Chang Kiha says,

Chang Kiha says, "Love tale with IU The entire lyrics are fictions"

Chang Kiha discussed more or less his girlfriend, singer actress IU.

His band, Kiha and Faces held a show off for their fourth normalsong album, 'There is not anyskilledto your own love' at Stradeum in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on June 15th.

During the showcase, Chang Kiha was once asked if the lyrics of the affection songs in the hot album are associated with his lover, IU.

He said, "All the lyrics are fictions. Since all of the 10 songs are about love, if I would say they are totally unrelated to my day-to-day life, then it is a lie. However, I used to be thinking how I will have to write to put across the more overallemotions of love than writing about my own experiences".

Chang Kiha explained why he sought afterto test out amongst love songs for the primary time. He said, "I used to think love songs are too cheesy. Yet onehave become to think that we'd existready sing love songs in our own way. So I made up our minds to concern dearest songs and this album is the outcome of the idea".

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Music & Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong’s Interaction of Love And Emotional Violence

Music & Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong’s Interaction of Love And Emotional Violence

20160423_seoulbeats_Jaejoong2Tune Lyrics: Kim Jaejoongs Interaction of Love And Emotional ViolenceWritten through Lo On April 25, 201620160423_seoulbeats_JaejoongIt has been just over a year since Kim Jaejoong entered the army for his national service, and I, like many other K-pop fans, am seriously lacking him. Of course, Kim Jaejoong isn't but any K-pop star; hes a musician with a punk streak that sticks outsome of the crowd of euro-pop and hip-hop thats been coming to dominate K-pop. In this circular of Music Lyrics, were having a look at Jaejoongs more non-public works, the songs he either wrote the lyrics for and conducted himself. And in the ones self-penned songs, a transparenttrend emerges an ever-present interplay of love and emotional violence.

The interplay of sex and violence is not anything new. Blending destruction and advent has a balance that has at all times spoken to the tortured souls of the world, yet Jaejoongs take is an atypical one. In Jaejoongs lyrics, this same interplay is present, but on a purely emotional, internalized level. In his world, love and pain can't exist without the other.

This mix of pain and enjoyment first wasobvious in All By myself from I. All Alone opens with I reside in the memories of when we used to love/ The dear pain also remains in the memories. Jaejoong is puttingequivalentworthat the heartache as on the nice times. The invaluable pain isnt just from missing his girl, either, implied by the lyric I attempt to accept out our love that have become a secret in my heart. This creates shiny imagery of Jaejoong wanting and failing to excise a poisonous relationship, and being not able to do so.

Jaejoongs apparent relish for emotional anguish used to be carried over onto WWW and expanded. Light, Butterfly, Rotten Love, 9 1#, and It's miles all have lyrics tying pain and love, althoughGentle and 9 1# are the maximum prominent examples. From Lighting fixtures opening lines, its clean that Jaejoong perspectives love thru a lenses of pain.

What’s the point of creating me yours by way of causing harm in me?

The unavoidable target of your arrow is coming correct at my heart.

What’s the point of making me yours through causing hurt in me?

Tears marks the start of love

The feeling of the coolest wind passing

It blows too much, making me unwell of it.

Jaejoong invokes the picture of Cupids bow and arrow, but instead of treating is as playful, emphasizes the violence of having shot throughout the heart. Pale paints love as anything unavoidable and gruesome, filled with anguish with little payoff. He overtly equates the beginning of a courting alongside tears, seeing distress in the happiest of times. He openly admits that after a relationship is going well, he gets sick of it; who prefer the power of anger and destruction to the peace of happiness.

20160423_seoulbeats_Jaejoong39 1#  also portrays love as a violent, brutal affair, althoughone who he brings upon himself. Here, he actively seeks to bring injury onto himself, inviting others to hurt him. He refers to his center equallysimpleto wreckearlier than admitting that hes attracted to darkness and dives in anyway. Jaejoong knows that this woman will consume him and tells her to do so, calling himself a pale, dried up sacrifice.

The lyric that very best portrays Jaejoongs violent love, though, is I did all of theloopy things which are unforgiveable when I promised destruction upon the god of love. This can also be interpreted as Jaejoong promising destruction in the call of the god of love. This a clear metaphor for emotionally volatile relationships, he does crazy, unforgivable things as an specific expression of love.

