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Korean movie opening today 2013/10/01 in Korea

"Vacation" (2013)

Directed by Park Sun-uk

With Yoo Sa-ra, Wi Ji-woong,...

A strange offer is made to the girl who has partied like no other. Let's go to the vacation of heaven!

What does the greatest actress, an elegant daughter-in-law of a rich family and a bride-to-be have in common? Their hard core party life in the past. While being threatened of being exposed, they get an order to seduce some men...
These men are just a regular photographer, a handsome guy and a humorous guy on the outside but they all have a secret hobby of their own. The three men and three women run into each other and leave on the perfect vacation to paradise.

However, everything was just a plot...

Celebs cheered for saving

Local celebrities will be awarded for setting a good example when it comes to their finances and saving well, according to the Financial Services Commission yesterday.

To celebrate the 50th Savings Day on Oct. 29, the commission plans to award actor Hyeon Bin, of the SBS drama "Secret Garden", singer Goo Ha-ra, of the girl group Kara, actress Han Hye-jin, of the film "26 Years", and others to encourage ordinary people to save more.

"Hyeon Bin has been thrifty and has put most of his income into savings since his debut", the commission said about the star.

Goo was reportedly chosen because she has participated a lot in celebrity charity markets and other charitable events, in addition to also being a serious saver.

Han, who recently married footballer Ki Sung-yueng, also earned a reputation for being careful with her money, saving after her dad's business went bankrupt

The Types of Idol Fans You Meet, Part 1

The Types of Idol Fans You Meet, Part 1

Idol communities to some extent make for great places to hang around in. In an ideal world, our opinionated selves would have a good time discussing the various merits of different songs and groups fairly, the altruistic selves would happily share whatever good things came our way fairly, and the non-idol loving side of ourselves would still have time for all the other things that matter.

Granted, most of us can still consider ourselves to have balanced perspectives on fandom, but of course, everybody has either been through, or have seen the darker side of things. Below are a few types of fans that seem to be common around fandom, as well as what they commonly say:

The Sheep

Famous last words: “The best selling act is probably the best” and “My bias is always getting misunderstood”

Such attitudes are understandable if one is very new to fandom

Ji Sung, Lee Bo Young release their private wedding photos

The beautiful couple of Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung unveiled photos from their private wedding ceremony.
Actress Lee Bo-young and actor Ji Sung tied the knot at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul at 6 p.m. on September 27. The wedding ceremony was only attended by immediate two hundred family members and friends, and was held in secret. Ji Sung’s agency NAMOO ACTORS unveiled their private wedding photos.

The first section was hosted by the bridegroom‘s best friend actor Lee Min Woo, and Ji Sung sang the nuptial song for his bride. The second section was hosted by famous entertainer Hong Seok Cheon, and actress Ku Hye Sun, actor Yoon Sang Hyun and singer Kim Bum Soo sang to celebrate the couple’s wedding.
The wedding ceremony was quiet and friendly without additional events including celebrity photo shoots

Stars’ Relationships Evidence Found in SNS? ‘If You’re Dating, Stay Away from Social Networking Sites’

Sulli, Choiza, Kim Woo Bin, Yoo Ji Ahn, Se7en, Park Han Byul, Jia, Tao, Victoria, Changmin

Stars’ Relationships Evidence Found in SNS? ‘If You’re Dating, Stay Away from Social Networking Sites’

Any photos or words uploaded onto SNS can and will be used to prove a star's relationship status!

Stars' relationships are being revealed through posts on social networking sites. Even celebrities that have quietly been dating could be exposed by one post or photo as "seeing each other." Some may even over-exaggerate that certain celebrities are dating because of words on a SNS.

That's not all. Some people will even secretly take photos of a private date and upload them onto social networking sites, which then spread like wildfire.

