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Who Wore It Better: Ryu Ji Hye vs. Yura

Who Wore It Better? Two pictures are currently circulating ... yura donned for Girl"s Day"s sexy "Something" promotions! This outfit is a leotard that gives a peek-a-boo look down the center of their torso through a sheer black fabric. Both girls got the look down pat - even with matching fishnet stockings! SEE ALSO: Girl"s Day to ditch the sexy concept for their comeback in June Whi

Girl’s Day’s Yura channels Elsa for SBS’s brand new variety program ‘Roommate’

Girl”s Day”s yura channeled Elsa from “Frozen” ... yura channeled Elsa from “Frozen” in the teaser video for new SBS show “Roommate“. Wearing a blonde wig and a similar outfit, she got to show off her love for the movie by playing as Elsa and lip-syncing to Idina Menzel“s “Let It Go.” 

Girls' Day's Yura transforms into Elsa for SBS' upcoming show 'Roommate' teaser video

Girl's Day's yura dressed up like Elsa of ... yura dressed up like Elsa of 'Frozen' on the teaser for the upcoming SBS variety show, 'Roommate.'On the video, Elsa wore similar outfit as Elsa's. She put a blonde wig on, and lip-synced to Idina Menzel's 'Let It Go.'On the last p

Girl’s Day’s Yura Shows Off Her Sketch of Elsa from “Frozen”

yura, member of girl group Girl’s Day, showed ... yura, member of girl group Girl’s Day, showed off her amazing artistic talent. On February 13, yura posted on her Twitter account, “I have been obsessed with ‘Frozen’ lately, so I tried drawing it.

Girl’s Day’s Yura shows off her drawing skills

Girl’s Day‘s yura recently revealed her ... yura recently revealed her sketch of Elsa from Disney movie ‘Frozen‘, surprising everyone. yura shared her drawing on Twitter with the message, “I’ve been so into ‘Frozen’ these days that I tried drawing it kkya♡ The songs are so good ㅜㅜ Right~~!? Ddok ddok ddok ddok ddok~~~ Do you want to build a snowmaaan?*.*” Different f

Girl's Day's Yura surprises fans with her drawing skill

Girl's Day's yura once again wowed fans with ... yura once again wowed fans with her amazing art skill.On February 13th, she uploaded 2 photos on her twitter and wrote,"These days I'm falling in love with Frozen so I draw this kkya♡ I really love the song ㅜㅜ you too right~~!? ttokttokttokttok~~~ Do you wanna build the snowmannnn? *.*"One of the

NU'EST's Minhyun gives Girl's Day's Yura a back hug

NU"EST"s Minhyun gave Girl"s Day"s yura a ... yura a back hug! The pair play best friend in the MBC Every1 sitcom "Reckless Family 3". Even though they"re friends, Minhyun used to run over anytime yura needed help. And this back hug seems to be the

NU’EST Minhyun Back Hugs Girl’s Day’s Yura for ‘Haphazard Family’

On February 4, MBC Every1’s Haphazard Family 3 released ... yura′s guy friend, who′s always at her side whenever she needs him. But the two will be developing romantic feelings for each other in the upcoming episode. At the filming site, Minhyun was seen holding yura’s hand and putting it into his pocke

Girl's Day's Yura reveals that their manager once fell asleep at the wheel

Girl"s Day appeared as guests on a recent episode of ... yura spoke up about an alarming incident that happened recently on the turnpike. She said, "Not too long ago, we finished our schedule and were riding along the turnpike at the break of dawn. I was really sleepy, but it felt like the car kept sto

Girls’ Day Yura reveals her manager almost caused a car-crash

Girls’ Day yura reveals her manager almost ... yura reveals her manager almost caused a car-crash Girl’s Day were guests on the January 27th episode of “Escaping Danger Number 1” and yura revealed a past episode on the topic of every day safety.She revealed

Yura Wears a Shockingly Revealing Outfit for Latest Girl's Day Teaser

While previously released solo teaser pictures for ... yura‘s newly released picture seems to outdo them all. Her teaser picture, which was posted today on the Group’s official Facebook page, has her wearing a black swimsuit-like outfit. In case you missed it, check out their music video teaser as well. All four tracks on their new mini album “Something&

Girl's Day's Yura teases with sexy teaser photo

Girl's Day releases the teaser photo of member yura. ... yura. yura leaves fans in awe with her sexy teaser photo, she showcases her curvy figure with her teaser picture. Fans commented,"yura is so sexy","Nosebleed" and etc. Meanwhile, Girl's Day will release their new

Girl's Day's Yura poses cutely in pajamas

Reckless Family 3 PD updated his Twitter with an ... yura. yura is seen posing at a filming set in the photo above. She's currently busy with the filming of Reckless Family 3. Besides showing the popular V sign, she garners much attention with her adorable

Girl’s Day’s Yura and Hyeri celebrate their 3rd anniversary

Girl’s Day’s yura and Hyeri ... yura and Hyeri celebrated their third debut anniversary with lovely photo. On November 5th, yura posted the above photo on Twitter and wrote, “Today is Hyeri and yura’s 3rd anniversary. Thank you for your celebra

Girl’s Day Yura ‘Rawr’ Selca for Korean Thanksgiving

Girl's Day, yura Girl’s Day yura ... yura and Hyeri celebrated their third debut anniversary with lovely photo. On November 5th, yura posted the above photo on Twitter and wrote, “Today is Hyeri and yura’s 3rd anniversary. Thank you for your celebra

Girl's Day's Agency Explains Photograph of Yura Giving miss A's Suzy a "Mean Look"

A capture of Girl’s Day‘s yura ... yura giving miss A‘s Suzy a not-so-friendly look has made its rounds on the internet.  The pictures of yura looking at Suzy were taking by a fan during the filming of MBC‘s “2013 Idol Athletic Championships.” The pictures were shared under

Girl's Day Yura Gives Herself a Big Kiss

Girl’s Day‘s sexy yura paid herself ... yura paid herself a special tribute by giving her own poster a big kiss. yura posted a picture on Twitter of herself approaching a poster. It is a larger than life poster of herself, looking fresh and innocent with big, wide eyes. Fans can easily guess that it

Girl's Day's Yura and Lee Hyun Jae Filmed Their Kiss Scene Over 20 Times

Girl’s Day‘s yura has recently ... yura has recently filmed her first ever kiss scene. yura shared a kiss with singer/actor Lee Hyun Jae for the “Reckless Family Season 3” filming. Lee Hyun Jae is currently a drummer of the band E.D.E.N and some readers may

'Love and War 2' makes Girl's Day Yura Wear a Wedding Dress

Girl’s Day‘s yura has recently ... yura Do I hear some wedding bells? Fans of Girl's Day yura will be excited for her latest project, she uploaded a photo of her wearing a wedding dress. yura recently tweeted, "Wow. . . I bec

ZE:A’s Junyoung to pair up with Yura in ‘Love and War 2’

ZE:A’s Junyoung has been revealed to be Girl’s ... yura’s mystery partner on the third episode of the KBS2’s ‘Love and War 2’! According to a show’s representative, ZE:A’s Junyoung will pair up with yura as the main couple in a special episode of ‘Love and War 2’. The two idol stars will turn into a young couple and will shoot