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G.Gorilla clarifies his controversial tweet criticizing the lyrics of T-ara N4′s “Countryside Life”

G.Gorilla, singer-turned-composer, set out to clarify his previous tweet in which he expressed his criticism toward the lyrics of T-ara N4‘s debut song “Countryside Life“, which was composed by Duble Sidekick and written by the team along with David Kim.

G.Gorilla listened to the subunit’s new single and responded on his Twitter on the 30th, “To the ‘Countryside Life’??? What kind of expression is this…I wish I could really hit the XX who wrote the lyrics”, not expecting to be met with the attention he has been receiving.

With netizens agreeing with him as well as disagreeing with him, and his tweet eventually becoming a topic in the news, G.Gorilla clarified his previous comment and apologetically wrote,“What I meant is that hoobaes who do music should make music with a bit more sincere of an attitude

DMTN’s Daniel + 4 others attend first hearing for marijuana related charges

DMTN‘s Daniel and the four others indicted by the prosecution regarding their various marijuana charges attended their first hearing in court today.

The hearing took place on the 30th at 10:50 AM, and Daniel is said to have admitted to all his charges with a solemn expression. It is said that in addition to aiding in the distribution, the idol also admitted to smoking marijuana.

As he emerged after the hearing, he bowed his head as he said “I’m sorry” to the press gathered outside. When someone asked, “Do you admit to all your charges?” He responded, “Yes”, and left the scene with his agency staff and lawyers.

4 others who attended the hearing with Daniel include the English academy teacher (age 24), son of a famous actor (age 23), makeup artist (age 33), and former academy teacher (age 21)

Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee’s agencies confirm the two’s relationship

After the initial dating report earlier, actor Jo In Sung and actress Kim Min Hee‘s agencies have confirmed that the two are indeed an item.

Kim Min Hee’s reps stated, “The two met in the beginning of this year at a gathering they both attended, and they started to contact each other naturally as fellow actors. They have been continuing to see each other with good feelings and are beginning their relationship, so we hope that everyone can watch over them warmly.”

Jo In Sung’s reps had similar things to say, commenting, “The two met at the beginning of this year, and after exchanging conversation, the two’s feelings progressed and they’ve been seeing each other.”

Although they’re only 4 months into their relationship, the two have known each other since 2000 when they modeled together, and have now moved on from being fellow model-turned-actors to boyfriend and girlfriend

[Breaking] Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee reported to be in a relationship

The wait has come to an end as media outlet Dispatch has finally shattered the calm with their new celebrity couple exclusive! According to them, actor Jo In sung (32) and actress Kim Min Hee (31) are dating!

The two apparently knew each other since 10 years ago during their modeling years, and after the decade, they’ve now progressed as a couple having dated for 4 months. The alleged star couple began to see each other at the beginning of this year, and kept things very secretive and quiet, usually enjoying their dates in their cars.

In addition, they also frequently used occasions where they would have acquaintances around to further keep their relationship quiet according to Dispatch. They did this on one of their dates, on the 17th, after Jo In Sung appeared on a radio program hosted by Kim C by taking separate cars and making sure they walk apart from one another

Netizens fire back at ‘Sports Seoul’ on their rumor post referring to Suzy

After the release of their article and video regarding a ‘rude and disrespectful’ female idol earlier today, ‘Sports Seoul‘ has become criticized by netizens who say that the media outlet has reported on a random rumor made up by an individual.

As mentioned before, their ‘SS Rumors and Truth‘ segment beeped out Suzy’s name, but they made it far too easy to figure that they were indeed talking about her as the last syllable of the name ended with “zy” and she also had the initial ‘B’ (Bae Suzy).

With the article becoming one of the a popular story on portals, netizens set out to do their own investigation and have reached the conclusion that the media outlet had just relied upon a false rumor created by a man called Choi Chang Ryul, someone whom they say is notorious for creating false rumors, calling them ‘blind item’s or gossip reported by insiders in the financial world

Park Si Hoo in the process of hiring an additional legal team for his case

Park Si Hoo is currently in the process of recruiting another law firm to represent him.

After his case was forwarded to the prosecutors as quasi-rape and sexual battery, he’s sought the help of the law firm Choongjung in addition to his original Purme. It’s been said that both sides as well as Purume are currently working out the details so that the two law firms will co-represent Park Si Hoo.

Choongjung will be Park Si Hoo’s third law firm in the case. He originally had Hwawoo, but then had changed to Purme. As for Choongjung, it’s said to be a large law firm that specializes in restructuring, international trade, and civil and criminal lawsuits.

Source: Newsen, Ilgan Sports

Agencies of Tony An and Hyeri both confirm dating report + official statement from Dream Tea

With the release of ‘Sports Seoul‘s report, agencies of both Tony An and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri have confirmed the dating report to various media outlets over the phone, as well as releasing an official statement through Twitter in Dream Tea Entertainment‘s case. They both commented that although it is true that they’ve gone on dates, both agencies stress that the two stars are still getting to know each other and have only been seeing each other since March.

Tony’s agency, TN Entertainment, confirmed over the phone, “Tony and Hyeri started to meet in March… They’re currently getting to know one another,” and “It’s true that they’re seeing each other

[Breaking] Tony An (H.O.T) and Girl’s Day’s Hyeri reported to be dating

After leaving fans wildly guessing after the announcement of their exclusive story, ’Sports Seoul‘ is finally following up with the scoop on the love life of an idol couple. The couple in question has turned out to be Tony An (36) from 90s idol group H.O.T and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri (20), who are bridging the generation gap between first and second generation idols.

After two months of observing the two and gathering information, Sports Seoul has released pictures of Tony and Hyeri, who are supposedly enjoying a date, according to the media outlet.

The two went on their date by using their personal cars and met late at nights, when they’d catch the least amount of eyes, to go on drives.

They were even spotted together on the 14th when Tony waited for Hyeri near the girls’ agency

Go Young Wook to appeal his sentence

Go Young Wook has started the appeal process to fight his sentence.

The celebrity was found guilty of all his charges of engaging in sexual acts with minors and sexual assault, and was sentenced to 5 years in prison and 10 years of electronic anklet wear as well as having his record made public for 7 years.

He remained silent about whether he would be appealing at the time of the verdict, but it’s now been revealed a bit belatedly that he has started the appeal process by submitting his petition of appeal.

The documents were submitted on the 10th, and his lawyers will hear back in about 10 to 14 days about the next step.

Source: Chosun Ilbo, Money Today

Lee Yi Kyung of ‘School 2013′ caught driving drunk

Whereas one rising star from ‘School 2013‘ was recently in the news for his good deed, another star is making the news, but sadly for other reasons.

Rookie actor Lee Yi Kyung had made a name for himself through ‘School 2013′, but it has been belatedly reported that he had his driver’s license suspended due to drunk driving.

On April 1st, Lee Yi Kyung was caught driving drunk near an apartment complex in Jamsil. He had his his driver’s license suspended but was not detained and is currently waiting to be summoned by the police.

The police told No Cut News on April 11th, “After having his blood alcohol content measured, he needs to be brought back in for further investigations. We are planning to bring him in sometime next week