Sechskies say they will always be rivals with H.O.T

Sechskies say they will always be rivals with H.O.T

In light of their 20th anniversary, Sechskies made a guest appearance on MBC FM ‘Kangta’s Starry Night’,where they talked about their upcoming plans as well as looking back on their past idol history.

The group talked about their prime days performing alongside H.O.T. Eun Ji Won shared, “We each had our own waiting rooms, so it was hard for us to get to know each other…Although I did become acquaintedwith Moon Hee Jun.”

Members Kim Jae Duk and Lee Jae Jin also mentioned how they knew H.O.T’s Jang Wook Hyuk before their debut. “We met him through a Young Turks Club member. We went for drinks and drove together.”

When asked who their rival was, Sechskies answered H.O.T without any hesitation. Eun Ji Won added, “I feel that the term rival isn’t so bad to hear nowadays. We don’t have a rival, apart from H.O.T.”

Can you imagine anyone except H.O.T being Sechskies’s rival?

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