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2PM's Junho is totally in love in Korean edition of 'Fire' short MV

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2PM's Junho is totally in love in Korean edition of 'Fire' short MV

It"s time to squeal with excitement (or flinch in jealously gazing Junho with his on-screen girlfriend) once back as the Korean version of his "Fire" short MV is out!

The MV is equivalent to his eastern PV, where he"s in Hawaii taking phase in the day with his girlfriend, aside from now with Korean lyrics of course. yet would possibly as smartly watch the MV to look more of Junho, right? 

He"ll be selling this song in Korea too, and carry out on tune presentations as it's miles all a component of his domestic solo album coming up. How excited are you?

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"Twenty" Cast Kim Woo Bin, 2PM's Junho and Kang Ha Neul Receive Love-Call for "Running Man"

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Kim Woo Bin, 2PM′s Junho and Kang Ha Neul receive love-call for their appearance on Running Man.

The three actors from the film Twenty will appear on SBS′ Running Man ahead of the movie′s premiere.

One affiliate stated on March 6th, "They are currently positively tuning up schedules to appear on Running Man. The concept and other details have not been decided on yet."

Kim Woo Bin appeared on Running Man with Rain following the conclusion of his drama, The Heirs. He also came out on the variety show when his movie The Technicians was in theaters. Junho appeared on Running Man with Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo in 2013 for their movie Cold Eyes, while Kang Ha Neul showed his variety skills on Running Man in March of 2014.

With some of the hottest actors in their 20s meeting the Running Man members, anticipation is on the rise for their interaction.

The film Twenty is about a group of three friends who just turned 20. It premieres March 25.

2PM"s Junho and Qi Wei release MV for "Love Is Back" OST

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2PM"s Junho and Chinese talent Qi Wei released the MV for their duet song "You"re The Right One"! This is the ending song and part of the OST for Qi Wei"s Chinese drama, "Love Is Back."

The two took part in recording the OST separately in Seoul and Beijing due to their individual schedules. Qi Wei had shown concern about whether Junho would be able to well digest a song in Chinese, so she said in surprise when she first heard his recording, "Did he really sing this song?", complimenting him on his Chinese. She said, "He"s really good at Chinese. If I had known beforehand, I should"ve made the lyrics harder."

Check out the sweet and romantic love song above!

2PM's Junho asks Min Hyo Rin if she can 'Feel' his love in full PV, also featuring GOT7's JB and Jr.

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2PM's Junho asks Min Hyo Rin if she can 'Feel' his love in full PV, also featuring GOT7's JB and Jr.

Min Hyo Rin has proven herself to be a lucky girl indeed as she not only got a bed scene with Taeyang for "1AM" but got up close and personal with 2PM"s Junho for solo PV, "Feel"!

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In the full version, Junho sings and dances with his usual high level of energy and charisma, which would make fans wonder why Min Hyo Rin doesn"t succumb to his charms right away, rather choosing to play hard to get. It also features GOT7"s JB and Jr.!

Check out their great chemistry and his smooth moves in the full PV above!

Junho, Suzy, Gikwang, Eunji, K.Will & IU perform love songs on Music Bank

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Junho, Suzy, Gikwang, Eunji, K.WillIU perform love songs on Music Bank 2PM's Junho, miss A's Suzy, BEAST's Gikwang, A Pink's Eunji, K.Will and IU have a special collaboration on Music Bank.

Check out their sweet performance below

Junho’s self-composed song “This Is Love” ranks #1 on Japan’s ‘chaku uta’ chart

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Junho’s self-composed song “This Is Love” ranks #1 on Japan’s ‘chaku uta’ chart

2PM is continuing to demonstrate their high level of popularity in Japan!

The boys of 2PM are currently commanding attention in Japan through their Arena Tour. As if that wasnt enough, they have went on to come out on top of various rankings in Japan!

2PM will be releasing their 2nd Japanese album titled Legend of 2PM on February 13th, and ahead of the date, they pre-released This Is Love on the 4th as a chaku uta (mobile download), and the song ranked #1 on the chaku uta daily charts right away. The song is composed by Junho, making the #1 place even more meaningful.

Thats not all. Legend of 2PM was ranked as Oricons #1 Most Anticipated Album, further proving 2PMs popularity in Japan.

Congratulations to 2PM!

“Sad Love” of 2PM’s Junho is now hot online

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Sad Love of 2PMs Junho is now hot online Sad Love, composed by 2PMs Junho, is currently hot online.

Sad Love is a song composed by 2PMs Junho and written by Kim So Eun on MBC Musics reality show Written by the Woman and Composed by the Man. Its receiving wide attention as it was selected as a love theme song of Go Jun Young (played by Sung Yuri), the leading character of the drama series Feast of the Gods.

