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'Secretly Greatly' Spy, Lee Hyun Woo Swamped With a Wave of Searing Emotion on Marie Claire

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'Secretly Greatly' Spy, Lee Hyun Woo Swamped With a Wave of Searing Emotion on Marie Claire

Famous spy of the popular movie, “Secretly Greatly,” Lee Hyun Woo swamped with a wave of searing emotion on November issue of Marie Claire magazine.

After filming his latest movie, “Secretly Greatly,” Lee Hyun Woo makes an attempt in modeling with a pictorial in the most recent issue of Marie Claire magazine. Hyun Woo poses in front of the cold winter beach as the sky turns a pale pink and orange color. He drapes on a long coat and leans on the sign where you can see the sand and water behind him.

Hyun Woo shows a sexier side to himself as he puts on a leather jacket and kneels down on the sand next to the water. To make the beach more worthwhile, Hyun Woo decides to make his experience more entertaining by playing with the waves. However, instead of walking straight into the water, he lies down on the sand as the waves wash over and soak his whole body. The clear ocean view is calm and serene behind Hyun Woo’s body and the clear water glosses the sand underneath.

Lee Hyun Woo is currently preparing for his upcoming movie, “Criminal Designer” which also stars actors Kim Woo Bin and Go Chang Suk. Their movie poster has recently been released and has already earned a large amount of anticipation from not only people in Korea, but other Asian countries as well.

Lee Hyun Woo Swamped With a Wave of Searing Emotion on Marie Claire 

Lee Hyun Woo Swamped With a Wave of Searing Emotion on Marie Claire 

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There Are Flower Boys Among Us in "Secretly, Greatly"

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There Are Flower Boys Among Us in Secretly, Greatly There Are Flower Boys Among Us in Secretly, Greatly There Are Flower Boys Among Us in Secretly, Greatly It’s the highest single-day grossing domestic film, surpassing previous record-holder, 2006’s The Host. Fastest film to 1 million viewers. Then 2 million. Then 3. Then 4. Biggest opening weekend. Secretly, Greatly burst out of the gate to become the 4th highest-grossing film in South Korea in 2013, to date, and is currently in 18th position on the list of highest-grossing domestic films.

Based on the 2010 hit webtoon Covertly by Hun, Secretly, Greatly follows the life of sleeper North Korean spy, Ryu-han, played by Kim Soo-hyun. Ryu-han is part of an elite group of soldiers, Unit 5446, trained since childhood to be ruthless fighting machines and loyal to an unquestioning fault. He is deployed to a small rural neighborhood in enemy territory, where he hides his identity behind the grinning face of the village idiot.

Calculating every pratfall and scheduling every embarrassing public bowel movement, he passes the time by working for his granny landlord at the local convenience store, observing the village inhabitants and writing letters to his mother back in the North, letters which remain unsent and hidden in his floor. Two long years pass with no mission assignment in sight, by which time Ryu-han is joined by two more agents, Hae-rang (Park Ki-woong), posing as a wannabe-rock musician, and Hae-jin (Lee Hyun-woo), posing as a high school student. As the three become more involved in the day to day life of the village, a secret and great mission finally comes: to avoid capture by South Korean authorities, and to preserve the political reputation of the North, all sleeper agents are ordered to commit suicide.

Secretly, Greatly owes many of its distinguishing features to other sources. It is reminiscent of another notable flower boy martial arts action drama-comedy: 2001’s Volcano High, which also made a big splash when it premiered. It borrows heavily from Hong Kong kung-fu flicks in its portrayal of characters possessing nearly superhuman fighting abilities, including flying up the sides of buildings, supported by wireworks. Son Hyun-ju, of K-drama The Chaser fame, lends the film credibility with his role as Kim Tae-won, the commander of 5446. Oozing danger from every scar and glance, he brings a mature gravitas and intimidation factor, balancing the youthfulness of the 5446 agents.

Let’s face it, though. The audience came to see one thing: flower boys kicking ass.

Committed Ryu-wan. Smirky Hae-rang. Impressionable Hae-jin. The strength of their individual performances is multiplied by the bromance factor to become exponential. Kim, with his uncanny ability to flip back and forth seamlessly from slapstick to serious, is clearly the star. However, being no stranger to ensemble performances, he adeptly shares the screen with his castmates. As Ryu-wan is drawn deeper and deeper into his alter ego’s life and community, he also draws Hae-rang and Hae-jin in with him. Kim’s magnetic and commanding performance teases out greatness from the other two, showing him to be a leader both onscreen and off.

There Are Flower Boys Among Us in Secretly, Greatly As if to remind the audience that these spies aren’t just pretty boys, the film loads on the action. But no matter how many times the boys are shot, stabbed or punched, they remain, well, pretty. At this point, the audiences suspended belief in this world, where super spies can leap off buildings and defeat multiple opponents in hand-to-hand combat without light, is thrown out the window. The action scenes begin to drag on interminably, as plausible reality is stretched far past what it can bear. One can only be shot so many times and still remain alive and in fighting condition, and what was viewed as awesome in earlier acts is now farcical. Despite these Act 3 stumbles, Secretly, Greatly is a solid, if not so complicated, ensemble piece, where the pieces come together to make an appealing, humorous, action-packed and entertaining whole.

