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Jung Joon Young Band gets inspiration from Jung Joon Young's father on 'Immortal Song'

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Jung Joon Young Band gets inspiration from Jung Joon Young's father on 'Immortal Song'

Jung Joon Young Band received inspiration from Jung Joon Young"s dad at the November 14 installment of "Immortal Song".

The band covered the vintage hit song "If I" through Ahn Chi Hwan, and Jung Joon Young blew all and sundry away with his charisma. Earlier than their performance, he said, "It"s a song that my dad sang so much when i used to be young." 

Their trustworthy functionality inspired everyone! It was once ALi (Highlight for Spoilers) who took the overall win in this episode.

Poll CNBLUE Voted most sensible Idol Band

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Poll CNBLUE Voted most sensible Idol Band

--> We featured some of K-Pop′s most up to date bands in our ballot remaining week, and we′re able to expose who got here out on top!

FT Island gave the glance to be in the lead when the poll first opened, yet CNBlUE controlled to surge forward to take the win with 58.2 % of votes.

FT Island performed in 2d position with 39.1 percent of votes.

Meanwhile, DAY6, Wonder women and N.Flying didn′t stand an opportunity opposed to the heavy hitters, amassing 1.6 percent, 0.9 percent and 0.2 percent of the remainder votes, respectively.

In this week′s poll, idol actors in internet dramas take middle stage, so forged your vote now!

Lee Sung Min Sings Duet With Wife Kim Sa Eun, Shindong Also plays at army Band Concert

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Lee Sung Min Sings Duet With Wife Kim Sa Eun, Shindong Also Performs at Armed forces Band Concert On November 6, the 17th department Military Band held their annual autumn concert, where Super Junior contributors Shindong, Lee Sung Min, and Lee Sung Min’s wife Kim Sa Eun performed.

Kim Sa Eun posted a photo of the program to her Instagram account on November 5. The program showed that the 3 of them were covered up to accomplish at the concert. Despite the truth that Shindong’s song can’t be observed in the photo, it sounds as if that the married couple conducted the duet “Something More” from the musical “Rudolf.”

Kim Sa Eun then posted a photo of herself with the Great Junior members to her Facebook on November 6, in addition more than one the opposite performers. In the caption, she wrote, “I’ve just get back from a friendly appearance at the concert hosted through the 17th Division Military Band. It used to be fantastic to peer your face back after so long. We were in a position to do a duet again for the primary time in a while, so i used to be happy! I became even happier that we were capable of carry out this type of meaningful song! ♥ all the performers did a super job~ Ten-hut!”

Their appearance in the footage has meaningful meaning, as these days Super Junior celebrates their 10th anniversary. Even if the 2 couldn’t celebrate at the aspect of their fellow members, it’s great to see them doing neatly in the army. Shindong enlisted on March 24 of this year, whilst Lee Sung Min followed in a while thereafter on March 31.

K-Pop Boy Band EXO Confirm 'Star Wars' Collaboration Music Video 'Lightsaber'

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(Photo : SM Entertainment )

(Photo : Star Wars Facebook ) May the force be with EXO as they work on a promotional music video for the upcoming new "Star Wars" film.

The SM Entertainment boy band has been confirmed to appear in the Star Wars: The Force Awakenscollaboration music video called "Lightsaber."

After a teaser photo was posted on the Star WarsKorean official Facebook pageTuesday, Nov. 3, K-pop fans surmised the lucky act involved with the popular movie franchise and onThursday, Nov. 5, it was officially confirmed by SM Entertainment.

EXO will release a new digital single titled "Lightsaber" in conjunction with South Korean promotions for the upcoming Disney blockbuster.

A short video teaser for "Lightsaber" was uploaded on SMTOWN"s official YouTubechannel, which shows member Kai showcasing his dance moves.

Star Wars: The Force Awakenswill premiere in Korea on Dec. 17.

EXO released their Japanese version of "Love Me Right" on Wednesday, Nov. 4.

