Sana Revealed How She Felt Being A Member Of A Popular Girl Group TWICE

Sana Revealed How She Felt Being A Member Of A Popular Girl Group TWICE

TWICE is a popular girl group from JYP Entertainment. They receive much love from ONCEs with their success in music shows and album selling. Recently, Sana talked about how she felt being in a famous girl group.

Sana and Tzuyu were the guests on “Happy Together 3” aired on May 11. The two members were asked about their popularity. 2PM’s Junho who was also the guest commented that he felt the popularity of TWICE. He said that his cousin asked him to get TWICE’s ticket.

When Jun Hyun Moo asked about the pressure on winning #1 on music charts, Sana gave her answer. Sana feels the pressure prior to the comeback as everyone is looking forward to TWICE. Sana is afraid that the song might not live up the expectation, AllKpopreported.

Sana’s answer shows that it is not always easy being a member of a popular girl group. TWICE’s previous song “Knock Knock,” TWICE’s “Cheer Up” and “TT” also won many times on music shows. That is why this comeback gives pressures for the girls.

Getting an increase in popularity, the MC of “Happy Together 3” Park Myungsoo asked whether TWICE was the first money maker in JYP Entertainment or not. Junho answered that the first money maker in JYP Entertainment was still 2PM because they had many overseas concerts. Then the second one was Suzy. The third one was GOT7 and TWICE was the forth, AllKpopreported.

Even though TWICE is the forth money maker in JYP Entertainment, but this girl group is really successful because they are considered rookies among others in the top lists. TWICE plans to have their comeback on May 11. Their title track “Signal” receives much attention as people flood the comments on the teaser videos.

TWICE’s comeback will have an alien concept. In one of the teaser videos, there is a blue alien who plays with the rabbit. In another teaser video, the members are playing hide and seek and they got some power from the unknown signal. The MV of “Signal” will be out soon in a couple of days.

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