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Krystal Is The Leading Girl Of The Chinese Drama, 'Graduation Season'

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Krystal Is The Leading Girl Of The Chinese Drama, 'Graduation Season'

(Photo : SM Entertainment ) Krystal (Krystal Jung) of the electro-pop workforce f(x) has been solid every bit the leading woman of an upcoming Chinese drama that recently carries the running title, "Graduation Season."

On November 28, My Day by way of day reported the casting of the preferred acting idol in an exclusive report.

"It is a romance drama facing a tale set in the trend world," stated an reputableassociated with the project. "Krysta used to be a just right choice, as as someone who is renown for their style sense."

According to the report, Krystal will start filming the series, in China, in early 2016. She is cast as the heroine of the drama.

Krystal experienced her breakout role as Ah Soo Jung in MBC's circle of relatives comedy, "High Kick: Revenge of the quick Legged." She followed with her notable portrayal of Lee Bo Na in SBS' teenager drama, "The Heirs," sooner thantouchdown her leading role as Yoon Se Na, an aspiring singer-songwriter in "My Beautiful Girl."

She is easilyappeared for her fame in mainland China, which has resulted inhigher acting opportunities in the region.

In October 2015, Korean shopsshowed her casting contrary EXO's Lay, in the Chinese film, "Kite Flying."

While she has yet to free up a solo album, she has seemed on several normal soundtracks adding "Make Your Move" and "My Cute Girl."

In 2015, she experienced her musical comeback with f(x), as the gang released "4 Walls," their first album as a quartet, following the departure of Sulli.

Krystal and f(x) are scheduled to take the level at the 2015 Mnet Asian Track Awards (MAMA) on December 2, where they are going toconveya distinct collaborative functionality alongside British electro-pop legends, Puppy Shop Boys.

F(x) will apply their MAMA 2015 stage with their first solo concert, because thecommunity debuted, which may be held at Seoul Olympic Park, Olympic Corridor on January 30 and 31.

f(x)'s Krystal to superstar as lead in upcoming Chinese drama 'Graduation Season'

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f(x)'s Krystal to superstar as lead in upcoming Chinese drama 'Graduation Season'

f(x)'s Krystal may be starring as the lead personality in the impending Chinese drama 'Graduation Season'.

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According to SM Entertainment, "Krystal participated in the casting announcement for the Chinese drama 'Graduation Season' on November 28." 'Graduation Season' is described as a drama about young those whoinputthe trend industry brand new from school.

In comparable news, f(x) have wrapped up selling "4 Walls" and shouldcling their concert in Seoul Olympic Section on January 30-31 of 2016.

Will you be observing Krystal's drama?

“Star King” in Talks for a 2d Season

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“Star King” in Talks for a moment Season SBS and Kang Ho Dong are in talks for a new season of “Star King.”

On November 16, a SBS representative told OSEN news, “Though it's far true we are talking about a second season of ‘Star King,’ not anything has yet been determined in regards to the first airing date or time.”

Kang Ho Dong’s representatives also noted that they are these days negotiating and nothing is confirmed.

Previously, a other source quoted a media insider reporting that the second one season of “Star King” would start filming on December 1 and air beginning in January 2016.

“Star King” first aired on January 13, 2007 and has won the affection of audience for 8 years. However, the display started a long spoil beginning in August so as to renovate the layout of the show, though it in brief returned to the screen as “NEW Superstar King” for a Chuseok special.

Can You bet Which videos BTS Recreates for Their 2016 Season’s Greeting Calendar?

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Can You Guess Which films BTS Recreates for Their 2016 Season’s Greeting Calendar? For their 2016 Season’s Greetings calendar, the lads of BTS have recreated more than a few movies and taken the characters to life. one of the most footage are more obtrusive than others. Can you guess which movie every member is representing?

We’ll get started off light. Rap Monster and Jungkook are childishly adorable, dressed in matching overalls and yellow shirts. They’re beautiful much the image of childhood, appearing off blameless expressions.

But then we've got Rap Monster having a look swish and speeding in a suit and tie with a mysterious expression. Can you accept as true with this is meant to be from the similar movie?

Got your guesses in? Whenever you stated “Despicable Me,” you’re right! yet how may you not, when the Minions have all but taken over the planet at this point?

Next, we've J-Hope, who turns out able to hit the books with his schoolboy looks. He’s were given his reading glasses, which glance strangely familiar. And what’s that crest on his jacket? Striped scarf, sending letters…

You got it, it’s “Harry Potter.” genuine subtle, J-Hope.

On to the following film! We have Suga with a cozy-looking sweatshirt, ice blue touch lenses, and a odd loss of shoes. Where have we observed that before?

With his surprise of blonde hair, Suga does an overly excellent impact of Jack Frost from “Rise of the Guardians.” Any individual take him to a convention! He’s got this cosplaying thing down pat.

Now for anything a little tougher for our more youthful readers. V and Jin teamed up for their shoot, which appears fairly eclectic. The poses move from goofy to serious and back again. The props diversity from foolish straw glasses to dolphin pool rings. How may any of this make sense?

It doesn’t. That’s the point. The film they recreated used to be “Dumb and Dumber.” Don’t trust us? It’s the outfits that give them away. Here’s a still from the film for comparison.

Last, we have Jimin. Here is possibly the toughest out of the bunch to guess, as the film it comes from isn't just reasonably old, but also pretty obscure. In the photos, Jimin lays on a bed surrounded by potential of lighting fixtures and searching morose.