Song Triplets blow their own horns Their Musical skill as an army Band

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Song Triplets Blow their own horns Their Musical Proficiency as a army Band The November 1 episode of “The go back of Superman” will feature the Song triplets who are recently in an air force camp for children. They're going to display a song performance, in which Daehan plays the chimes, Minguk plays the keyboard, and Manse plays the drums.

Manse seems to be especially talented. He turns out fairly at ease with the beats, unexpected his father, and plays passionately, encouraged through his father’s praises.

However, Minguk is perhaps the one that enjoys the music the most. He even encourages a member of the air force to play with him, placing a grin on everyone’s lips.

It is Daehan’s first time gambling the chimes, yet he alternatives up on how to play them very quickly. He even learns a 2nd software (a massive drum), stunning everyone.

Tune into “The Return of Superman” to peer for yourself the talented Song triplets on November 1 at 4:50 p.m. KST!

Meanwhile, catch up on the maximum recent episode below:

Poll Which Idol Band Makes you need to have to Rock Out?

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Poll Which Idol Band Makes you need to have to Rock Out?

--> Idol teams get many of the highlight in the sector of K-Pop, yet there are a couple of bands that experience controlled to thieve our attention over the years.

This week, we′re featuring a few fan favorites and some newcomers, so read on and don′t fail to remember to vote!

FT Island used to be one of the vital first idol bands of this generation to make a splash, and they′re still going sturdy now not most effective in Korea, but Asia at large.

Fronted through the eccentric lead vocalist Lee Hong Gi, the band is at all times pushing the envelope by way of their sound, having covered the entirety from pop-rock to rock ballads and difficult rock.

Housed beneath the similar firm as Toes Island, CNBLUE shot to popularity as the lovely boy band.

The boys aren′t just a number of fairly faces, however, having proved their skills as singer-songwriters since day one, with leader Jung Yong Hwa, in particular, writing and composing a majority of CNBLUE′s infinite hits.

N.Flying is FNC′s newest secret weapon, and after making its debut in Korea previous this year, the boys are back with a new track.

Lonely turned into released this month, and even supposing their seniors are hard acts to follow, we suspect the band will to find its position in no time.

Idol system JYP shocked us all when the agency debuted its first male band DAY6 in September.

DAY6 doesn′t fall in the back of the opposite bands available in the market in that the contributors write and compose their own songs.

JYP has also been strategic about proscribing their public appearances to live, intimate displays in indie-band havens like Hongdae and fairs to exhibit their are living functionality skills.

The Wonder Ladies reinvented itself as a band this year, and regardless of what skeptics have acknowledged about their merits as a band, there′s no denying the girls know the way to jam out.

Despite having picked up tools pretty overdue in the sport (with the exception of Ye Eun), the members proved they is also in a position to dangle their own opposed to other bands in the back of their keyboard, drums, bass and electric guitar. Wonder ladies proved you'll teach an old dog (relatively speaking, of course) new tricks.

Jung Joon Young Band to hang 1st solo concert since debut

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Jung Joon Young Band to hang 1st solo concert since debut

The Jung Joon Young Band are set to cling their first actual solo concert since their debut!

With Jung Joon Young on vocals, Jo Dae Min on guitar, Jung Suk Won on bass, and Lee Hyun Gyu on drums, the band could be bringing rock and acoustic to enthusiasts at a small theater setting. The band will be acting songs adding "Becoming Dust" from their full-length album.

Tickets for the year-end concert get started going on sale November 2!

Meet The Members Of M.A.P 6, 'Little Brother' Band To Girl's Day

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Meet The Members Of M.A.P 6, 'Little Brother' Band To Girl's Day

It"s time to meet the members of Girl"s Day"s little brother group M.A.P 6!

Last month, Dream Tea Entertainment revealedtheir plans for a new five-member boy group. M.A.P 6 spent their September traveling with Girl"s Day on their concert series in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, in order to gain more experience performing on stage before their official debut. Now, with November fast approaching fans have the opportunity to meet and learn about the members.

