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“Three Days” follows the success of “The Heirs” and “You Came From The Stars” in China


“The Heirs” and “You Who Came From The Stars” were bigger hits in China than anyone expected.

“You Who Came From The Stars” had over two billion views in China, sparked government discussions about the future of Chinese entertainment and inspired such trends as eating the fried chicken and beer enjoyed by one of the show”s characters. The drama, which starred Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun inspired an obsessive following.

Before that “The Heirs,” starring Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye and Choi Jin Hyuk, had as many as one billion views on Youku, China”s biggest video streaming site. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye were already popular in China before “The Heirs” but the drama further boosted their popularity. Park Shin Hye plans to make several stops in China on her next world tour

Exo Label SM Entertainment Persues Criminal Charges Against Whoever Leaked Practice Performance Of ‘Overdose’

(Photo : courtesy of the official Exo Facebook page)

Head executives at SM Entertainment, the record label for Exo, have made good on their promise last week to pursue legal action against the person or persons who posted a practice performance performance of the group"s new single "Overdose" online.

In an official company statement to eNEWS on Monday, SM Entertainment execs laid out exactly what legal course of action the K-pop powerhouse label, which is also home to Girls" Generation and Super Junior, would be taking against the as yet unnamed, alleged copyright violators.

"We have officially filed for criminal prosecution charges for copyright violations as well as a breach in the Prevention of Unfair Competition and trade secret protection laws at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor"s Office," the SM statement read

SM Officially Files for Criminal Charges for EXO ‘Overdose’ Leakage

SM Entertainment has officially filed for criminal charges regarding the illegal leak of the choreography footage of EXO’s new song Overdose.

On April 14, SM Entertainment stated, “We have officially filed for criminal prosecution charges for copyright violations as well as a breach in the Prevention of Unfair Competition and trade secret protection laws at the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office."

“Regarding strict legal liabilities, we will be dealing these cybercrimes in a strong and firm way,” said SM Entertainment. “We are also preparing for other additional civil suits for all possible situations.”

“We want to once again warn you to not engage in a second or third leak or any other illegal acts to prevent damages.”

On April 10, a video of the EXO members practicing for their new song Overdose was leaked online

SM Rookies Prepares for the Big Reveal with New Teaser

Getting ready to introduce a new group of talent, SM Entertainment unveiled a new teaser video for SM Rookies.

The teaser came out on April 14, showing several rookies on the move to their practice studio with their faces hidden in secret.

No other information was revealed except that SM Rookies will be coming very soon as they prepare for their official debut.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

“Empress Ki”: Yoon Ah Jung dies after being used by Lim Joo Eun

(Photo : MBC)

Yoon Ah Jung was used by Lim Joo Eun and faced death.

On the 45th episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama “Empress Ki” broadcast on April 8th, Yeon Wha (played by Yoon Ah Jung) was used by Bayan (played by Lim Joo Eun) and died.

On this day, Yeon Wha was secretly meeting Ki Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won) and was caught by Bayan. Bayan asked Yeon Wha why she met Ki Seung Nyang. At Bayan”s questions, Yeon Wha said, “Crown emperor Maha isn”t Tanasili (played by Baek Jin Hee)”s true son. She couldn”t have a kid so she adopted him. She told me to reveal this.”

First, to block Ki Seung Nyang”s plans, Bayan said to Yeon Wha that he would send her out of the palace and asked her to write things about Ki Seung Nyang just incase. Yeon Wha left the palace happy that she could live with Yeom Byung Soo (played by Jung Woong In) and wrote that Ki Seung Nyang made her life tough

Street Foods in K-Dramas


Many k-dramas feature at least one scene with mountains of tempting tasty-looking street food.

In “Bride of the Century,” Yang Jin Sung introduces Lee Hongki tobaked sweet potatoes, something the young chaebol enjoyed as a child but had not eaten for a while.

