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ZE:A Dongjun Plays Main Character + Sings OST For Drama To Benefit Disabled People

Group ZE:A"s member Dongjun not only played the ... the main character for the disability benefit drama "Going Up the Sky Wall" but also will be singing the theme song, doing his best for the charity. (Photo : samsung) Group ZE:A"s member Dongj

Hyun Bin Shows Off His Good Looks In 'W Korea' Magazine

(Photo : w korea) (Photo : w korea) ... korea) (Photo : w korea) (Photo : w korea) (Photo : w korea) Girls will surely swoon on the latest BTS photos of Hyun Bin and now he already shared some of it through "W korea" pictorial and fans will definitely wants to get a hold of this copy specially those collectors.the

Park Se Young Still Cuts For Upcoming Drama 'Good Day'

Park Se Young showed her acting skills on the ... the upcoming SBS weekend drama "Good Day".Park Se Young portrays the role of Jung Da Jung who takes pride of her contractual job as a school nutritionist and has the "positivity virus". In the still cuts she is seen act

The Current Crop of K-Dramas Are Aberrations - Why K-Drama Is Building On A Bubble

What the korean media calls "Genre ... the korean media calls "Genre dramas" are those dramas that are not based on romance - horror, action, mystery, and the like. K-dramas are popular both nationally and internationally for their romantic comedies and stories about complicated love lines. OHKP

Chairman of the Korea Rescue Alliance reveal Hong Ga Hye backed away when he tried to approach her

Hong Ga Hye had disappeared after she pretended to ... the korean media calls "Genre dramas" are those dramas that are not based on romance - horror, action, mystery, and the like. K-dramas are popular both nationally and internationally for their romantic comedies and stories about complicated love lines. OHKP

Why Drama ‘Secret Love Affair’ Is Popular

  Kang Joon Hyung, played by Park Hyuk Kwon, broke ... the cameras installed in various spaces in the auditorium, but could not find them. His eyes shook and his legs lost strength. the only thing he could do was to shout, "Please go." "Is she dating someone?" Oh Hye Won"s boss Han Sung Sook, played by Shim Hye Jin

Sung Joon is motivated to pursue acting by his embarrassing debut drama

Actor Sung Joon had his photo shoot and interview ... the May issue of fashion magazine 'InStyle.' During his interview, he was asked on what he did after 'I Need Romance 3' ended. He said, "After the wrap up of 'I Need Romance 3,' I bought a bicycle, and I used that as my vehicle in going to my management agency office in Apgujeong-dong from my house in Yangjae-dong for one month." He was also asked on what made him pursue his acting

Kang Ji Hwan is a poor orphan in new KBS drama 'Big Man'

Kang Ji Hwan is back with his upcoming KBS drama, ... drama, 'Big Man.'On the said drama, Kang Ji Hwan will play a role of a broke orphan named Kim Ji-hyuk. His life was changed when he learned that he is a chaebol (a South korean form of business conglomerate) heir. Unfortunately, those were just lies that mad

Shinhwa's Eric casted in new drama, 'Trot lover'

Recently, it has been reported that Shinhwa's Eric ... drama, 'Trot Lover'. On April 19th, a representative of Shinhwa's agency said, "It is true that Eric received the script and offer from drama 'Trot Lover.' However, nothing has been decided yet." If Eric agrees to appear in 'Trot Lover,' he is

Readers Vote ′Three Days′ Current Favorite Drama

Last week, we asked you which current drama ... drama has you glued to the TV screen, and the results are in! the Park Yoo Chun-led action thriller Three Days finished in first place with a whopping 83.3 percent of votes, while Ku Hye Sun

'Very Good Days' drops in ratings despite being the only drama to air on Saturday

KBS 2TV"s "Very Good Days" was the only drama ... the only drama to air on Saturday. However, understandably in light of the Sewol ferry incident, the drama dropped 4.7% in terms of ratings, down to 19.4% from 24.1% last week. Durin

Lady Gaga & Psy to join 2NE1 & Big Bang at South Korea Festival!

Lady Gaga and Psy will be joining 2NE1 and Big Bang ... korea. the South korea Festival will be held at Seoul's Olympic stadium from August 15 to 16, 2014. This event will feature the big names in K-Pop and their ironic anticipat

Korea’s Favorite Actor Ryu Seung Ryong Poses For A Funny Yet Charismatic Pictorial in “First Look”

Everybody’s favorite actor Ryu Seung Ryong recently ... the release of his new movie “the Target.” Through this pictorial, the actor showed various comical as well as his well-known charismatic expressions. Netizens and fans who saw the pictures commented, “This is so Ryu Seung Ryong. Dirty bu

Shinhwa’s Eric to Make Comeback in “Trot Lovers” Drama?

Shinhwa member and actor Eric may be returning to ... the small screen! Eric recently received an offer to appear in KBS 2TV drama, “Trot Lovers” which is scheduled to air sometime in June following “Big Man.” He is currently reviewing the role and

Hyun Bin makes a 'grand return' to 'W Korea' magazine with his striking good looks

We were teased with BTS photos of Hyun Bin"s latest ... korea" pictorial that fans will surely want to add to their collection. SEE ALSO: Hyun Bin becomes prince charming at a beach for a photoshoot + BTS photos from "the King"s Wrath" t

BoA Missed Late Night Chicken and Beer the Most About Korea

Having promoted overseas for a long time, BoA revealed ... the things she missed the most about her home country when she was away.BoA, who is about to release her first Hollywood film Make Your Move, recently met with Newsen for an interview.During interview, BoA was asked, “You’ve worked ov

Shinhwa's Eric looking over casting offer for upcoming KBS 2TV drama 'Trot Lovers'

Shinhwa"s Eric is reportedly in talks to make his ... the small screen in three years on upcoming KBS 2TV Mon-Tues drama "Trot Lovers"! Nothing has been decided yet, but it has been confirmed that Eric has received a casting offer for the male lead role and is looking over it. If he does decide to take on this role, this will mark his

Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and more celebrities ask to pray for South Korea

Through SNS, celebrities are sharing their ... their hopes and thoughts on the tragic ferry accident that is shaking the nation of South korea. Yesterday, a few celebrities like G-Dragon and Hyorin were revealed to have taken to Twitter to express their condolences and hopes for a miracle. Even today, more and more celebriti

‘Big Man’ Kang Ji Hwan, “Interesting Drama, My Ideal Character”

  the new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama ... the new KBS 2 TV Monday Tuesday drama "Big Man" Kang Ji Hwan said on the drama, "the drama is very attractive. the character I am playing is a character any actor would dream to play." Ac

TVXQ Changmin's 'Mimi' Drama To Release In 30 Japanese Theaters This May

TVXQ Changmin, who played the lead role in ... the lead role in the drama, "Mimi," will be releasing in 30 theaters around Japan. On April 18, local Japan media stated that this drama, which aired in korea this past February and March for a total of 4 episodes, would be edited and revised to release as a movie in Japan. It will play in Japan on