Sasaeng Fans Bother Wanna One again?

Sasaeng Fans Bother Wanna One again?

With Wanna One’s growing popularity, more and more sasaeng fans appear to be growing along with it. Now, these insane fans have bothered the boy group and the public yet again with their antics.

Neighbors who have been living in the same apartment building as Wanna One have been complaining about the sasaeng fans stalking their homes and begged them to stop. It has gotten so bad that the residents are now filing complaints.

A report was released on August 3rd stating a netizenclaiming to be a neighbor of Wanna One shared their concerns about sasaeng fans on an online community.

According to the neighbor, fans have been blocking the path to his home while his/her grandfather was visiting and trying to enter the apartment building right after a member of Wanna One entered. The grandfather got angry and told the sasaengfans to “get lost.”To this, the sasaeng fans fired back, breaking out into a scuffle.

Sometimes sasaeng fans would even ask the neighbors to deliver gifts to Wanna One. When declined the offer, sasaeng fans fired back with curse words. But this isn’t the only minor problem.

The user claimed he/she once found a sasaeng fan sleeping on the stairs. He/she asked,“What are you doing? Hurry and get out,”however, the sasaeng fan didn’t listen at all and simply ignored them. Furthermore, sasaeng fans also left trash and empty cup ramens. How do you feel about these ignorant fans? Share your comments down below.