfortunately, Lee Hwi Jae and his wife did not hear the words – possibly his first ones ever – but luckily the cameramen managed to capture the precious moment.

Meanwhile, Superman Returns airs every Sunday at 4:50 p.m. KST on KBS2TV.

Source (1)seo un first words



Kim Yoo Jungs Relative has  taken   people by surprise  when taking  part in  I Can Hear Your Voice

Kim Yoo Jungs Relative has taken people by surprise when taking part in I Can Hear Your Voice

Kim Yoo Jung’s Relative Stuns Viewers on “I Can Hear Your Voice” On the broadcast of Mnet’s singing program “I Can Hear Your Voice” that aired on April 23, Noel’s Kang Kyun Sung and Jeon Woo Sung appeared as special guests. Throughout the show, they eliminated the contestants one by one in order to pick out the person they think is someone that can really sing and not just pretending.

Among the seven contestants on this week’s episode, there was a contestant named Kwon Min Je, who claimed to be ‘Ulsan’s Naul Sniper’ and a relative of actress Kim Yoo Jung.

Early on in the show, he stated that he would sing Naul’s “Memory of the Wind” two keys higher than the original song if he made it to the final round. After being eliminated during the final round, he kept his promise and took on the challenge.

Although Kwon Min Je was eliminated because the guests and the panel believed he couldn’t actually sing, he stunned everyone with his chill-inducing rendition of “Memory of the Wind,” leaving Kang Kyun Sung and Jeon Woo Sung disappointed by their decision.

As he was revealed to be a talented singer, his claim of being related to Kim Yoo Jung was also true, taking everyone in the studio by surprise once again.

Check out the amazing performance below:

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The SB Mixtape 4/24/2015: Let’s Hear It For the Boys – Male Soloists

The SB Mixtape 4/24/2015: Let’s Hear It For the Boys – Male Soloists

20141115_seoulbeats_mixtape The SB Mixtape 4/24/2015: Lets Hear It For the BoysMale Soloists Written by Andy On April 24, 2015 Although groups seem to dominate the K-pop landscape, solos are still near and dear to the hearts of many. And by solos, were not talking about group members who release a solo track. Were talking those that do it all on their own. From balladeers, to rockers, to RB slicksters, these guys can heat up the charts just like they heat up fans hearts. Check out this playlist of male soloists, old and new alike, as its sure to please your ears!

Lets Hear It For the BoysMale Soloists from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

Do you have a favorite male soloist thats not on the list? Or another track you love from those on the mixtape? Let us know!



You"ll get to hear INFINITE"s live, sweet vocals via their upcoming album!


INFINITE has just released their teaser for their upcoming "INFINITE One Great Step Returns Live" album! 

In the intense teaser shown above, the boys can be seen performing in front of their legions of Inspirits. Judging from the title and the content of the teaser, it looks like the boys will be releasing an album of their live performances from their "One Great Step Returns" concerts, meaning you"ll get to listen to INFINITE live and fangirl over their sweet vocals right in the comfort of your own home!

Fans can expect the album to be released on April 9.


Girl's Day's Minah Says Her Older Sister Help Her Hear the Music of Her Heart

Girl's Day's Minah Says Her Older Sister Help Her Hear the Music of Her Heart

Girl's Day's Minah reveals that her sister, Bang Hyuna, is the one who led her back to music industry!

During the March 19th broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show, Minah talked about her older sister!

Minah’s sister Bang Hyuna previously appeared on SBS’ Strong Heart, earning the nickname ‘Minah’s doppelganger’ by having a similar appearance to Minah. Both Minah and Minah’s sister are well known to be fans of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho.

Girls’ Day’s Minah Says Her Older Sister Opened the Way for Her to Become a Singer

During Cultwo Show, Minah said, “My sister began working on music before I did, opening up the path, but I debuted first. My sister is currently working on music that she wants to do.”

When Cultwo commented, “Minah is prettier than Minah’s sister,” Minah jokingly said, “See? Did you hear that?”

Meanwhile, Minah released her solo album I Am a Woman Too.