Are you stumped? You’re in smart company. The scene is less of a sport than this will also be a tribute to the 1996 edition of “Romeo and Juliet.” In fact, the simplest real clues that give it away is the star-shaped gentle (“star-crossed lovers”), and the reality that during the last scene of the film, the bed Juliet lies on is surrounded by sparkling candles. We think it’s almost certainly a more accurate representation of each unhappy youngster romance flick, ever.

How many were you capable of guess correctly? As an added bonus, here are some of the behind-the-scenes stills from the photoshoot.

Infinite showed as the following staff for 'Showtime' season 6

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Infinite showed as the following staff for 'Showtime' season 6

Infinite will after all be on "Showtime"!

According to MBC Every1, endless could be the protagonist of "Showtime" season 6. the primary broadcast is scheduled to be this December.

This will be their first fact display in 1 year and 8 months since Mnet"s "This is Infinite" back in March 2014. Being know for their outstanding kind skills, many of us are very expecting against the broadcast.

Meanwhile, the crowd is recently embarking on their global excursion "Infinite Effect". READ MORE

Lee Jang Woo, Hong Jong Hyun, and Oh Ji Ho to most likely sign up for very good-looking season of 'Laws of the Jungle'

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Lee Jang Woo, Hong Jong Hyun, and Oh Ji Ho to most likely sign up for very good-looking season of 'Laws of the Jungle'

Actors Hong Jong Hyun, Lee Jang Woo, and Oh Ji Ho could be joining what can be a very handsome season of SBS" "Laws of the Jungle"

Oh Ji Ho currently stuck attention when he said that he"d love to seem at the truth display on SBS energy FM"s "Old School", and it seems like his wish is also granted. A rep from SBS announced on November 12, "It hasn"t been showed that Hong Jong Hyun, Oh Ji Ho, and Lee Jang Woo will be joining "Laws of the Jungle". We"re currently in talks. Nothing"s been confirmed."

Stay tuned for updates! do you want to peer the 3 actors in the jungle?

Video Added Korean drama 'Love Cells Season 2' episodes 1 to 12

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Video Added Korean drama 'Love Cells Season 2' episodes 1 to 12

Added episodes 1 to twelve for the Korean drama "Love Cells Season 2"

"Love Cells Season 2" (2015) Directed by way of Kim Se-hoon-I Written by Cha Hyeon-jin Network : NAVER tvcast With Kim Yoo-jeong, Seulong, Jo Bo-ah, Choi Yeong-min, Park Eun-ji, Park Hae-mi,... 12 episodes - Mon~Thu Synopsis In this sour candy love story, Ne-bi acts like a navigation of love relationship. She leads the manner for the maximum important characters to piece their long lost memories of love together. Broadcast beginning date in Korea : 2015/09/14

Note : because of licensing, videos won't be to be had to your country

“Youth Over Flowers” Will go back for 3rd Season

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“Youth Over Flowers” Will Return for 1/3 Season PD Na Young Suk has mentioned that the third season of “Youth Over Flowers” is lately in the works.

On October 30, an reliable from tvN stated, “It has been made up our minds that ‘Youth Over Flowers’ will air following the display ‘Three foods a Day.’ not anything has been made a decision yet by way of casting or the organization of the show.”

Following the craze of beyond shows, the individuals of the third season will in all probability be in their thirties.

“Youth Over Flowers,” like spouse presentations “Noonas Over Flowers” and “Grandpas Over Flowers,” is a phase of the ‘Over Flowers’ series by PD Na Young Suk. “Youth Over Flowers” is a fact prove about young other folks going on an out of the country vacation. the former season featured Yoo Yeon Seok, Son Ho Jun, and B1A4‘s Baro.

“Incomplete Life” Webtoon to pass back With Season 2

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“Incomplete Life” Webtoon to come back With Season 2 Fans of the webtoon “Incomplete Life,” rejoice: season two has just been announced!

More popularly known just through its Korean call “Misaeng,” season two of the webtoon is determined to handle the major characters’ independence, marriage, and social lives, and all of the issues that come in conjunction with them. Season two used to be announced on October 26 by the use of Daum Webtoon and Kakao.

A representative from Daum Webtoon stated, “We will attempt to verify readers have even more enjoyment with wonderful works and quite so much of occasions in the future.” For the unencumber of season two of “Incomplete Life,” Daum Webtoon is operating hand-in-hand with Kakao for special parties for its top class Plus Buddies users, akin to special emoticons and Kakao money prizes.

Meanwhile, the webtoon become adapted into a wildly popular drama in 2014, with viewer ratings capping out at 10.3 percent. At the time, following the realization of season one, the chance for a season two were discussed, and remains open. take a glance at the primary episode of “Incomplete Life” below!

“Let’s pass to School” would possibly finish After existing Season

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“Let’s visit School” Could End After present Season As “Let’s Go to School” wraps up its recent season, cable network JTBC is in talks to tug the display entirely off the air.

On October 19, many broadcasting representatives report that the JTBC form program could be cancelled and that the final episode were filmed.

“Cancellation discussions are happening because of the hot ratings decline,” one representative says. “But ‘Let’s Go to School’ is a very powerful range program for JTBC so we are still speaking about the prospect of a new season.”

“Let’s Go to School” aired its first episode on July 12 last year and introduced Kangnam and Nam Joo Hyuk as variety stars. at the aspect of “Abnormal Summit” and “Please deal with My Refrigerator,” the prove won numerous love as one of JTBC’s primary variety programs. However, in 2015 its fame and ratings have been declining.

“Let’s Go to School” is a program where celebrities get to revel in habitual top school life with their “peers.” It currently airs each Tuesday at 9:30 p.m KST.