Samuel Kim relays his feelings about the fans petition after failing to make the Top 11 on ‘Produce 101’

Samuel Kim relays his feelings about the fans petition after failing to make the Top 11 on ‘Produce 101’

Samuel Kim from the second season of ‘Produce 101’ was recently interviewed in which he expressed his feelings during and post-competition.

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Even after a week of finishing the show, fans are continuing their petition because Samuel Kim was not able to make the Top 11 that would ultimately lead to a debut as ‘Wanna One’. Amongst the trainees, he was one of the top prospects in making the cut but shocked the viewers when he failed to make the group.

Samuel Kim stated he heard about the petition, “I heard about it. I was thankful that fans were sincerely disappointed for me that I didn’t make the group. Every message and every letter really uplifts and strengthens me. But this isn’t the end but rather a start so please continue to support me and watch me grow”.

He also looked back at the experience during the show, “When I received a lower end of the grade in the ‘Get Ugly’ team, I was surprised, to be honest. But I looked back at what I could improve”. When asked if he would participate in another season if given a chance, he replied that it would be a good experience but would be difficult as trying to survive amongst many trainees is extremely hard. He continued, “Out of everyone, I only knew NU’EST so I thought it would be awkward but it was a new refreshing life and it was a good memory”.

Samuel Kim recalled his happiest moment during the show as well, “When I received an ‘A’ grade and was in second place amongst the 101 trainees, that was definitely my happiest moment. Before the competition, I thought I could come in first but when I arrived, there were many talented individuals that made me nervous. But coming in second despite all that is something that stays with me deeply. That’s when I thought hard work truly pays off”.

Samuel Kim is expected to make his solo debut in August with the help of Brave Entertainment.

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