In “Secret Love Affair,” Yoo Ah In hurries his friend out of the house for some noodles from a street stand because he doesn”t want her to see the woman he loves, played by Kim Hee Ae.

In “Boys Over Flowers,” Gu Hye Sun”s onscreen family introduces Lee Min Ho”s character to fish sticks from a street vendor. He likes them so much he can”t stop eating them even though it might bankrupt the poor family.

In “Princess Hours,” Yoon Eun Hye introduces Joo Ji Hoon to tteokbokki on the sidewalk after school

“Witch’s Romance” is not similar to “Secret Love Affair’”!


Actress Um Jung Hwa and actor Park Suh Joon are filming a funny romance drama to capture the hearts of the fans. In the press release of the cable channel tvN”s new Monday Tuesday drama “Witch”s Romance,” which took place in the Imperial Palace in Non Hyun Dong, Kang Nam, Seoul, in the afternoon of April 9, 2014, producer Lee Jung Hyo, scriptwriters Ban Gi Gi and Lee Sun Jung, and actors such as Um Jung Hwa and Park Suh Joon made their appearances.

The age gap between actress Um Jung Hwa and actor Park Suh Joon is 19 years, which is the same as the age gap between the two main characters of the cable channel JTBC”s new drama “Secret Love Affair.” In the cable channel JTBC”s “Secret Love Affair,” the main characters are also played by a couple with a big age gap: a 46 year old actress Kim Hee Ae and a 27 year old actor Yoo Ah In

“Empress Ki”: Jin Yi Han secretly saves Ha Ji Won

(Photo : MBC)

“Empress Ki” Jin Yi Han secretly helped Ha Ji Won.

On the 44th episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama “Empress” broadcast on April 7th, Tal Tal (played by Jin Yi Han) secretly helped Ki Seung Nyang (played by Ha Ji Won).

On this day, Ki Seung Nyang gets wrapped up in the scheme of the empress (played by Kim Suh Hyung) and Baek Ahn (played by Kim Won Ho) was charged with the crime of selling military items to the enemy state of the Won Dynasty while talking with Wang Yu (played by Jo Jin Mo).

To prove her and Wang Yu”s innocence, Ki Seung Nyang tried to ask Yeon Bi Soo (played by Yoo In Young) to bring in Kim Soon Jo who sent a secret letter to Baek Ahn.

However, there was a time delay and the Wang Yu crowd was at risk of being executed. Waiting for the execution and seeing Ki Seung Nyang, the people whispered, “Even Empress Ki is in on this

Ratings for Weekend Drama Revealed!

This weekend, two new dramas reunited artists that previously collaborated in other successful dramas. But so far audiences do not seem very enthusiastic about either offering.

The weekend drama “Angel Eyes” paired actress Gu Hye Sun with the writer of the hit drama “Boys Over Flowers.” In that drama she played Geum Jan Di, the plucky girl who takes on F4 and Lee Min Ho. In “Angel Eyes” her co-star is actor Lee Sang Yoon, last seen playing a prince in “Goddess of Fire: Jeonji.”

The other anticipated re-combination was the second pairing of actors Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae in the drama “Hotel King.”

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae worked together nine years ago in the hit drama “My Girl.” When it was known they would be cast together again, many netizens expressed their excitement online

Kim Hyun Joong shares his thoughts after the end of “Inspiring Generation”

“When somebody watches my performance, I always want to show everybody that I am able to act and perform my portrayals very well.” – Kim Hyun Joong

The KBS2 drama Inspiring Generation just ended last April 3, 2014 with its 24th episode. After the cast bid their last farewell, Kim Hyun Joong was interviewed about how he differentiates his real personality apart from the characters he had portrayed. In addition, Kim Hyun Joong also talks about his thoughts and feeling after the drama ended.

Real point of view and style toward love and relationships

“The main characters in the previous dramas I’ve portrayed were quite different. Shin Jeong Tae in ‘Inspiring Generation’ revealed a very bold and strong character and this actually transformed me from something I haven’t done before