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2NE1 Dara To Se7en "Even If You Can't Sing For A Year and 10 Months, I Will Wait"

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2ne12NE1 member Dara congratulated Se7en in time for his 10 year anniversary.

On the 9th, Dara posted on her Twitter "10th anniversary of Se7en! Totally x21 congratulations," along with a single photo. The photo reveals the good friendship between the two.

In the revealed photo is the congratulatory flower basket with the ribbon that reads 'Even if you can't sing for a year and 10 months, I will wait. Handsome soldier Choi Good-looking. From Lucky Se7en 2NE1."

Those who saw the photo commented "Dara has so much sense," "Se7en congratulations on your 10th anniversary," and "Se7en I will wait for you."

Se7en Makes A Cute Pose With The Mic..."I Have The Most Fun When I Sing"

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Se7en Makes A Cute Pose With The Mic...I Have The Most Fun When I SingSinger Se7en's picture of himself holding a mic and making a cute pose, has gained the attention of fans.

Se7en wrote on his Twitter on Saturday, "Band practice! I have the most fun when I sing," along with a few photos.

In the picture that he uploaded, he has his mouth open with the microphone close to his mouth. He is also making a cute pose for the pictures. His joy in singing is inevitable through his face expression in the released photos.

Internet users who saw the pictures stated, "Wow wow, he's cool," "He must be tired, but he is practicing really hard. Fighting!", and "I want to go to the concert too."

Meanwhile, Se7en hosting a concert on September 16th, in Japan.

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2AM Could Have Sung Se7en's "When I Can't Sing"

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2AM appeared on the April 5 showing of YTN’s “News and Issue – Issue and People.” 2AM talked about their new mini album. The anchor said, “2AM has a lot of good songs but I bet there are hit songs you missed out on.”

2AM stated, “We first heard JYP’s ‘Dream High 2’ song ‘Couldn’t Forget,’ and Se7en’s ‘When I Can’t Sing.’”

The anchor also asked, “We heard that JYP and Yoon Jong Shin were degraded, what does that mean?”

Jo Kwon answered, “The song that Yoon Jong Shin gave us was put into this album. It would have been a waste to put in JYP’s song not as the title. More than rejecting JYP’s song we just decided that ‘I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me’ should be the title song.”

Seulong described JYP’s reaction, “He was a bit unhappy and collected.”

(It looks like this was another chapter in the journey of Se7en’s “When I Can’t Sing.” As we reported before, Son Ho Young could have sung this song as well.) 

2AM, “SE7EN’s “When I Can’t Sing” was our song”

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2AM, SE7ENs When I Cant Sing was our song 2AM recently said that SE7ENs song When I Cant Sing was offered to them first.

2AM appeared in the April 5 episode of YTNs News and IssueIssue and People.

Anchor for the show said, You have lots of good songs but I guess you also have lots of missed songs. Then the group said, Park Jin Youngs song If, played in KBSs series Dream High 2, and SE7ENs When I Cant Sing were offered to us first.

Chang Min made the audience curious by saying, I heard that there is another song, included in an album, which hasnt released yet.

2AM is keeping busy with their song I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me.

2AM reveals Se7en’s “When I Can’t Sing” was originally meant for them

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2AM reveals Se7en’s “When I Can’t Sing” was originally meant for them

2AM revealed that Se7ens hit song When I Cant Sing was originally meant for them.

The 2AM boys appeared on April 5ths broadcast of YTNs News and IssueIssue and People. During the show, the anchor commented, 2AM has so many good songs, but I bet there are a lot of songs that you missed out on too.

The members replied, JY Parks Cant Forget (If) that was featured in Dream High and Se7ens When I Cant Sing were songs that came to us first.

Member Changmin sparked viewers curiosity by revealing, Ive heard that the unreleased album has songs like that in it.

On another note, 2AM is currently promoting their single, I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me.

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“When I Can’t Sing” singer Se7en looks like a energetic, playful boy

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“When I Can’t Sing” singer Se7en looks like a energetic, playful boy

Se7en recently traced back to his look of the days when he just made a debut at his early twenties.

On April 5, Magazine 1st Look released a pictorial of Se7en through its paper magazine, online, and mobile sites.

In the pictures, Se7en strikes a variety of energetic, playful poses.

The singer says, “I feel proud of myself and the achievement I made for the past ten years as a solo singer, who has to be ready for singing and dancing all alone. In the future, I hope to run my own entertainment agency and produce idol stars.”