On September 26, f(x) Sulli and Dynamic Duo's Choiza had their outing captured in a photo and uploaded onto various SNS

SECRET Song Ji Eun – Another Diva Is Born

Song Ji Eun, Hope Torture, Secret

Secret's Song Ji Eun - Another Diva Is Born

It's the rediscovery of Song Ji Eun.

Song Ji Eun's new album, Hope Torture, was showcased on September 30th at Olleh Square in Seoul. It was not the reintroduction of a member of Secret, but the introduction of Song Ji Eun, the diva.

Her vocals over the song were powerful and touching. She was completely different from the person that she is when surrounded by her members as an idol group. She was clad in a see-through black dress, to which she commented, "It's my representation of what 'sexy' is to me - an intimidating appearance hiding a fragile inner person."

She revealed that she participated in the songwriting as well as overseeing the producing of the track. She expressed a desire to be known as an artist

The Music Charts Are Jam-Packed in October with SHINee, Block B, Seo In Young, Kahi, IU, T-ARA

Jung Joon Young, Block B, Boys Republic, SHINee, Seo In Young, IU, Kahi, T-ARA

The Music Charts Are Jam-Packed in October The Music Charts Are Jam-Packed in October

The perfect remedy for autumn sentimentality is good music, and plenty of it will be available in the month of October.

October 1st will kick off with Jung Joon Young's single, "Spotless Mind." CJ E&M stated that Jung Jun Young's uniqueness bleeds through the song and will allow him to make a fantastic splash onto the music scene.

After leaving Stardom Entertainment, Block B signed with Seven Seasons Entertainment. Their new album is coming on the 3rd of October with the title song "Be My Light," which was written and produced by the leader, Zico.

The standout among this year's rookies is Boys Republic, and they will be making their comeback stage on the 8th with "IDENTITY

What’s Up This Week With… B.A.P! [Week of 9/23-9/30]



BAP continues to live up to their namesake of being the best, absolute perfect.

Even as they prepare for their Japanese debut promotions, BAP are making a big impression half a world away in Europe where they have proudly sat atop the German K-Pop charts for a record-breaking 20 months in the top 10.

The Japanese version of the digital single "Warrior" will be available online on October 2 while the physical single will be available for purchase a week later on October 9.

The following day, according to King Records, BAP's Japanese label, there will be a special exclusive live event with the group to officially kick-off their promotions in the country.

The music video is already out and ranking high in the Japanese music charts as expected.

The youngster of the group, Zelo, performed alongside SECRET's Jieun for her solo showcase and amazed the crowd with his nice compliment to her beautiful singing voice

IU & Gain… Who Has the Sexier Masculine Look in Their Duet?

IU, Gain

IU & Gain… Who Has the Sexier Masculine Look in Their Duet?

IU and Gain are featured in a teaser video of IU's upcoming song "Everyone Has Secrets" with a modern mannish look. IU's comeback is set for October 7, and the two are expected to showcase an extraordinary duet together.

On September 27, IU released a teaser of her new song "Everyone Has Secrets" through her agency LOEN Entertainment's official YouTube Channel.

In his teaser, women of different styles and charms all focus their attention on IU and Gain as they enter the scene. In the video, IU is wearing a slim fitting black suite, showing off a modern mannish style. Gain is wearing an exposed black one piece dress, showing off her sensual appeal.

IU, who usually looks very feminine and lovely, looks chic and confident with her new mannish style

SECRET’s Song Jieun reveals her worries of promoting solo

SECRET’s Song Jieun held a solo showcase for her new single album ‘Hope Torture’ at Gwanghwamun Olleh Square, Seoul on September 30. During the event, she expressed her honest feelings about having a solo promotion.

She shared, “It feels different from performing in SECRET as I feel more burdened and also feel lonely on stage. It's hard to fill in 3-4 minutes by myself, but it is also exciting that I get to show you my single with songs that I like.”

Jieun also said that she is thankful to other SECRET members for giving her a lot of advice and support during her solo promotions.