San E Asks 'What're You Doing' In New MV

San E Asks 'What're You Doing' In New MV

San E is back with another amazing track to wow his fans with! This time, San E paired up with the popular duo Bolbbalgan4 in order to create one heck of an attractive song. “What’re You Doing” has a chill vibe paired alongside a funky and lively instrumental that will hypnotize you with just one listen.

“What’re You Doing” has a cute charm as it talks about showing someone you’re attracted to your sweet interest for them. Similar to how the song is addictive, the song continues to describe how addicted you are to a person as you constantly message them with curiosity. Lyrics like, “I Sent You A Message Asking What Are You Doing?” and “Maybe Having Coffee or Soju?” easily portray the way we want to know every detail about a person’s life!

The song utilizes Katalk’s familiar message ringtone and graphics throughout the MV. Speaking of the MV, San E definitely took a carefree and laid-back approach in the production of this MV. The style is admirable as it has a quirky and imaginative design that is hilariously low-budget but helps the MV stand out. Check out the MV below and let us know your thoughts!

San E has been keeping busy and previously released his 3rd mini album ‘Season of Suffering,’ which had a more serious and darker tone. Now the rapper is matching the fun and bubbly concept of summer with his fun and free style in “What’re You Doing.” Which concept do you like best on San E? Let us know in the comments below!