Slated to release a single in April, the singer says, “When entering overseas market, I’d appreciated the interaction with local fans rather than pursuing a mere success. I want to display my songs and performances to as many people as possible. For now, I’ll be active in Japan and go on an Asia tour.”

Having started his own business, Se7en said he is happy with running business in that he got involved in things figure them out in person, adding “I can more understand Mr. Yang since I’ve become an owner.”

Being called Director Choi, the singer seems to be an influential figure at his company, YG Entertainment. He is reportedly asked to give his opinion to the meeting of the board of the company.

Reaching the age of 29, Se7en said, “I’m not much different from I was at 20. I get mature but remain innocent.”

Se7en: "'When I Can't Sing' was originally JYP's"

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Se7en revealed the behind-story of his song 'When I Can't Sing'.

On the 28th, Se7en revealed that the song was originally JYP's through SBS 'Strong Heart'.

According to Se7en, he was having a drink with YG, JYP, and Psy after 'K-Pop Star'. At this time, when Se7en was a bit drunk, he asked JYP "I'm working on my next album, and I really want to do one song of yours", and JYP willingly agreed.

After this, JYP showed Se7en several songs that he made, but Se7en couldn't choose any that felt like was his. So JYP said, "I was planning to sing this song but if you like it, I'll write a similar one to it", and as soon as Se7en heard it, he wanted to take it.

On the spot, Se7en even asked for a dance to the song. Even YG and Psy said it would be better for Se7en to sing the song. Psy even said, "If you don't give this song to Se7en, I'm going to copy the song and publish it." So JYP gave the song to Se7en, and their collaboration created Se7en's new album.

Se7en: "I Had to Audition in Front of JYP for 'When I Can't Sing'"

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Se7en: "I Had to Audition in Front of JYP for 'When I Can't Sing'"

On SBS “Strong HeartSe7en revealed more on how he received the song “When I Can’t Sing” from JYP. The interesting collaboration between JYP and Se7en gained a lot of attention and reported frequently about it.

Back in January 29, 2012 we reported that Se7en, JYP, and YG had dinner together. Se7en was given the opportunity to listen to the song and afterwards he nagged JYP to let him perform it. Also, “When I Can’t Sing” was intended for G.O.D. Son Ho Young but it did not appear in his albums.

For the February 28 broadcast of “Strong Heart,” Se7en gave a more in-depth picture of how he ended up receiving “When I Can’t Sing” from JYP. After Se7en’s appearance on SBS “K-Pop Star” he had a get together with YG, JYP, and PSY.

At the get together, Se7en asked JYP to give him a song. “JYP thought for a while and then let us listen to ‘When I Can’t Sing.’ After I heard the song I thought that I needed it. JYP rejected me saying that he had saved the song to sing for himself. On the spot, I danced and sang as an impromptu audition in front of JYP.”

Well it looks like Se7en succeeded in moving JYP, the successful CEO and difficult judge!

Jinusean member Sean parodies Se7en’s “When I Can’t Sing”

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Jinusean member Sean parodies Se7en’s “When I Can’t Sing”

Sean Ro of old school hip hop duo Jinusean made his fans laugh after parodying a song which he dedicated to his wife Jung Hae Young.

The rapper shared the photo below via his official Twitter page on February 17th and wrote, Even if I cant hip hop~ Even if I dont wear Nike shoes~ If I no longer wear New Era hats and stop preparing suprises~ Will you be able to love me for me. Seans remix. When I Cant Hip Hop.

He was parodying his fellow YG Entertainment label mate Se7en and his new song When I Cant Sing, turning it into When I Cant Hip Hop for his wife. His lyrics Nike shoes and New Era hat which are key accessories for a hip hop artist evoked much laughter amongst netizens, as did his photo.

In between laughs, his followers commented, Yes, of course!, Hilarious, Still awesome!, and more.

SourceImage: Seans Twitter, MyDaily

[Video] Se7en returns with "When I Can't Sing" on M! Countdown

RB solo sensation Se7en delivered a heartfelt comeback performance of his latest JYP-produced single "When I Can't Sing" on this week's M! Countdown.

Se7en's fresh and engaging new mini album has been receiving a good response, shooting the top of various online music charts. It is composed of 6 tracks including his Japanese releases and three new songs. Se7en also released a special edition of the album which includes additional instrumentals and digital booklet.

Meanwhile, check out Se7en's comeback performance below!