SBS Comedy Show Addresses Blackface Controversy

SBS Comedy Show Addresses Blackface Controversy

SBSs Comedy Hunter apologized for their recent blackface skit, where comedienne Hong Hyun Hee came out wearing black makeup and dreadlocks.

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Many viewers expressed their outrage over the sketch, criticizing the show for belittling African Americans. In response to the racist skit, Sam Hammington posted an angry message on his Facebook, saying, Hong Hyun Hee appeared in blackfaceits so pathetic! When will people ever stop these ridiculous acts? Is making fun of a race that hilarious? As someone who has done several comedy shows in the past, I am ashamed.

Then on April 21, the shows production team released an official press statement, saying, We sincerely apologize for not carrying out a thorough review of the sketch. We have deleted the clip of the skit, and we will make sure this doesnt happen again.

In response to the apology, several Korean viewers have been calling for a change in perception regarding race, expressing that it is not right to make people laugh using blackface.