Sam Okyere voices his outrage at recent SBS blackface controversy

Sam Okyere voices his outrage at recent SBS blackface controversy

Sam Okyere voices his disappointment and outrage on his Instagram after SBSs recent blackface controversy.

Sam Okyere, who is a Ghanian TV personality active in both Ghana and South Korea, took to social media to express his shocked feelings after the recent blackface scandal on SBS.

The highly offensive skit that appeared on SBSPeople Looking for a Laugh (during their Laughing Legend Match segment) and was has created an uproar and has international fans shocked and outraged at the distasteful content of the show. Sam Okyere has now joined the infuriated public in giving his own voice to the discourse.

Sam gave voice to his outrage about the scandal in an Instagram post he wrote in both English and Korean.

Black face in 2017. I just want to say this is NOT acceptable!!!!! We are not for comic purposes. This should stop now!!!!! Im highly disappointed. NO MORE BLACKFACE!!! Or any sort of discrimination against any group or race. All the prejudices, racial discrimination, colorism should stop with immediate effect. Lets stop this!!!! Tv 보면서 이런 장문 나오면 마음이 아프고 짜증나요. 앞으로 방송에서 이런 모습들 안나왔으면 좋겠습니다. 모든 인종에 대한 비하 없애야 한다!!!! 응원해주신 여러분 진심으로 감사합니다. 같이 할 수 있다!!! 감사합니다. 피부색은 다르지만 피의 색은 같습니다. 다 같이 화이팅!!!!

A post shared by 샘 오취리 Sam Okyere (@samokyere1) on Apr 23, 2017 at 9:02pm PDT

When Im watching TV and I see these types of scenes, it hurts. I really hope they dont show these types of scenes in the future. Every negative portrayal of other races should stop completely. For everyone supporting me, I thank you. We can do this together!!! Thank you.

Skin color might be different, but the color of our blood is the same. Everyone, we can do this together!!!!

SBS has since publicly apologized for the extremely offensive sketch and taken it offline. Despite this fact, some Korean comedians have felt the need to defend the, most would say, indefensible sketch from criticism. Naturally, much of the public, including Sam Okyere, remains outraged that blackface continues to be used and contentious in the year 2017 and criticism continues to flood in from all sides.