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SECRET turns from brokenhearted to full of vengeance in group music video teaser for “I’m In Love”

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SECRET turns from brokenhearted to full of vengeance in group music video teaser for “I’m In Love”

Continuing on from their paradox of teasers – from light ones of Hyosung, Hana, and Sunhwa, to dark ones of all four members – TS Entertainment revealed another twist in their teasers, as what was thought to be a ballad turns out to be an upbeat, angry song against the fact that they are in love with an unworthy person.

Each light teaser of the members had showcased a naturally beautiful member, light tones bringing an atmosphere of tranquility and a bit of sadness. On the other hand, each dark teaser had shown a sexier, bolder side of the SECRET members that clashed against the innocent title. This first group video teaser, then, combined the two opposing elements and put it into one. The beginning starts with a slow piano melody, while showing the members in tears or deep thought over the special man sitting across from them. White curtains and bright lights further enhanced the feeling of a ballad, in which each member stares soulfully into the mirror.

However, the latter half showcases Hyosung, Jieun, Hana, and Sunhwa in classy black dresses, bold eye makeup, and in both anger and desire regarding the man they love. Somehow having realized an ugly truth, Hyosung especially battles with her former self who used to be so in love, as in the end her conscious and her current self sit face-to-face.

Her former self is in tears, while her newer self already has a plan set out through a clipboard, and is ready to do what is right for her.

Watch the teaser below, and tell us what you think of SECRET’s surprising teaser! Also listen to their previously released track medley, in anticipation for their full album and MV release this upcoming Monday!

Ads appear in Korea for SECRET’s comeback, titled “I’m In Love” for August 11

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Ads appear in Korea for SECRET’s comeback, titled “I’m In Love” for August 11

Ads have appeared in Korea for what appears to be SECRETs comeback in August, titled Im In Love! TS Entertainment revealed earlier the group would be making a comeback in August, but has yet to officially announce the title and date.

On July 26th, fans began tweeting photos of ads appearing around Seoul for SECRETs comeback. Most of the ads appear to be in the subways, with overhead ads as well as banners posted at the tracks.

우와 대구지하철 용산역에 시크릿 홍보 이쁘다

— B.A.E (@minji_1016) July 26, 2014 8.11 시크릿 컴백 예고!?

— 레비 (@s_revi) July 26, 2014 부산 서면역에 시크릿 홍보 이옴ㅅ덩유ㅠㅠ

— UPUPSIN (@UP_UP_SIN) July 26, 2014 Earlier in the month, we reported that SECRET was scheduled to make a comeback in August, announced by their company, TS Entertainment. The track was described as, a refreshing and youthful image that Secret will achieve with their distinct glamorous and sensual concept which they are fully capable of presenting as a ‘hybrid girl group,’

Full MV for KARA Gyuri’s “Daydream” and Hara’s “Secret Love” revealed

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After releasing individual video teasers earlier today, the full music video for KARA members Gyuris Daydream and Haras Secret Love have been revealed!

Daydream and Secret Love are both included on KARAs collection album KARA COLLECTION which will be released in Japan on September 5th. The compilation album lists the members solo songs as well as their hit single GO GO SUMMER! from their second full-length Japanese album Super Girl

[VIDEO] SECRET releases full PV for Japanese “Love is Move”

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After the release of the preview earlier today, the full PV for SECRETs Japanese version Love is Move has been finally unveiled.

SECRET, who has been taking Japan by storm with several single releases, will be releasing their very first full-length album Welcome to SECRET Time in the country this coming August 22.

SECRET releases full PV for Japanese “Love is Move”

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SECRET releases full PV for Japanese “Love is Move”

The girls of SECRET are gearing up the release of their Japanese full length album, ‘Welcome to SECRET Time‘, and ahead of its release in August, the full PV of the Japanese version of “Love is Move“ has been unveiled!

Dressed in gold, the girls sparkle as they dance and sing on the set of their newest music video while showing off their adorable charms for the upbeat song.

Check it out for yourself below!

'Secret Message' Is An International Love Story

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'Secret Message' Is An International Love Story

"Secret Message," starring Big Bang"s T.O.P. and popular Japanese actress Juri Ueno is more than a web drama. It"s a love story with an international cast that aims for an international audience. And the message is that love is a universal emotion.

The web drama was a joint venture by the Korean content company CJ EM, the Japanese entertainment company Amuse Inc., and the global messender Line Corp.

Besides T.O.P. and Juri Ueno, the drama also stars Korean actors Yoo In Na, Jung Yu Mi, Shin Won Ho, Ko Se Hee and Lee Jae Yoon, as well as Japanese actors Saki Fukuda, Keisuke Koide and Kento Kaku.

It"s the story of a Korean student Woo Hyun and a Japanese girl named Haruka. Both have emotional scars from unhappy love affairs but they still believe in the possibility of true love.

PD Lee Seung Hoon of CJ EM spoke about the casting of T.O.P. and Juri Ueno at the October 28 press conference for the drama.

"It took a long time to get from planning to production but this was the cast I had in mind when I planned to direct this series," said Lee.

