School 2017 Amuses Viewers By Parodying Famous K-Dramas

School 2017 Amuses Viewers By Parodying Famous K-Dramas

Viewers are looking forward to each new episode of School 2017, not just to see how the mysterious storyline progresses, but to also see what drama they are going to parody next.

On the first episode of the drama, there was a short parody of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds during the scene where Kim Sejeongs character is imagining becoming a campus couple with Kang Min Hyuks character. This short daydream mirrored the scene where Park Bo Gums character says, There is kind love and there is bad love. I want to start the latter, and confesses his love to Kim Yoo Jungs character on the original drama.

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On the second episode, the was a parody of Descendants of the Sun between a scene involving Han Joo Wan, who plays a homeroom teacher, and Han Sun Hwa, who is a school cop. This scene was a spin-off of the infamous scene where Song Hye Kyos character threatens to report Song Joong Kis character, and to block her, Song Joong Ki knocks the phone out of her hand and catches it in mid air.

KBS 2TVs School 2017 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST. Which drama parody do you want to see next?

Thank you to aix for the tip!