On October 14, Dream Tea uploaded an introduction video featuring the five boys of M.A.P 6. The group took a moment to explain the pronunciation of their name (which is "em-ae-pee 6" and not "map 6") before greeting the fans personally.

Leader Minhyuk was first. He informed fans that not only will he be a charismatic leader but also serves as the group"s rapper.

(Photo : YouTube) J.Jun, the subvocalist in charge of the group"s cool factor, was next. He explained his name to the fans as well, saying that he found the letter "J" to have a lot of strength behind it like in the name "Jake." Then added to his own name, "Jun" he became "J.Jun."

(Photo : YouTube) M.A.P 6"s main vocal Sign also explained the meaning behind his stage name. "Because I"d like to leave behind a nice trace (of myself) in everyone"s memory I chose the name Sign," he explained to the camera before asking cutely, "Will you remember my name?"

(Photo : YouTube) Dancer Sun teased the fans asking if they want to see some of his moves. For his name, is shared that he wants to give everyone a positive light and thus become "Bright sunlight Sun."

(Photo : YouTube) Youngest member J.Vin was the last to introduce himself. By taking the initials of his name he created the title "J.Vin." He tried to end his segment asking fans to look favorably on him, but the other members cut in and requested he act cutely for the camera since he is the youngest. J.Vin, adorably and embarrassingly, complied.

(Photo : YouTube) At the end, M.A.P 6 revealed the start of their M.A.P 6 Dream TVYouTube feature. Fans will have the opportunity to know the boys even better through the program starting on October 21. Until then, meet the members in the cute introduction video below:

Opinion: The Fetishization of the K-Pop Boy Band

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Opinion: The Fetishization of the K-Pop Boy Band Any K-pop fan’s instinctive reaction to the speculation of fetishization is that it's miles anything that other enthusiasts do, or that other teams indulge in. yet whatever staff you're a fan of, you'll bet there's a hater or an anti-fan somewhere who thinks your favourite community is morally corrupt fetishizers, whilst theirs is as natural as snow.

Fanwars will rage for goodbye as there is any such thing as K-pop, with dust being slung everywhere where at all hours of the day. GOT7 fans trolling WINNER enthusiasts and vice versa, Super Junior-heads bashing EXO-holics — at times it more or less feels the Net is made up practically entirely of K-pop boy band fans and anti-fans, with all parties accusing one another’s biases of cheap, fetish-ridden marketing stunts.

I’ll put my cards at the table. i'm a heterosexual male, a track fan, and a willing K-pop enthusiast. I attempt to remain as unbiased as imaginable about K-pop, in massive part because my paintings regularly comes to writing about it.

That said, I have personal tastes too. I am specifically fond of Rainbow and EXID, and even if much of this is down to their musical output, i might be a liar if I didn’t admit that I in finding sure participants of either groups incredibly attractive.

In the case of Rainbow, I will have to confess that the mere presence of Jisook, Woori, and Hyunyoung in the crowd has helped me take care of an passion in spite of several mediocre music releases.

Rainbow have indulged in some lovely serious, controversy-stirring frame fetishism in the past. The midriff-flashing “A” choreography even had to be banned back in the day, and the Rainbow Blaxx subunit also landed in hot water early final year.

And, as a fellow Soompi creator these days pointed out, many of us are repulsed by skill of perceived fetishism in EXID’s work. The “Up and Down” music video is going heavy on phallic imagery that I individually interpreted as a witty, tongue-in-cheek pastiche of classical Freudian psycho-theory. But obviously no longer every person agrees.

However, the “Up and Down” promotions also made use of costumes and choreography that undeniably advertise body fetishism, hence the life of that fancam video.

There will also be no query that Rainbow and EXID have both been (quite rightly) accused of freeing fetishized material.

These outfits/dance moves?

No, I won’t even check out to justify that. But nor will I fake that I didn’t revel in it. More on that later.

