Sandara Park Reacts To Her Old Filipino Movies

Sandara Park Reacts To Her Old Filipino Movies

Sandara Park shared her thoughts on the Filipino movies she worked on before she came back to Korea to become an idol.

In a recent episode of MBCs entertainment news program, Section TV, Sandara Park revealed that she thinks she looks young and cute in the Filipino movies she starred in before becoming a member of 2NE1.

At the time I was at the young and vibrant age of 20, and the roles I was given matched that character, so those roles really matched me well, so looking back at it now, I think I looked cute and fresh.

Sandara starred in 4 Filippino films since 2004.

Sandara starred in four Filipino movies: Because of You (2004), Can This Be Love (2005), D Lucky Ones (2006), and Super Noypi (2006). In 2007, she stopped working in Filipino films and returned to South Korea to sign with YG Entertainment before debuting in 2009 with 2NE1.

Her first Filipino movie, Because of You, won her a Best New Actress award at the 21st Philippine Movie Press Club Star Awards, while her second film, Can This Be Love made a gross profit of 100 million PHP ($2,012,611 USD).