On his most contemporary album, No.X, Jaejoongs more masochistic inclinations mellowed out somewhat. However, that interplay of love and pain is still present, All That Glitters being a high example of this.

We are stuck in a hallucination

Whippings became lonely

This sour and bitter poison

20160423_seoulbeats_Jaejoong5Jaejoongs newest relationship has obviously soured, with his female friend leaving him after changing into trapped in an phantasm of happiness. However, they clearly werent satisfied before, either. For the whippings to change into lonely, they would have had to be suffering in combination long before she left Jaejoong choking on his own inner pain. He openly accuses her of emotional abuse, pronouncing you hurt me humorously before accusing her of icing him out before leaving as a punishment.

Yet whilst his more youthful self relished the emotional violence, this older Jaejoong seems to be accepting it, but now nottaking section in it. Hes bored with the consistent pain, and it in seek of something else. All That Glitters closes with I don’t wish to exist crazy for long, I wish to live a long life, appearing his preferenceto transport on from the carousel of misery hes been on.

That said, short ofto discover a new form of relationship doesnt mean he knows how find it, as shown in Breathing. Respiring is a surelystunning song, showing his favor to lean on his girl, as she has changed intothe middle piece of his life.  Here is a song about retaining hands and hugs for emotional support, but strains of the old Jaejoong still appear.

Scream without reservation

with the sound of the rough waves

Despite portraying a healthy, certain relationship in Breathing, Jaejoong still turns to violent imagery in an try to express how love makes him feel. His love isnt tough yet peaceful, its ocean waves, which may bebad and deadly if you're making a wrong move. Even in the most efficient of times, pain follows Jaejoongs love.

Jaejoongs lyrics display a constant intermingling of love and emotional pain. Now and again its anguish, typically violence, but in his brain and his words, the 2 are hardlya long way apart.

(Images via C-JeS Entertainment)


2PM's Junho is totally in love in Korean edition of 'Fire' short MV

2PM's Junho is totally in love in Korean edition of 'Fire' short MV


It"s time to squeal with excitement (or flinch in jealously gazing Junho with his on-screen girlfriend) once back as the Korean version of his "Fire" short MV is out!

The MV is equivalent to his eastern PV, where he"s in Hawaii taking phase in the day with his girlfriend, aside from now with Korean lyrics of course. yet would possibly as smartly watch the MV to look more of Junho, right? 

He"ll be selling this song in Korea too, and carry out on tune presentations as it's miles all a component of his domestic solo album coming up. How excited are you?

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Music & Lyrics: Is There a Line Between Love and Hate

Music & Lyrics: Is There a Line Between Love and Hate

20150508_seoulbeats_bts MusicLyrics: Is There a Line Between Love and Hate? Written by Morgan On June 10, 2015 We all probably know how volatile relationships are; no relationship is completely perfect – sort of like my relationship with K-pop. Yet, a majority of songs portray one side of a relationship: either I love you or I hate you. But, what about blending those two together? Many dramas use love-hate romances where characters tease, annoy and challenge one another to create an interesting dynamic between the two. So, is this a more realistic representation of romance?

Love and hate has become one of those perpetual titles for albums, used to make all the songs relevant or connected. Many of the songs are opposites to each other whether pertaining to budding relationships or break upsits love or hate. f(x) challenges this with “Love Hate” which pertains to a relationship at its beginning.

I hate you, I love you, my heart keeps changing

I love you, I hate you, the clock hand goes back and forth

Isn’t love and hate the same thing anyway?

Is it possible to love and hate someone at the same time and still have a romantic relationship? f(x) definitely portrays it as the same thing in this upbeat romantic release. As this song is set at the beginning of the relationship, the love and hate have more to do with confusion at whether to want someone romantically. This leaves the Facebook status of the relationship at its complicated. Though the dynamic between love and hate makes the person intriguing. The blend of the pulsing beat, techno backings and vocals make this song completely addictive from start to end, matching the songs message. Hate is a temporary aspect of the relationship in f(x)s Love Hate, something that enhances and also needs to be overcome to continue with it. The only question is do they overcome it or not?