The sad melody and lyrics conveys sadness of love, and Lee Jungs restrained voice touches the viewers of the series.

Sad Love is in the upper ranks of such online charts as Bugs Music and Melon. Receiving comments that it perfectly conveys Junhos delicate emotion, the song is receiving wide attention online.

JYP Entertainment says, Sad Love is quite different from Give It To Me, Move On, composed by Junho before, in terms of style. It clearly conveys Junhos delicate emotion. Including the music fans, the viewers of the drama series will also be touched by the song. Please give the song your love and interest.

Sad Love can be downloaded from such online music websites as Bugs and Dosirak.

2PM’s Junho and Kim So Eun’s ‘Sad Love’ climbing the charts

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2PM’s Junho and Kim So Eun’s ‘Sad Love’ climbing the charts

2PMs Junho and actress Kim So Eun successfully completed their mission to make a drama OST.

The pair appeared on MBCs Music and Lyrics as a couple and were given the mission of making a song for MBCs Feast of the Gods.  Their song, Sad Love was released on various charts on the morning of April 8th and is slowly climbing up the charts.

Junho made the melody for the song and Kim So Eun wrote the lyrics.  Singer Lee Jung sang the song after Junho requested it of him.  The plan is to use the song as the theme for Kim Do Yoon (played by Lee Sang Woo) who cannot make up his mind regarding Go Joon Young (played by Sung Yuri).

The music director acknowledged Junhos music writing ability during the past broadcast of Music and Lyrics but Kim So Euns lyrics received harsh criticism.  Because of that, Kim So Eun looked back on her past diaries that she wrote in for 10 years and with a lot of hard work she made two sets of lyrics, a hard version, and a softer version.

Netizens who heard the song the couple wrote responded by saying, It seems the the softer version was the one they went with in the end, and I am curious if they will really use it in the drama.

Source: Sports Hankook via Naver

2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun’s “Sad Love” released

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2PM’s Junho and actress Kim So Eun’s “Sad Love” released

The song collaborationbetween 2PMs Junho and actress Kim So Eun has been released.

The track, titled Sad Love, features Junhos composition along with lyrics penned by Kim So Eun, and will be used in the OST for Feast of the Gods.

Junho posted on Twitter, My 3rd produced song SAD LOVE released now!! I hope you guys like it : ) as well as a message in Korean stating, The third track Ive produced Sad Love for Feast of the Gods has been released. ^^ Thank you to Lee Jung sunbae who sang it, youre the best~ ^^!! Kim So Eun, who wrote the lyrics, worked hard as well!

Take a listen to the track below:

Dongho Confirms Marriage; Says He’s Madly in Love

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Dongho Confirms Marriage; Says Hes Madly in Loveck525 October 26, 2015 0 LINE it!Dongho Confirms Marriage; Says Heand#8217;s Madly in Love Dongho has showedthe within track of his marriage.

Thought it can be a little early at the age of 22, he said, “I would like to go married soon since I’ve met the proper person.”

Though there’s just a month and a part left till the marriage, Dongho used to be still wary approximatelyspeaking about his bride so as to protect her privacy. Yet he didn’t hide his love, saying, “I have at all timessought after to get married quicker than later, and I actually love my bride.”

“My folks told me that it isn’t ideal to have reports after reports about my marriage blazing throughout the media, so I won’t be giving out much main pointsthru mere duvet reports,” Dongho stated in an interview with Day-to-day Sports. “I’ve been seeing my female friendfor roughly a year and a half. It’s true that we’re eitherlovely young. However, I’ve needed to marry early since I used to be young, and I’ve constantly brought it up too. Surprisingly, my girlfriend has been thinking the similar way as well.”

“During our relationship, I’ve discussed anewish to start married if things figure out between us. In all honesty, I’ve even thought about getting married earlier. However, my parents recommendedopposed to it. They wanted me to get to grasp her for a little longer, and now I believe nosotros are ready,” he said.

“Though some might think we haven’t dated long enough, we’ve already long pastviaso muchin combinationand featureready for at the existing time one-by-one. I feel our love is fairlyglaring if we’ve made up our minds marriage at the type of young age,” Dongho added.

The marriage could behung on November 28. Even though news of his marriage began surfacing closing week, it turned intotoughto be successful in Dongho, who has retired from superstarexistence and now not has a managing agency. Best a close friend of Dongho said, “We will be sending out the major points through a policy report.”

Later on, Dongho’s marriage planners sent a coverage record saying, “The bride and groom had beengetting ready their marriage for the beyond3 months. They've been getting ready the procedure one-by-one. More small print volition be publishedalong side the couple’s wedding photo shoot.”

Meanwhile, Dongho debuted as a member of U-KISS in 2008 and began an active occupation in both videosand diversity shows. However, because of privacy issues, he halted his media career in 2013.

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