Kim Soo Hyun attends a ceremony for the premiere of Secretly Greatly on July 24 in Hong Kong

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Kim Soo Hyun attends a ceremony for the premiere of Secretly Greatly on July 24 in Hong Kong

Kim Soo Hyun appeared at the Secretly Greatly premiere event on July 24, 2013, at ‘The One’ shopping mall in Hong Kong. He was played the lead role in the movie.

The rainy day did not keep around 300 enthusiastic fans from gathering for the evening. They brought along banners, flags, and movie posters to the 30-minute event.

Kim wore a simple, elegant dark blue suit, modern classic leather shoes, and of course, his charming smile. When he told the audience his name in Mandarin, he was greeted with a great response. Two talented MCs, of which one was the translator for Kim, told of Secretly Greatly’s recordbreaking box office in Korea and lively interacted with Kim.

After a game played with two members of the audience, Kim was invited to assemble a model gun, when he was told to shoot the gun skyward, golden confetti glamorously blew in from both sides of the stage.

A champagne toast with The One’s management representatives warmed the house while the atmosphere peaked when Kim was invited to stand close to the crowd of fans to take photographs. Security guards pressed in tight to strengthen the rails!

This was immediately followed by a press interview.

Kim smiled occasionally as he responded.

Right after the event, Kim went into the Broadway Cinema in the mall to greet the premiere audience.

He also went to four more cinema houses at another location to greet audiences. Kim shown up by 10 p.m. His bright smile, welcoming fans, heated up the atmosphere.

Oh, Kim Soo Hyun, when will you come back to Hong Kong again?

Written by a fan writer in Hong Kong

Kim Soo Hyun Attends L.A. Premiere Of "Secretly, Greatly"

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Kim Soo HyunIf you are in the Los Angeles area today, you may want to keep an eye out for Korean superstar Kim Soo Hyun. He is visiting the U.S. for the premiere of his popular spy film "Secretly Greatly."

The record-breaking box office hit opens tonight at the AMC Universal CityWalk movie theater in Universal City and the actor will be on hand to meet and greet his American fans. Tomorrow the film will open in San Diego at the AMC Fashion Valley 18 movie theater. The actor will also attend a press conference at the L.A. Korean Cultural Service Center on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles.

In the film "Secretly Greatly," Kim Soo Hyun plays one of three elite North Korean spies who infiltrate South Korea as part of their as-yet-to-be-determined mission. Kim plays Won Ryu Hwan, a highly skilled top-level spy who has to pretend to be someone who is not very bright. The spies, played by Kim, Park Ki Woong and Lee Hyun Woo, get used to their new lives while waiting for their orders. Their mission is aborted before it even starts. North Korea's plans change and another spy is sent to eliminate them. They no longer have a nation to go home to and their lives are in danger. What will the three young spies do?

The movie, based on a popular manga, broke several box office records in Korea. It had the highest number of advance ticket sales and broke the one million mark in ticket sales in record time. Altogether it sold seven million tickets at the box office, earning the distinction of being the most successful Korean movie during the first half of 2013. Since the movie was such a big hit in Korea and there is a growing international interest in Korean pop music, dramas and films, it will be interesting to see how well the film does in the U.S. Can the film duplicate its success with an English speaking audience? You can see the full story at

Kim Soo Hyun flies to US to promote Secretly Greatly

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Kim Soo Hyun flies to US to promote Secretly Greatly

Kim Soo Hyun flies abroad to promote his movieSecretly Greatly where he plays the lead role asWon Ryu Whan.According to Show Box Media Plex,the movie distributor, Secretly Greatly is currently showing in USA, thus Kim Soo Hyun has gone there to greet the moviegoers particularly in Los Angeles and San Diego. He visited American movie chain AMX, City Week 19 at the Universal Studios, Orange 30, No Walk, and San Diego Fashion Valley 18.Aside from that,, the movie will be also screened in Canada on 26th.The moviepremieredin Korea in early June and has drawn 6.94 million viewers so far, the fourth largest figure this year in Korea.written by: [email protected]:Star News

Kim Soo Hyun in United States for Promotion of "Secretly and Greatly"

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Kim Soo Hyun in United States for Promotion of Secretly and GreatlyActor Kim Soo Hyun is visiting U.S. cities for the promotion of his movie “Secretly and Greatly,” according to Newsen.

Kim Soo Hyun began promoting on July 19 and will continue until July 20 for “Secretly and Greatly,” which plays in theaters in America and Canada from July 16 to July 26. He will visit the AMC theaters located in LA Universal Studio, Citywalk, Orange, and Norwalk, as well as Fashion Valley in San Diego.

“Secretly and Greatly” showcases Kim Soo Hyun’s character of an idiot, combining the themes of hardship and action to bring a unique movie to theaters. The movie is about a group of North Korean spies who disguise themselves as an idiot, a musician, and a high school student to infiltrate South Korea.

Upon hearing of Kim Soo Hyun’s visit, representatives from the theater talked with him and had an interview. Korean pop and Korean movies are quickly becoming popular in America, and are also spreading cultural influence throughout the world.