2am’s “Love You, Hate You” off their first album, Saint oclock, is a surprisingly upbeat song far from the soulful ballads associated with the group. The majority of the song is rapping and the vocals use auto-tune which pushes the contrast further. The song speaks of someone whose relationship has become unsteady, but they are still in love the other person.

We’re attracted to each other because we’re opposite ends of magnets

But we’re still clumsy about understanding each other

Girl, at the smile you make like you’re sorry

Again, I decide to trust you “It’ll be different this time”

Love love love U but I hate U

Hate hate hate U but I love

Romance seems synonymous with understanding in this song; Even though someone does something they hate, it doesnt mean they hate your entire being. Instead it provides to be an obstacle, one that 2am will wither have to overcome or run away from. This leaves the status of the relationship is still up in the air.

In BTSs I Need U, despite the negative toll the relationship is taking on someone, they still are unable to let go; it is definitely twisted romance.

I’m sorry I hate you

I love you I hate you

Forgive me

The power is put into the girls hands with the boys proclaiming I need you, leaving her to make a final decision. They are holding onto hearing her decision, suspended with not knowing her answer. Its torturous and makes them hate the girl they love. So basically the moral of I Need U is to never fall in love, it is not worth it and you will most certainly die.

The presence of love and hate in a relationship seems to place it in limbo no matter if it is the start, end, or after it. BoA’s new self composed album, Kiss My Lips, has been the birthplace of many dynamic songs and “Love and Hate” serves as a simple acoustic ballad that laments the exclusiveness of the two extremes in a relationship that she ended.

I hate you as much as I loved you

It was a lie when I said it was okay

Telling myself that I knew

We were together but it didn’t feel like it

Pain is better than the deepened loneliness

If only we were honest with each other

The combination of love and hate in BoAs relationship is portrayed as incredibly one sided. It is clear that BoA is unable to let go of the love she had even though she hates the person she was in love with. While in the other two songs pertained to a relationship that was in limbo, BoA’s pertains to herself being left suspended instead.

The combination of love and hate in a relationship always seem to indicate that it is in limbo, whether it be at the start or at the end of one. While definitely a frustrating time, it proves to be a challenge that must be overcome for the relationship to continue. Though love and hate relationships may start off interesting as two people get to know each other, they ultimately lead to tension (and definitely not the good kind of tension either). There should be a warning on the box, love and hate relationships can lead to the end of a relationshipthis is definitely K-pop tested. Though, what suits someone in relationships definitely varies per person. So, what do you think? Is it possible to sustain a love-hate relationship? Know any songs that portray it positively?

(YouTube [1][2], Images via SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, Big Hit Entertainment)


"Twenty" Cast Kim Woo Bin, 2PM's Junho and Kang Ha Neul Receive Love-Call for "Running Man"

Kim Woo Bin, 2PM′s Junho and Kang Ha Neul receive love-call for their appearance on Running Man.

The three actors from the film Twenty will appear on SBS′ Running Man ahead of the movie′s premiere.

One affiliate stated on March 6th, "They are currently positively tuning up schedules to appear on Running Man. The concept and other details have not been decided on yet."

[Exclusive] ′Twenty′s Kim Woo Bin, 2PM Junho and Kang Ha Neul to Appear on ′Running Man′

Kim Woo Bin appeared on Running Man with Rain following the conclusion of his drama, The Heirs. He also came out on the variety show when his movie The Technicians was in theaters. Junho appeared on Running Man with Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo in 2013 for their movie Cold Eyes, while Kang Ha Neul showed his variety skills on Running Man in March of 2014.

With some of the hottest actors in their 20s meeting the Running Man members, anticipation is on the rise for their interaction.

The film Twenty is about a group of three friends who just turned 20. It premieres March 25.

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Super Juniors Kyuhyun Reveals Hand-written Lyrics from

Super Juniors Kyuhyun Reveals Hand-written Lyrics from "Hogu's Love" Soundtrack

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Lends His Charming Voice for “Hogu’s Love” OST

Super Junior's member Kyuhyun will once again melt listeners' hearts with his charming and smoothing voive in soundtrack of tvN's drama "Hogu's Love."