Girl groups (or rather, their entertainment agencies, designers, and choreographers) fetishize their output like there isn't any tomorrow, sending out a beautiful morally dubious message to their fans. Any individual with part a brain knows that. The point is — the boys are at it too.

I have now not come to these pages to throw rocks at K-pop boy bands, nor their fans. I very well enjoy the output of a complete host of Korean boy bands. For the maximum part, they dance well, they glance good, they make excellent music. But they also unlock numerous highly fetishized product, most commonly focused at feminine fans.

Korean ability agencies are in direct festival with each and every other — the line between giant monetary success, like SM, and abject economic failure, like Good Entertainment, is very thin. The power is directly to make organization A more horny than Group B, and here is what leads agencies to fetishize their acts.

Nowadays sensible looks and polished dancing abilities are just not enough. Korean corporations in all industries at all times speak about adding “+ alpha” to what they make, injecting some je ne sais quoi to make consumers make a selection what they make over what their opponents are placing out.

In the case of many boy bands, that “+ alpha” is in most cases fetishized sexuality.

Semantics Let’s get started with the expression “idol.” Probably the most basic notions of fetishism is the concept of worship, of idolizing, once you will. Idol stars are occasionally increased to supernatural, non-human prestige by their fans, hence the impossible to resist urge some fans have to only touch or grasp at members in their favorite boy bands.

Not pointing the finger at EXO fans, this is solely a noted example that springs to mind.

Some idol groups have names that reflect this idea — g.o.d, for example, Shinhwa (whose call method “myth” in Korean), and more recently, Legend.

Getting rid of the “Human” The trouble with raising stars to superhuman point is that, well, it does dehumanize them. up to you can love a K-pop star, it is vital to needless to say they are still just a person, made of flesh and blood like you or I. Sorry to damage it to you but there are not any deities running in the Korean pop industry.

Funnily enough, this works both ways. Back in the day, acts like 2PM brought about a stir when they were advertised as “beast” groups — in other words, groups which are unashamed of their sexuality, who full-on embody the assumption of being sexy.

Then there is BEAST — the name fairly much says it all.

The perception of a “beast,” however, could also be exceptionally fetishized when used in this way. It implies an individual with a non-human aspect, a dehumanized creature that's a slave to its own irrepressible lust.

Ever because the 1960s, when male singers began hip-thrusting, female fans were wasting their minds, and “beasts” have started pervading in global pop. you may think this form of thing absurd now, but girls used to scream themselves to unconsciousness staring at the likes of Jackie Wilson

…and Elvis Presley perform.

Listen to the crowds in these videos – they sound almost indistinguishable from K-pop boy band fans now.

Elvis and Jackie Wilson reworked their music into a highly sexualized, saleable product. They blazed down trails that K-pop boy bands are still following. What they made sold like hotcakes, and pa music has not looked back since.

Think your favorite act is off the hook because it portrays its members as angelic beings instead? Think again.

Boyfriend firstly went with a purer-than-pure symbol (which they later famously ditched — more on that here).

But it's profitable to argue that the “angelic” appearance is yet every other dehumanizing fetishizing try to painting an act as being beyond the human pale. Whether from a realm beneath or above, boy bands are hardly allowed to be portrayed as just undeniable old humans.

Homoerotic Imagery Suggestive imagery can be tricky. Possibly most noticeably, there is the homoeroticism typically often called “fan service” or “bromance.” Dive into it will of worms, if you must, for evidence of that.

Whether you're homosexual or straight, there is not anything empowering about K-pop homoerotic titillation. When it's being conducted for an audience, this is plain old fetishism.

This may smartly be perceived as a bit unsettling:

And it is actually only some notches down from this type of stunt:

You can read into the above what you will, but i think both are fairly gratuitous and fetishize homosexuality for the sake of a (largely) instantly audience.

