Secret's Hyosung Reveals Trimmed Body In See-Through Outfit

Secret's Hyosung Reveals Trimmed Body In See-Through Outfit

Hit girl group Secret’s Hyosung has just taken the headlines as she has confidently flaunted her sexy and trimmed down body with her revealing see-through dress. This happened when she had her photo shoot with Cosmopolitan.

It is worth noting that Hyosung is pretty good when it comes to revealing to the public her sexy side, as well as how she keeps up with the current trends in fashion and style. In her recent photoshoot, she can be seen to be very confident with her new look, especially that she has considerably lost some weight. This shows that she might have taken a new route to health and fitness.

According to Koreaboo, a behind-the-scenes video of Hyosung’s photoshoot pictorial with Cosmopolitan that took place in July of last year has resurfaced. In the video, Hyosung can be seen with roses and see-through tops. With this, the crowd can’t help but be amazed at how Hyosung looks.

With this, one can clearly see that Hyosung is not just all about singing, dancing and performing on stage, but she can also do pretty well when it comes to modeling, as what her fans can see in her Cosmopolitan pictorial.

According to another report by Koreaboo, t is very evident that she is trying to do the best of what she can to differentiate herself from the other K-pop idols that are just showing one side of their lives and personality with dance and song numbers in concerts and fan meetings.

The well-toned figure that is sported by Hyosung also shows that she is a role model when it comes to health and fitness. Without a doubt, Hyosung will serve as an inspiration, not only for people who want to be a K-pop idol but to all who want to be the best of what they can be.