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Comedian Kwak Han Goo reveals a beautiful wedding pictorial with his lovely bride

Comedian Kwak Han Goo will soon become a husband with ... the new hall in the KBS Building in Yeoido on April 26. His friends say his fiancee, who is three years younger, is both very considerate and lovely in appearance. the two met at a car club and dated for two years before de

Seo Kang Jun confirmed as the upcoming movie‘My Love, My Bride’ male lead

5urprise”s Seo Kang Jun will make his big screen ... the upcoming movie “My Love, My bride”!  the actor”s agency Fantagio confirmed his casting in the film on April 16. Seo Kang Jun will play the role of a flower

After School’s Jooyeon transforms into a beautiful bride for drama “A New Leaf”

Jooyeon from girl group After School transformed into ... bride for upcoming MBC‘s Wednesday – Thursday drama ”A New Leaf“!In this drama, Jooyeon portrays Mi Ri, who is the best friend of Ji Yoon (played by Park Min Young). Ji Yoon and Suk Joo (played Kim Myung Min) meet each o

G.NA Is a Lovable Bride in “Pretty Lingerie” Teaser Images

G.NA has released a new set of teaser images ... of teaser images for her upcoming single, “Pretty Lingerie.” G.NA continues the theme of white from her previous teaser to this new set. However, this time G.NA goe

Seo Kang Jun Cast in ‘My Love My Bride’ with Shin Mina

Taking over one genre of entertainment at a ... of entertainment at a time, Seo Kang Jun has been cast in the new movie My Love My bride. Seo Kang Jun was cast in My Love My bride with Shin Mina. He will play Junsu,

FT Island's Lee Hongki & Yang Jin Seok give message as 'Bride of the Century' ends

the two stars from the recently ... the two stars from the recently ended drama 'bride of the Century' gave their message.FT Island's Lee Hongki said, "I'd like to give my deepest apology for the shooting delay due to my injury. T

Rainbow’s Woori turns into a beautiful bride for ‘Good Day’

Rainbow”s Woori donned a wedding dress for the ... the first time for the upcoming SBS weekend drama “Good Day”!She looked flawless and radiant in a wedding dress with flower accents and beading that matched her bouquet, which was balanced out by a simple tulle train. Woori plays the role of Han

Actor Oh Ji Ho Reveals Bride-To-Be’s Face in Romantic Wedding Photos

the day before the official ... the day before the official day of their wedding, actor Oh Ji Ho and his fiancée have decided to release their wedding photos! On April 11, Oh Ji Ho’s agency “Heavenly Stars Contents” released the wedding photos with the statement, “Please congratulate Oh Ji Ho on his wedding.

Oh Ji Ho Unveils Beautiful Wedding Photos with His Bride

Preparing for his upcoming wedding, Oh Ji Ho ... eparing for his upcoming wedding, Oh Ji Ho unveiled some photos from the wedding shoot with his wife-to-be. On April 11, Oh Ji Ho’s agency, Heavenly Star Contents released a few shots from Oh Ji Ho’s wedding shoot, asking for the public to send their blessings to the actor as he begins a new chapter in his life.

Rainbow's Woori Looks Stunning As A Bride For 'Good Day'

Rainbow"s Woori looks stunning in her wedding dress ... the upcoming SBS weekend drama "Good Day"!Woori displayed how flawless and radiant she was while wearing her wedding dress with flower accents and as well as beading that really matches her bouquet; simple yet elegant. Woori portray the role of Han Da In - a

“Bride of the Century” Lee Hong Ki is the most favorite Korean actor in China now!

 Lee Hong Ki, who is currently starring in drama “bride ... bride of the Century“, has recently named as the most favorite Korean actor in China.A news medium of Weibo, Weishin, conducted a survey titled ”Who do you want to come to China and have fan meetings in 2014?” starting from March 24 of 2014.the result was revealed on April 1st, in whi

“Bride of the Century” takes over “Empress Ki” in China?

the Korean drama “bride of ... the Korean drama “bride of the Century” is currently a trending topic in China.This week, this drama ranked #1 on China’s Korean drama charts, beating up other hit drama such as “Empress Ki,” and “the Heirs“

FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki's 'Bride Of The Century' Drama Tops China QQ.Com 'Korean Drama Chart'

FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki"s role in the ... the drama, "bride of the Century," has been gaining much attention in China. Chinese site revealed today that "bride of the Century" had topped the "Korean Drama Charts".  This chart ranks dramas based on v

Lee Hong Gi’s ‘Bride of the Century’ Carries on K-Drama Wave in China

FT Island member Lee Hong Gi’s TV Chosun ... sun drama bride of the Century has been gathering heated response in China. According to one of China’s biggest portal site, bride of

Lee Hongki sings OST for his drama '100 Years Bride'

Lee Hongki sings the part 4 of his ... the part 4 of his drama's "100 Years bride" OST.the title of the song is "Words I Couldn't Say Yet" which is also sung by AOA's Choa. the ator

Hongki sings ‘Words I Have Yet To Say’ for his starring drama ‘Bride of the Century’

F.T. Island“s Hongki is not only actor in the ... the drama “bride of the Century“, he”s also singing for the OST wtih “Words I Have Yet To Say“. This song is actually the male version of the song sung by AOA”s ChoA previously and with Hongki”s vocals, it turns into a different vibe. Give it a listen through the clip

Yoo Ha-joon cast for "My Love, My Bride - 2014" with Sin Min-ah

Yoo Ha-joon is starring in the movie "My ... the movie "My Love, My bride - 2014". "My Love, My bride - 2014" starring Jo Jeong-seok and Sin Min-ah is a remake of the 1990 film by Lee Myeong-se starring Park Joong-hoon and Choi Jin-sil. It is about a modern-day ma

AOA’s ChoA sings the OST track for drama “Bride of the Century”

AOA‘s ChoA has lent her voice in the song ... the song “Words I Have Yet to Say” for the OST (part 3) of ”bride of the Century“, showing her support to label-mate Hongki who is starring in the drama.This new release is actually OHKPO

Jo Jeong Suk to pair up with Shin Min Ah in a movie remake of “My Love, My Bride”

Jo Jeong Suk and Shin Min Ah have been cast as the ... the leads in the new 2014 movie “My Love, My bride.”This movie is actually a remake of the 1990 film starring Park Joong Hoon and Choi Jin Sil.“My Love, My bride” is about a hap

Shin Min Ah transforms into a beautiful bride for “Stonehenge”

Actress Shin Min Ah recently starred in the ... the new new advertisement for jewelry band “Stonehenge“.In the newly released photo, Shin Min Ah transformed into a beautiful bride in her wedding day. She caught all eyes with her happy smi