Horror and Violence Horror, in line with the human nightmare, also is a commonplace theme for acts. But as the likes of analytical thinkers like Ernest Jones have established, nightmares are are related to suppressed, subconscious sexual instincts, which is why their contents have a tendency to be widely fetishized in recent culture.

The vampire idea is a fashionable one in K-pop, as it is in pop and videos from during the world.

In reality but no horror personality has been fetishized as much as the vampire. A nocturnal subhuman with an uncontrollable lust to prey on pretty young things by sucking blood out of their necks? You do not want to be a psychoanalyst to interpret that. Or this sort of thing:

And the link between sex and physical aggression is usual in the sector of science. Just how repeatedly have you observed a K-pop boy band act portrayed as a testosterone-fueled baseball bat wielding boulevard gang?

I love this song and I think B.A.P are one of the most efficient boy bands out there, but this video is an orgy of fetishized, context-free violence.

As is this “Crows Zero”-inspired music video:

Ageplay The ZE:A video brings us onto what I believe the most anxious K-pop boy band fetishization of all – faculty uniform.

Wearing uniforms, or costumes based totally on school uniform designs is so common, it is difficult to call to mind many groups that experience not seemed on level in schoolboy outfits at some point.

Portraying utterly grown men as underage boys is ageplay — a full-blown, pretty-much undisguised sexual fetish. In terms of acts that are in fact underage, the schoolboy theory is an even more gratuitous fetishization.

the base line As I stated at the beginning of this article, I'm truly not here to fireplace shots. Fetishism is not just a few kind of evil monster — thinking of it like this is barely over-simplification.

Fetishistic wants will probably be risk free in many cases, so long as you stay them in test and don’t let them rule your mind and actions.

I, for one, won’t pretend that i haven't enjoyed fetishized content produced by certain girl groups, especially EXID and Rainbow. And while you're a boy band fan, if you are truthful with yourself, you may come to the similar conclusion about your favorite acts.

However, when i truly forestall to take into accounts it, there is something quite sinister in the back of my delight in fetishized content. those groups of ladies didn't unexpectedly wake up one morning and say to every other, “Hey, let’s wear figure-hugging outfits and do quasi-strip dances for our next song!”

Nor did the boy bands who change into crotch-thrusting “beasts” one minute and sexless “angels” the next.

No, some skillability firm executive in an administrative center somewhere conceived this fetishistic notion and told them, “You’re wearing this. And you’ll dance like this.”

Even if the outcome looks sexy, the procedure that goes into making it is actually pretty dark and exploitative in many ways. Entertainment corporations now just scattergun sexual imagery out there, lacing it with non-contextual, fetishistic content, hoping that the public will have interaction with it.

Realistically there is zero likelihood that fetishization will ever be purged from K-pop. But it is value spotting that the those that conceive of K-pop fetishism are focused on some of your most simple (and basically subconscious) instincts in some moderately sneaky ways.

The handiest way to break out it is to turn your back on K-pop absolutely – and in fact all pop music anywhere. Sorry, but I am not ready to do that, and if you are reading this site, I doubt that you are either.

So in the meantime, let’s be more conscious and a little more wary of fetishization. And let’s not wag disapproving hands at the fetishism-laden performances of other groups when in fact the acts that you favor are probably doing much an analogous thing in a touch other form.

Remember what they say about folks who reside in glass houses.

timmydee is a music geek with a penchant for pop, an enthusiasm for electronica and a hankering for hip-hop.

*The perspectives expressed in this newsletter only reflect the ones of the writer and don't constitute Soompi as a whole.

Rock band Buzz says you're their 'Forever Love' in new MV

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Rock band Buzz says you're their 'Forever Love' in new MV

Your favourite rock-ballad band Buzz is back and higher than ever! Their latest MV "Forever Love" is a gorgeous and passionate song, and we"re loving it already.

The MV is filmed as though from a phone, about the dreariness of workplace life. That is, unless you've got some adorable workplace romance! It"s a song and MV many of us will most probably relate to.

Check it out above and enjoy!

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