Fans find a chilling image of a sasaeng fan in action

Fans find a chilling image of a sasaeng fan in action

12kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter Currently the contributors of BTS were spotted coming in the process the Gimpo Airport where many enthusiasts took images and greeted them. Whilstmaximum fans kept their distance and gave the members area out of recognize and love, more than onephotographsstuckthe similar fan sticking as just about the members smiling.Originally titled, A chilling smile of a sasaeng at Gimpo Airport today, the footage are garnering much attention among Korean fans on a well-likednetwork called Instiz

Find out what Netizens had to mention more or lessthis text below!

BTS Jin grew to becomeinflexible and appeared like he had no concept what to do as the fan stuck almost about him. Glance at her smiling

Look at how stern and unsatisfied he looks mean while she assists in keeping smiling

Koreaboo has accrued reactions from Netizens who commented at thecommon article from our Korean source. The beneath comments are the preferred comments at the time of this article being published.

 My young children ㅠㅠㅠ god I hate sasaengsThey even acknowledged that they dont in point of factlove it when fans come and mob them at airports and still look at herWhat is she doing1 never ideaIdentity think the kind of bright smile would be chilling..That smile provides me goosebumps Source: Instiz

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MAMAMOO's firm takes drastic measures opposed to sasaeng fans

MAMAMOO's firm takes drastic measures opposed to sasaeng fans

MAMAMOO's agency, RBW, has had adequate as it has now stepped up on February four to firmly cope withenthusiasts who were too overenthusiastic about relaying their love for the girls.

The firm posted via its legit fan cafe, "We are giving you this realizebecause of disgraceful circumstances, so we ask for your understanding. Due to thethe new following of the individuals to their dorms, the agency, and during their personal schedules, in additiona difficulty alongside their comings and goings, there used to be a be aware more or less prohibitive regulations being put to put on February 1, yetregardless of that, we havecontinually run into problems, so we plan to take disciplinary measures opposed to the other people written under this notice."

Then, the agency released the IDs of the members they wanted to areaovertly and publicly below that message, pronouncing they would suffer instant punishment, adding permanent suspension from fan cafe activities, the permanent ceasing of activities at public broadcasts, and rejection from turning into a member of the fan club.

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Seeing the agency's company stance on this, netizens replied with, "MAMAMOO's agency handles things well," "MAMAMOO is over excited by sasaengs, too, I see," "A sasaeng fan isn't a fan," "We agree with in MAMAMOO's agency and leave it to them," and more.


Fans Accuse This Guy Of Being A Sasaeng Fan After A lot of  Pictures Of Him Pop Up Online

Fans Accuse This Guy Of Being A Sasaeng Fan After A lot of Pictures Of Him Pop Up Online

10kstocksShare on FacebookShare on Twitter A post about a middle-aged guy who is thought to be a sasaeng fan of many womanstaffparticipantsused to be posted online, sparking horror experiences as other fanatics recount seeing the fellowtime and again around their own favourite daughter groups.

Sasaeng fans continuouslydevotethe bulkin theirexistence to their favorite groups, following them to their schedules, waiting out of doors of their houses, and going to wonderful lengths just to get a glimpse of the members, and it willseem that this centerelderly human beingis not any exception.

The following text in crimson is an immediate translation of the post on Instiz

I dont understand how he discovered out where CLCs dorm is, yet he waited in front and when Yoojin got here out, he pretended that he bumped into her coincidentally and asked for a picture.. the lady looks terrified..

This isnt the sole incident, hes famous

He tailed EXID and asked for an imageeven if that he also stalks A Pink, Fiestar, and other girl groups

Netizens who saw this post spoke back with their own stories about the man, who is allegedly noted among Korean fans for being a sasaeng.

-He showed up at Eunbi and Rises funeral and they say he becamesoliciting forphotographs there toohe is inhuman.

 Im at SM COEX Artium and hes here..goosebumps

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BEASTs Yoseob Has<b>a kind </b>Request for Sasaeng Fans

BEASTs Yoseob Hasa kind Request for Sasaeng Fans

BEAST’s Yoseob Hasb a type /bRequest for Sasaeng Fans On August 7, BEAST with the exception of member Kikwang were visitors on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show.”

DJ Park Myung Soo opened up a discussion about saesang fans. Dongwoon commented, “I’m thankful for fans who come to schedules and take pictures whilst cheering us on. We don’tin reality havenumerous sasaeng fans who practice us privately.”

Yoseob cautiously added, “If I were to mention something to sasaengs, i might tell them that their own privacy is vital and recommend making their own lives more fabulous. Since their lives aretough too…” Yoseob’s comments about short of sasaengs to like their own liveshad been commended for being wise and type at the similar time.

Meanwhile, BEAST is selling their 8th mini-album “Ordinary” and receivingplenty of love for their songs “YeY” and “GottaGo to Work.”

