SBS under fire for using Ilbe image stating ‘Go To Hell Mr. Roh’

SBS under fire for using Ilbe image stating ‘Go To Hell Mr. Roh’

SBS is once again stirred up in a controversy for using an Ilbe image.

Ilbe is notorious for its misogynistic users who emphasize freedom of speech and use that right to make controversial statements and trends. One of these trends includes expressing hatred towards former President Roh and mocking his suicide.

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On the May 17 SBS Plus news broadcast, an image from Ilbe made an appearance, leading to a controversy.

During the show,Time magazine cover images with former South Korean presidents were displayed. Out of the five covers, the one with Roh Moo Hyunturned out to be fake as it changed the original heading, ”Hello, Mr. Roh”to ”Go To Hell Roh Moo Hyun”.Furthermore, it stated, “South Korea’s new corpse”,in the descriptions.

This is not the first time SBS used an Ilbe image on a broadcast. In fact, it happened multiple times on shows such as ‘Shocking of the World’, ‘Running Man’, and more.

The producers of the news show officially apologized and explained that it’s purely a mistake. However, netizens are furious at SBS for continuously making mistakes and using Ilbeimages, intentional or not.

Comments stated, “I don’t think we can say it’s a mistake when it happened 10 times already. It’s more like intentional, isn’t it?”, “This is not just once or twice. SBS seriously needs to find the person and give punishment”, “They need to be thrown out. How much longer are they going to report garbage with Ilbe????”

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