The premiere of “Secretly and Greatly” in American and Canadian theaters suggests that Kim Soo Hyun is not just a Korea star, but a rising global star as well. 

Kim Soo Hyun goes to the US to promote his movie Secretly Greatly

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Kim Soo Hyun goes to the US to promote his movie Secretly Greatly

According to a July 19 announcement by the movie distributor Show Box Media Plex, Kim Soo Hyun will appear on stage at movie theaters in Los Angeles and San Diego to greet moviegoers whove gathered to see his movie Secretly, Greatly on July 19 and 20. The movie, in which he plays the lead role of Won Ryu Whan, will screen for the first time in the U.S. on the 19th and in Canada on the 26th. Kim has gone to the States to meet local audiences when the movie opens and will visit several movie theaters, including the famous American movie chain AMX, City Week 19 at the Universal Studios, Orange 30, No Walk, and San Diego Fashion Valley 18.

The actor will attend a press conference held at the Korean Cultural Center in LA. The movies premeired in Korea in early June and has drawn 6.94 million viewers so far, which is fourth largest figure this year in Korea.

“Secretly, Greatly” Star Park Ki Woong Gets to Know Co-Star Kim Soo Hyun’s Real Personality

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“Secretly, Greatly” Star Park Ki Woong Gets to Know Co-Star Kim Soo Hyun’s Real PersonalityThough handsome movie star Kim Soo Hyun comes across as calm, cool, and collected in the public eye, apparently, the star is anything but behind-the-scenes. 

Secretly, Greatly” star Park Ki Woong made an appearance on MBC radio program “Younha’s Starry Night” and talked about getting to know his co-star Kim Soo Hyun’s personality while working on their relationship (getting in sync with each other) on the set of the film. 

Park Ki Woong said: “Some time before, when I was on my senior Cultwo’s [SBS radio program] “Cultwo Show,” I connected by a telephone call with Kim Soo Hyun.  Kim Soo Hyun called me his senseless [silly] older brother.  Even though it doesn’t matter much, Kim Soo Hyun is another senseless [silly] personality,” said Park Ki Woong.    

The actor further commented: “Even though Kim Soo Hyun is shy, when you get close to him, he really is mischievous.”   

Park Ki Woong, Kim Soo Hyun, and Lee Hyun Woo star in the movie “Secretly, Greatly” which was released on June 5, 2013 in South Korea.  In “Secretly, Greatly,” the three actors play North Korean sleeper spies that infiltrate South Korea with the goal of unifying the Koreas.  While awaiting orders, Park Ki Woong lives under the guise of an aspiring singer, Kim Soo Hyun lives under the guise of a village idiot, and Lee Hyun Woo lives under the guise of a high school student. 

North American fans will also get a chance to see Secretly, Greatly at the New York Asia Film Festival, from June 28 to July 15, and the Canada Fantasia Film Festival, from July 18 to August 6.  The released posters can also be seen on Soompi.  

Secretly, Greatly Trailer

Kim Soo-hyeon-I, Park Ki-woong and Lee Hyun-woo from "Secretly and Greatly"

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Kim Soo-hyeon-I, Park Ki-woong and Lee Hyun-woo from

Main actors of the movie "Secretly and Greatly" Kim Soo-hyeon-I, Park Ki-woong and Lee Hyun-woo were revealed on site.

The still cuts of the set show Kim Soo-hyeon-I smiling brightly in front of a cake. Kim Soo-hyeon-I shot the highlight of the movie for ten days, wearing nothing but a shirt on a rainy day. He smiled brightly at the surprise birthday cake the staff had prepared for him and even pariticpated as a staff member as well.

Park Ki-woong added to the happy atmosphere with his cheerfulness.

Lee Hyun-woo became the sweet and lovable youngest member of the cast behind camera and a tough guy in front of it.

"Secretly and Greatly" was released on the 5th of June and broke through 6 million audiences.

"Secretly and Greatly" Starring Kim Soo Hyun Invited to International Film Festivals

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Secretly and Greatly Starring Kim Soo Hyun Invited to International Film FestivalsAccording to Star Today on June 26, Showbox Media Plex revealed that “Secretly and Greatly” will appear in the New York Asia Film Festival, which runs from June 28 to July 15, and the Canada Fantasia Film Festival, which will run from July 18 to August 6.

The New York Asia Film Festival will feature “Secretly and Greatly” as the solo movie in the Centerpiece Presentation section. Director Jang Chul Soo will be attending. His previous work, “The Whole Story of the Kim Bok Nam Murder Case,” also known as “Bedeviled,” garnered attention at the Cannes International Film Festival, making Director Jang well-known in the movie industry.

“Secretly and Greatly” is an action comedy film that stars Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong, and Lee Hyun Woo, who play North Korean spies, disguised as an idiot, a musician, and a high school student, respectively. Already 7,000,000 people have gone to watch the movie in theaters since it’s first screening on June 5.

“Secretly and Greatly” is also set to play in theaters in Singapore on July 19, in the United States on July 26, and in several other foreign countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, and Taiwan.