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BEASTbRoutine /bVersion BReinforce the artist by purchasing BEASTRoutine Version B from YesAsia Related


13 extreme accounts of sasaeng fans

13 extreme accounts of sasaeng fans

There are fans who are forever supportive of their favorite idols, and then there are sasaeng fans, those crazed so-called fans who have caused their own fair share of troubles and difficulties. Here are 13 of the most extreme accounts of sasaeng fans and the ways in which they"ve terrorized K-pop idols. 

1) Yoochun

JYJ sasaeng fans are notorious for their extreme behavior to get closer to their idols. In one case involving member Yoochun, sasaeng fans threw all concerns of his privacy aside and installed CCTV cameras in his parking lot at home.

2) Junsu

Yoochun is definitely not the only JYJ member who experienced the overbearing surveillance of sasaeng fans. Photos of Junsu relaxing at a restaurant with hoards of sasaeng fans pressed up against the windows shocked K-pop fans, as these photos showed the extreme lengths to which sasaeng fans would go to see their idols even during their down time. 

3) Taecyeon

People send fan mail and gifts to their favorite idols and celebrities all the time. However, one sasaeng fan decided to take it one step further, sending 2PM"s Taecyeon a letter written in (gulp) her own menstrual blood and pubic hairs.

4) Heechul & Leeteuk

While sasaeng fans can definitely disrupt the lives of their favorite idols, sometimes they actually come very close to ending them. On their way to the airport, Super Junior"s Heechul and Leeteuk were involved in a 7-vehicle car accident when sasaeng fans pursued them in their own vehicle. Luckily no one was injured, although Heechul continued to use his social media platforms afterwards to express his trauma caused by the sasaeng fans. 

5) Seungri

Unfortunately for K-pop idols, accidents caused by attempting to make a quick getaway are not uncommon. Big Bang"s Seungri found himself in a 3-vehicle car accident in Shanghai after sasaeng fans who had rented a van to tail Seungri on the streets crashed into his bodyguards" vehicle. The bodyguards" vehicle then careened into the car that Seungri was riding, causing him minor injuries.

6) Big Bang

While sasaeng fans are notorious for following their idols in cars and taxis, Big Bang found themselves particularly compromised by sasaeng fans in vehicles in a vehicular standoff. While the members were in their van, sasaeng fans blocked the front, back, and sides of their van with their own respective vehicles. The Big Bang members were allowed to leave only after they took photos with the sasaeng fans.

7) Kim Yoo Jung

This actress was unfortunately faced with an absolutely creepy encounter of near kidnapping. When Kim Yoo Jung was in elementary school, a strange man claiming to be her relative said he was there to pick her up early. Luckily for her, a teacher recognized the dangerous situation, keeping Kim Yoo Jung safe from a potential kidnapper.

8) Baekhyun

Special occasions are meant for loved ones to celebrate a momentous occasion. However, that didn"t stop sasaeng fans from crashing EXO"s Baekyun"s brother"s wedding for a glimpse of the idol. Not only did they stand up on chairs to take videos of him during the ceremony but they also rushed forward during the cake cutting to get autographs and photos, disrupting what should have been a private, intimate celebration for family and friends.

9) Jessica

One day, upon her return back to her apartment, Jessica noticed a man following her after she got out of a taxi. When she tried to walk away using a faster pace, the strange man continued to follow her, speeding up as well. After she typed in the password to her apartment and safely entered, she could hear him trying to open the front door to get in after her.

10) F.t. iSLAND

While they are not the only idols whose residences have been broken into, F.T. Island were definitely faced with a nasty, unwanted surprise waiting for them back at home. Upon returning, the members found that their apartment had been broken into and ransacked as sasaeng fans had stolen personal belongings of the members. To make matters even worse (and disgusting), these sasaeng fans had left their feces on the apartment floor.

11) Jonghyun

A little after CNBLUEs debut, Jonghyun was practicing the guitar in his dorm room. His practicing was not going so well, and he expressed his frustration with his playing. However, he suddenly heard a giggling noise coming from behind his drawers. In his surprise and trepidation, he opened the door, exposing a sasaeng fan who had hidden herself there previously.

12) EXO

EXO is another group that is known to be an unfortunate target of crazed sasaeng fans. In one close incident that could have ended badly, sasaeng fans rented out a van that looked very similar to EXO"s van in order to pick them up. Luckily, their manager was able to stop the EXO members from entering the van in time.

13) D.O

A netizen posted a listing selling what was allegedly D.O"s underwear, which she claimed to have obtained personally from his dorm room. To prove the authenticity of the underwear, she claimed she could provide strands of his hair for a DNA test. She then claimed that she would go on to get Sehun"s next.

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Super Junior

Super Junior"s Henry asks sasaeng fans to let him sleep

Super Junior"s Henry asked sasaengfans to let him sleep.

On December 10, the idol star posted a few photos of himself in bed on Twitter with the simple message, "Goodnight. Sweet dreams." However, it seems some fans were determined to give him anything but a good night.