On March 5th, Kyuhyun’s fanpage ‘Secret’ unveiled the music sheet that the singer used during his recording for the OST song. The lyrics of the ballad track titled “Until I Reach Your Star” was shared online, receiving a positive response from fans anticipating its release.

The fans are already starting to express their excitement after seeing the lyrics of the song, which includes lines such as “Wait for me, until I find the path that leads me to you,” “Don’t forget, until I reach your star,” and many more lines romantic enough to melt any woman’s heart.

Meanwhile, Kyuhyun’s OST for “Hogu’s Love” is scheduled to be released on March 10, while the music video will be revealed on March 9.


Music & Lyrics: Infinite’s Tough Love

Music & Lyrics: Infinite’s Tough Love

20140722_seoulbeats_infinite MusicLyrics: Infinites Tough Love Written by Paloma On December 4, 2014 20140523_seoulbeats_infinite_season2_groupBack in the days when Infinite was starting to stand out among all the rookies and therefore starting to get all these ridiculous nicknames (because thats something that happens in Korea for some reason), there were a few that were quite famous and one that was pretty accurate: jipchak-dol or in other words, obsession-idols.

By that time, they were promoting Be Mine, but they had already released a couple of singles previously that sustained the nickname, namely BTD and Nothings Over.” BTD is the traditional dark song about not being able to let go, with lines such as:

I can’t let you go like this, its suffocating

Because you must love me

I’ll hold on tightly so you can’t leave

However, its actually Nothings Over that looks all preppy and cute if you just look at the MV that starts showing the creepy obsessive love thats going to become a constant in Infinites lyrics.

We can break up, yes that’s possible

But not like this (not like this) I can’t end it

You can’t meet another guy, you can’t already

It’s not over yet (not over yet)

Basically, all the songs by Infinite about obsessionand there are quite a few, as you can seecan be divided in these two groups: the ones about painful breakups, and the ones about literally not letting go.

20130718_seoulbeats_infiniteIts the second group thats more representative though. I consider myself an Infinite fan, and that doesnt stop me from shaking my head quite strongly when I read some of their lyricssure, they dont write most of them (and the ones the members wrote are actually fairly normal) and sure, they have lots of songs with non-problematic lyrics, but there is something wrong with the relationships portrayed in some of their songs.

Lets take a look, for example, at The Chaser, the title track of their 3rd EP Infinitize. The Chaser was actually really successful and helped them establish the fanbase that had been growing since Be Mine, and it talks, as the title hints, about a boy who after a breakup swears to follow the girl and get her back.

Don’t be sorry, you can abandon me spitefully and leave

If that’s what you want, yeah, good bye

But that doesn’t mean I have given up too

My love wins

As if I’m possessed, I chase after you, who is filled in my eyes

Somebody at Woollim Entertainment seems to think this is somehow romantic, because they had already used a similar formula in their previous single, Paradise, released right after Be Mine.

This place is a paradise only if you’re here

A paradise that has locked you in against your will

A sad paradise that you won’t go if you’re awake

A paradise that we can be together forever

Both these songs were actually written by the same person, Song Soo-yoon, Sweetunes main lyricist, but that does not mean hes at fault for this trend. Even after they decided to try other composers the theme was still there. In 2013 they released the first single that wasnt written by Sweetune in a long time, Destiny. Destiny did, again, portray a breakup and the obsession of the guy to win the girl back.

Don’t leave, don’t turn around, I can’t let you go like this

Even if you leave me like this, you can’t escape me

Cause you are my destiny

20140512_seoulbeats_infinite_lastromeo1Whether the company felt the obsessive love theme fit their concept, or they felt they had to live up to the obsession-idol title, we will never know, but we can find hints of it in other Infinite songs as wellsuch as Be Mine, Last Romeo or Inception.

And talking about unhealthy relationships, lets not forget Infinite released the problematic An Inconvenient Truth in 2013 with an equally painful to watch MV that we already covered here. Since we already talked about it at length, lets just remember some of the lyrics that made it worth talking about.

It’s way too short, what’s up with that skirt?

