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World K-Pop Highlight: K-Pop Bridges the Space Between Japan and Korea

M!Countdown in Japan

It has not been a secret that the two neighbouring countries, Japan and Korea have always had tensions due to territorial disputes. This has been going on for years, however, K-Pop has bridged the two countries.

As years go by, K-Pop stars have debuted in Japan, and the reception of the crowd as been overwhelming.

It was just recently when Mnet"s popular music show, "M! Countdown" had toured outside Korea and landed in the neighbouring country in the city of Yokohama.

The event has brought almost 10,000 attendees, all excited and eager to see their favourite stars. Stars included in the line up are 2PM, Girl"s Day, Supernova, and Crayon Pop. Among the fans that attended were not only Japanese teenagers but also some middle-aged men, who may like to see the girl groups" performance

“Secret Love Affair” Park Hyeok-kwon warns Yoo Ah-in

On the seventh episode of the JTBC drama "Secret Love Affair", Kang Joon-hyeong (Park Hyeok-kwon) felt something going on between Oh Hye-won (Kim Hee-ae) and Lee Seon-jae (Yoo Ah-in).

He witnessed the actions and talk that went back and forth between the two.

He overheard Seon-jae say, "Now that yesterday's resentment is all gone, I feel angry at you now professor" and pretended like he didn't hear anything but it kept replaying in his mind.

Seon-jae came into his office and Joon-hyeong told him, "It's easy to misunderstand sudden passion for innocence". He also told him to come and check his songs every weekend.

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‘God’s Gift’ Continues Its Walk with Single Digits

No matter how intricate the pot, SBS’ God’s Gift – 14 Days isn’t getting its break, still floating in the single digits while so close to breaking ten percent.

God’s Gift has for the most part captured the attention of viewers with its mystery plot as well as the growing number of suspects who each hold a secret against the protagonist.

The drama also has a talented cast of Lee Bo Young, Cho Seung Woo, Kim Tae Woo, and more, who have acted flawlessly since the first episode. But God’s Gift has broken through ten percent just once on March 25’s episode with 10.6 percent.

With only five more episodes to go, it’s uncertain whether or not God’s Gift will even get to break into double digits again, especially with MBC’s Empress Ki clouding over it with 24

Hyun Bin’s “The King’s Wrath” to Premiere in North America

Good news for Hyun Bin‘s fans in North America! You will get a chance to catch the actor in his comeback movie and first historical role. It has been announced that his movie, The King’s Wrath,” will hit theaters in North America in May.

According to a report, a representative of the production company said “The King’s Wrath” is set to open in North American theaters on May 23, with an expected total of 25 cinemas across the continent screening the film. Distribution of “The King’s Wrath” in North America is managed by Dream West, which was also responsible for the overseas distribution of Korean movies such as “Secretly, Greatly,” “Coronary,” and “Friend 2.”

The report said Dream West is looking towards good results for “The King’s Wrath,” with Hyun Bin in the lead alongside director Lee Jae Kyu of the dramas “Beethoven Virus” and “The King 2 Hearts

Hyosung shares her thought on her first drama ‘Ghost-Seeing Detective’

In a recent interview, Secret‘s Hyosung shared her thoughts on her first drama “Ghost-Seeing Detective“.

In this OCN‘s drama, Hyosung portrayed a ghost girl who helped the detective to solve mysterious cases. The drama came to an end on the 7th.

Hyosung expressed, “I thank all the fans who loved [my character], the viewers, and the director, cast, and staff who worked harder than anyone. Maybe it was because it was my first drama and I was so fond of it that two months seems to have passed so fast. I did my best filming every episode, and I monitored my acting nervously. I was a little disappointed every time, but I got more ambitious.