Some time later, he pleaded on Twitter, "T.T I want to sleep. T.T Please... It"s too much to keep calling since the break of dawn. That"s not love. I"m pleading with you, please."

Seeing his plea, followers on Twitter responded, "Gain strength. I hope you get a little sleep," "Henry"s having a hard time," "Turn the phone off for a few hours," and more.


Super Junior - Henry Pleads With Sasaeng Fans for Stopping Bothering him At Dawn

Super Junior - Henry Pleads With Sasaeng Fans for Stopping Bothering him At Dawn

Henry Pleads with Sasaeng Fans to Let Him Sleep and Stop Calling at Night

Recently, Super Junior-M member Henry has pleaded with his sasaeng fans for stopping bothering him in the middle of the night.

Early in the morning on December 10, Henry uploaded on his personal Twitter a series of photos of himself in bed with a message for fans that read, “Good night. Sweet dreams,” letting his followers know that he was ready for bed.


In response to his post, many fans tweeted “Good night” or “Sweet dreams.” However, it appears that other sasaeng fans were not so considerate and called Henry throughout the night.

Hours after his first post, Henry took to his Twitter once again to write another message: “ㅠㅠI want to sleep ㅠㅠPlease..,it’s too much that you keep calling at dawn. That isn’t love. I’m begging you, please ㅠㅠㅠㅠ.

Unfortunately, the issue of sasaeng fans has continued to remain a prevalent problem when it comes to celebrities’ private lives. Many stars are forced to endure the actions of those who intrude on their personal time and seek out not only their phone numbers but other private information, as well.


M.I.Bs Kangnam Expressed His Gratitude to sasaeng fans for their Overlove

M.I.Bs Kangnam Expressed His Gratitude to sasaeng fans for their Overlove

M.I.B’s Kangnam Thanks His Sasaeng Fans for Making Him Happy

Recently, fan has been bored to tears as their idol “M.I.B” member Kangnam expressed his great gratitude towards his sasaeng fans.

While most Korean idols shared their concern about obsessed fans, who always sticks them like a leech and sometimes caused damage to their personal life, the M.I.B member surprised fans with his opinion. The singer shared that the aggressive actions of fans have never made him upset.

This is my first break in a while,” the idol said while resting at home and eating snacks. “Fans gave to my house and handed me food like snacks and instant noodles,” he explained.

Other idols have a hard time because of sasaengs, but for the past three years, I had no fans following me home. I feel happy because of my fans, and I am grateful for that,” Kangnam said, explaining how much the recent increase in his popularity means to him.

Meanwhile, “I Live Alone” featuring Kangnam airs on Fridays on MBC.



Kangnam discovers another increase in his bank account + welcomes his new sasaeng fans

Kangnam discovers another increase in his bank account + welcomes his new sasaeng fans

Kangnam discovers another increase in his bank account + welcomes his new sasaeng fans

M.I.B"s Kangnam continues to interest people with his bank account. He first shockingly revealed on "Entertainment Relay" that he had only 3,422 won (~ $3 USD) in his bank account, but things started to improve as he later revealed he had 300,000 won (~ $280). The latest update shows that he is now doing even better! This comes as no surprise considering he is becoming one of the trendiest variety stars at the moment.

On MBC"s "I Live Alone" on October 31, Kangnam headed to the bank to create a bank book after receiving advice from his aunt, who said he needed to save money to get married.

At the bank, he discovered his new balance, which was a shocking 876,000 won (~ $830)! He stated happily, "That much money came in? What do I do?"

Bank employee Hang Song Yi advised him to deposit just a small amount, such as 100,000 won (~ $95 USD), but he decided to put in 500,000 won (~ $470 USD) instead, saying he would work diligently.

In addition, Kangnam seemed to have gotten more fans! As he got to rest for the first time in a while, he took it easy, snacking on gifts from fans. He said, "Fans came to my house to make sure I had food, giving me chips, ramen, and more. Other idols have a hard time because of sasaengs, but I had no fans who came to my house during the three years [since debut]. I"m happy and grateful because of my fans," suggesting that he didn"t mind the sasaeng fans who came looking for his house to give him food.


Block B Tells Their Sasaeng Fans Not to Disturb Their Private Life

Block B Tells Their Sasaeng Fans Not to Disturb Their Private Life

Block B Tells Their Sasaeng Fans to Stop Coming to Their Dorm

It seemed that life of Block B has been disturbed as the fans constantly harassed their private life in dormitory.

Recently, on the personal Twitter account, Block B’s leader Zico has tweeted that, “Visiting our dorm, it’s scary. Please stop immediately. Drawing our attention and being publicly warned, do you feel accomplished by that?”

Meanwhile, Park Kyung also expressed his tired through these words, “I don’t know how you figure out where we live but two weeks ago, we were surprised to see graffiti on our door… Now, when we try to rest, there are people who keep buzzing or ringing our bell and running away… Please, I’m asking you.”

Jaehyo had a softer respond to the sasaeng fans’ action, “I’m thankful that you love us but this is really scary.”

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