T.O.P., whose real name is Choi Seung Hyun, said he was eager to work on the project because he was a fan of Juri Ueno"s. The Japanese actress has appeared in dozens of films and dramas, including the Japanese version of "Nodame Cantabile." In this drama his character is a hopeless romantic.

"I feel a great responsibility toward this drama and I worked hard to present the best possible performance in just 10 minutes," said Choi. "The story is very common, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. The drama will be successful if the audience can feel what Woo Hyun feels."

Although T.O.P. has appeared in k-dramas he has focused on films lately, with his most recent film being "Tazza: The Hidden Card."

Juri Ueno confessed that communicating with T.O.P. was not always easy since she did not speak Korean. But love is a universal language so she found a way to express it. In a recent interview with Ceci magazine she spoke about one way she overcame the language barrier.

"Since there was a language barrier I put a lot of feeling into my approach," said Ueno.

Working with someone as famous as T.O.P. also presented a challenge, even though T.O.P. is not the first k-pop idol she has worked with. The actress worked with JYJ"s Kim Jae Joong in th 2010 Japanese drama "Sunao ni Narenakute." Working with Kim Jae Joong was a little easier, she said, as he speaks Japanese.

"For this project, my character has a language barrier, so I felt like I was shooting a documentary," she said at the press conference.

In both cases, she tried not to think of her co-stars as being famous.

"I tried not to think that T.O.P and Jaejoong were famous idols," she said. "I only saw them as their characters in the script and I didn"t even watch their music videos. It"s hard to work with someone if you keep in mind that he is very famous."

The 18-episode drama will air in 10-minute episodes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, beginning November 2. It can be seen on Naver TV Cast in Korea, dTV in Japan and Line TV in Thailand and Taiwan.

Hugh Jackman and His Daughter Specific Their Love for Korea

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Hugh Jackman and His Daughter Express Their Love for Korea In a contemporary press junket for his newest film, “Pan,” Hugh Jackman expressed his love for the rustic of South Korea. Known for his kind, approachable personality, the Hollywood actor told reporters, “Personally I like Korea and my Korean lovers and I'm hoping to seek suggestion from someday.”

Hugh Jackman stated that he inherited his love of Korea from his father, who had lived there for lots of years. When his father returned, he had told his son that the commercial long run lay in Korea.

The actor also published he has a lot of passion in Korean culture, food, and tradition. When his daughter sought after to visit faculty in a hanbok, he had no issues of it. “Even our dog wears hanbok. He’s male, yet he wears a jeogori.” (Both ladies and men can wear a jeogori, a traditional upper garment, but there are some styles particular to women.)

Taemin, Krystal & Kai shape love triangle for "W Korea"

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Taemin, Krystal & Kai 
shape love triangle for

SHINee"s Taemin, f(x) Krystal and EXO"s Kai are in it appears love triangle idea in their featured pictorial for W Korea mag.

the 2 boys are either taking a look charismatic and the already beautiful environment has gotten more sublime with the addition of gorgeous Krystal. The pictorial can also be a portrayal of 3 close pals or possibly a blossoming love? Taemin-Krystal or Kai-Krystal?

See pictures and watch the making underneath:

Taemin, Krystal, and Kai show family love in "W Korea" together

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Taemin, Krystal, and Kai show family love in

Artists from three different SM groups have gathered for a photo shoot with "W Korea"!

f(x)"s Krystal, SHINee"s Taemin, and EXO"s Kai gathered for a laid-back, dreamy shoot with the magazine, the black-and-white palette providing a nostalgic feel while the colored picture gives off a soporific effect.

The pictures were uploaded onto "W Korea"s Facebook on July 17 with the message, "The shining three muses who"ve entered the frame of creative director Min Hee Jin. Daisy Illusive with SHINee Taemin Lee, f(x) Krystal, Exo Kai."

The sweetest picture might be both Kai and Taemin leaning their heads against Krystal"s legs while she looks down at them with a motherly tenderness. Make sure you purchase your own copy to see all the pictures!

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Moon Hee Jun advises on the proper methods of keeping love life a secret

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Moon Hee Jun advises on the proper methods of keeping love life a secret

Moon Hee Jun, who has often proclaimed himself to be an expert in dating in secret,discussed more tips and tricks about keeping one"s love life on the down low on the recent broadcast of KBS Cool FM "Jung Jae Hyung and Moon Hee Jun"s Happy Life."

On this broadcast, Moon Hee Jun declared, "When you are dating in secret, it appears as if it"s apparent to everyone but yourselves [that you are seeing someone]. That"s why you need practice. It"s a bit awkward at first so naturally you will be found out by the people around you."

The singer continued, "When a couple who is supposedly in a secret relationship keeps getting caught on the stairs or the rooftop, they"re just enjoying the thrill [of being caught] using their secret dating as an excuse. If you want to seriously date in secret, then you must resist the urges to engage in skin-ship. You must only do it on the back of the hand," giving some sound advice on the art of properly hiding your love from the eyes of the public.

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