Why did you have to wear that on a windy day like today?

People are stealing glances at you, what’s wrong with you, it’s embarrassing

You think they’re looking because you’re pretty

Men are all wolves

You’re not even worried, you’re scoffing at me, making me into a narrow-minded man

Do you really not know?

But lets not be negative here, theres actually an easy way out of all this misrepresentations of what love should be: let the Infinite members write their own lyrics. Members Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun and Hoya have all tried, either writing full songs or rap parts, and it turned out to be quite ok. Woohyun wrote Beautiful for their mini-album New Challenge, which was actually quite lovely (cheesy, yeah, but whats new in pop) and Sunggyu wrote his solo Light for their second album. While none of those songs are going to become famous for their groundbreaking lyrics at least they were light-hearted and, well, not worse than your average K-pop lyrics definitely.

Member Dongwoo actually wrote the rap parts for Paradise, and lets say that it was not as conventional and even the members had a hard time trying to explain them (yes, we are talking about sex).

So Infinite, you dont have to be obsession-idols forever. Actually, heres my advice: if you want to stand out and have your own image, just let Dongwoo write all of your lyrics. I assure you, that will do.

(Lyrics via kpopquote and popgasa, images via Woollim Entertainment)



2PM"s Junho and Qi Wei release MV for "Love Is Back" OST


2PM"s Junho and Chinese talent Qi Wei released the MV for their duet song "You"re The Right One"! This is the ending song and part of the OST for Qi Wei"s Chinese drama, "Love Is Back."

The two took part in recording the OST separately in Seoul and Beijing due to their individual schedules. Qi Wei had shown concern about whether Junho would be able to well digest a song in Chinese, so she said in surprise when she first heard his recording, "Did he really sing this song?", complimenting him on his Chinese. She said, "He"s really good at Chinese. If I had known beforehand, I should"ve made the lyrics harder."

Check out the sweet and romantic love song above!


Ailee and 2LSON's English lyrics for 'I'm In Love'

Ailee and 2LSON's English lyrics for 'I'm In Love'

Ailee and 2LSON's English lyrics for 'I'm In Love'

Recently, Ailee and 2LSON released the music video of their own rendition of the 2011 song 'I'm in Love.'

For their international fans to be able to understand and appreciate more the song, it is translated for their benefit.

Here's the English lyrics:

I’m falling in love

Do you know?

I think of you every day

I want to be with you

From some point on

You became my everything

I can’t live a day without you

I know that nothing lasts forever

But I want to believe that this won’t change

If you like me, if you love me

Let me know, tell me please baby

I’ll only think of you

Oh I’ll tell you (love you)

My life has changed

Do you feel the same way?

Bye-Bye sadness, Hello my love

Stay by my side

It’s so amazing to be in love

It had already started

Love is not a coincidence

Love is fate

If you like me, if you love me

Let me know, tell me please baby

I’ll only think of you

Oh I’ll tell you (love you)

My life has changed

Do you feel the same way?

Bye-Bye sadness, Hello my love

Stay by my side

It’s so amazing to be in love

Oh baby, even if hardships come

I’ll always be by your side, believe

Swear you my love, love

Oh tell me (oh ye)

Love is the same

I will love inside of you

Bye-Bye sadness, Hello my love

I will always be there

It’s so amazing to be in love

Watch the MV below:

written by: [email protected]

SOURCE: popgasa


2PM's Junho asks Min Hyo Rin if she can 'Feel' his love in full PV, also featuring GOT7's JB and Jr.

2PM's Junho asks Min Hyo Rin if she can 'Feel' his love in full PV, also featuring GOT7's JB and Jr.

Min Hyo Rin has proven herself to be a lucky girl indeed as she not only got a bed scene with Taeyang for "1AM" but got up close and personal with 2PM"s Junho for solo PV, "Feel"!

SEE ALSO: [Single and MV Review] FIESTAR - "One More"

In the full version, Junho sings and dances with his usual high level of energy and charisma, which would make fans wonder why Min Hyo Rin doesn"t succumb to his charms right away, rather choosing to play hard to get. It also features GOT7"s JB and Jr.!

Check out their great chemistry and his smooth moves in the full PV above!