She continued, “I feel like I have a long way to go as a singer or an actress. But I have big dreams and passion, so I promise to always modestly work harder

9 Female Celebs Who Look All Natural

It"s no secret that Korea is one of the top countries in the world where getting plastic surgery is as common as tweezing your eyebrows! There"s nothing wrong with getting surgery done as long as you don"t overdo it, and it doesn"t become an unhealthy obsession! While I cannot 100% tell you if the following female celebrities did not got work done, I can tell you that they look super au natural! Let"s take a look!

2ne1"s Dara

Singer Younha

Actress Gong Hyo Jin

miss A"s Min

f(x)"s Amber

Moon Geun Young

Wonder Girls" Sohee

Jeon Ji Hyun

Lee Hi

Yoon Mi Rae

Who are your picks?

Hyun Bin’s Movie ‘The King’s Wrath’ to Premiere in America

Hyun Bin’s movie The King’s Wrath will be premiering in America.

The King’s Wrath, highly anticipated to be the next successful historical film following Masquerade and Face Reader, is expected to spread Korean culture by premiering on May 23 in over 25 theatres around North America.

The movie will be distributed by Dream West, which also successfully distributed Secretly, Greatly, Face Reader, Friend 2 and more.

An affiliate of Dream West stated, “Face Reader was well received in North America and we saw the same potential to succeed with The King’s Wrath. We also chose The King’s Wrath because we have our trust in director Lee Jae Kyu, who also directed drama Beethoven Virus and The King 2Hearts, and stars Hyun Bin, Jung Jae Young, Jo Jeong Seok and Jo Jae Hyun who have positive images

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Announces Marriage Plans, Toheart Makes Onew Sandwich and More

preview nextview 1/10 preview nextview Happy April Fool’s Day. To see what the stars were up to in the SNS world, check out today’s Twitter Roundup.

SNSD’s Sunny posted a photo with Yoona from their recent date on Instagram, writing “Had some time while shooting, so ate out with Yoona. Deliciously at Seok Cheon oppa’s restaurant. Abundantly. Gaining strength after eating and again gogo.”

Meanwhile, Jessica and Seohyun cozied up with some ice cream, as Jessica posted the above photo on Weibo, writing “It′s getting warm. How about some ice cream?"

Taeyeon was spotted squatting again, as indicated by this photo she posted on Instagram on April 1.

Secret’s Han Sunhwa, who is currently starring in God’s Gift – 14 Days updated fans with a set of selfies on March 31

Lovely Actress Kim Sarang Defies Age in Beautiful Selca

Actress Kim Sarang posted a lovely selca on her Instagram page on March 3 with the short message “Winter finished.” The 36-year-old actress defies age in the picture, and looks more like a 21-year-old in the picture.

The actress looks youthful with her clear smooth skin, and long black hair. No wonder she is chosen to do so many CFs. Below is Kim Sarang in a CF for Lite-Up.

Kim Sarang last appeared in the 2010 drama “Secret Garden,” and has been taking a break from acting. The actress was crowned Miss Korea in the year 2000, and she participated in the Miss Universe contest in 2001 where she was awarded Best National Costume award for the hanbok.

Maybe’s Kim Sarang youthful appearance comes from her fitness routine

“K-Pop Star 3″ It’s Antenna Music Week & There’s Anticipations of Greatness

(Photo : SBS)

SBS"s battle audition program "K-Pop Star 3" is having "Antenna Music Week" this week.

"K-Pop Star Season 3" is coming to a close, with only three contestants - Kwon Jin Ah, Bernard Park, Sam Kim - left for as the top 3 contestants. As is such, this coming weeks" semifinals is shaping up to be a "big match" between three of the most talented and well-rounded contestants in "K-Pop Star" history.

The high anticipation is fueled somewhat by the fact that Yoo Hee Yeol"s company, Antenna Music, is training the top three contestants this week. YG"s Yang Hyun Suk and JYP"s Park Jin Young were already featured for the top 6 and top 4 stages. Yoo Hee Yeol is getting special focus, however, because his musicianship and wit is something that the fans found refreshing. Yoo Hee Yeol is noted to be one of the biggest reasons that "K-Pop Star Season 3" has been a runaway success until now