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20-Something Male Actors + Older Female Actresses = Boys into Men?

This is how boys became men. With their baby face ... kpopmale actors are partnering up with actresses who are significantly older and displaying romance that is more intense than anything we’ve imagined. Their sometimes innocent and sometimes reckless ways of expressing love

Some K-Pop male idols show grief and support for the sunken Sewol ship

The photo above that was provided by the Korea Coast ... kpopmale K-Pop idols used their social media account to express their grief and support for the sunken Sewol ship. Here are some: Big Bang's G-Dragon #PRAYFORSOUTHKOREA— G-DRAGON (@IBGDRGN)

Seo Kang Jun confirmed as the upcoming movie‘My Love, My Bride’ male lead

5urprise”s Seo Kang Jun will make his big screen ... 5urprise”s Seo Kang Jun will make his big screen debut in the upcoming movie “My Love, My Bride”!  The actor”s agency Fantagio confirmed his casting in the film on April 16. Seo Kang Jun will play the role of a flower boy (“king car”) teacher Jun Su who is Mi Young”s (Shin Min Ah) art academy hoobae

Seo In Guk to become male lead for new drama “High School King”

Seo In Guk had a busy year and he has already chosen ... Seo In Guk had a busy year and he has already chosen his next project, a noona romance about a high school student pretending to be an executive.In the past year he played the second lead, head security agent Kang Woo in the popular drama “The Master”s Sun

Upcoming drama ‘Triangle’ reveals new still cuts of male lead Jaejoong

Who else is excited for the upcoming MBC drama “Triangle,” ... Who else is excited for the upcoming MBC drama “Triangle,” starring three good-looking studs Lee Bum Soo, Jaejoong, and Siwan? To further amp up excitement, the drama released some sexy still cuts of Jaejoong, who transformed into a motorcycle-riding tough boy as the second brother

Kikwang to appear on “Witch Hunt” as the first male idol

B2ST”s Kikwang will be making an appearance on fun ... kpopmale idol!Broadcasting reps revealed on April 14 that he was taking part in the show from the first part “Turn on the Green Light” corner to the second part with feOHkpopmale panelists, “Turn Off The Green light.” The reps said that the filming took place in the JTBC building where he did not refrain from giving ho

What A Drinking Party That Consists of Korea’s Top Male Stars Looks Like

Korea’s top actors Hyun Bin, Jang Dong Gun, Park ... kpopmale actors who are quite hard to find other than in movies and dramas

Ki Kwang to be the first male idol to appear on jTBC's 'Witch Hunt'

According to official broadcasters, Ki Kwang participated ... kpopmale, so Ki Kwang has attracted much attention as the first OHkpopmale idol to be on this 19+ rating talk show. Since he already has much experience as an MC, he is expected to smoothly conduct the show together with Shin Dong Yup, Sung Si Kyung and Heo Ji Woong

“Kwon Bob” finds it hard to cast the male lead!

 The complicated casting history of the film “Kwon ...  The complicated casting history of the film “Kwon Bob” does not bode well forits future. The film has been in production for several years and so far, Jo In Sung, Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Soo Hyun have all been in the running for leading roles

Movie “Kwon Bob” changes the male lead once again

 The sci fi movie “Kwon Bob” of the director Park ...  The sci fi movie “Kwon Bob” of the director Park Kwang Hun of “Welcome To Dong Mak Gol” is yielding a lot of controversies even before the production team started filming the movie. A few years ago, actor Jo In Sung was casted as the main character for the movie, and has been waiting to film it, letting go of the offers to film other movies

BEAST’s Lee Kikwang Becomes First Male Idol to Appear on “Witch Hunt”

Lee Kikwang of OHkpopmale group BEAST will ... kpopmale group BEAST will appear on the witty and naughty talk show “Witch Hunt” as a special guest. According to sources in the entertainment industry, the idol participated in filming the episode on April 14. While many feOH

B2ST Lee Gi Kwang to Be First Male Idol Group Member to Appear on ‘Witch Hunt’

Ready to talk dirty, B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang will be ... kpopmale idol group member to appear as a guest on Witch Hunt. Other idol group guests included Rainbow’s Jae Kyung, Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain and Narsha, Dal Shabet’s Subin, After S

6 Male K-Pop Stars Who Love Getting Drunk

Big Bang rapper T.O.P is known to be a tank when it ... Big Bang rapper T.O.P is known to be a tank when it comes to drinking alcohol! During a TV program it was revealed that the star can drink up to seven bottles of soju! SHINee members are concerned about Onew"s drinking habits-mainly because he does it alone

‘K-Pop Star 3’ Final Showdown Sam Kim Vs Bernard Park - First Season To Feature Male Vs Male Battle

SBS entertainment program "K-Pop Star 3" finale will ... kpopmale to OHkpopmale showdown between Sam Kim and Bernard Park. Kwon Jin A got eliminated in the last round, and has left Sam Kim and Bernard Park to go up against each other in the live broadcast on the 20th. They"ll be battling each other to determine the final winner. Both contestants

Male Duo 2BiC Tries “Plastic Surgery” for Fourth Teaser for “Love Game”

There aren’t many days left before 2BiC releases ... There aren’t many days left before 2BiC releases its second mini album “Soulmate.” On April 8, the group dropped the fourth video teaser for title track “Love Game.” Just like the other teasers, this one is slightly comedic and a little outside of the norm

Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon Reported To Seoul Police For Allegedly Assaulting Male Friend: Rep Calls Incident 'Misunderstanding'

(Photo : courtesy of SM Entertainment) A OHkpopmale ... kpopmale friend of Kim Hyoyeon has reportedly accused the Girls" Generation singer of physically assaulting him in the Seoul neighborhood of Seobbinggo, early Saturday morning. According to a spokesperson for the local

SNSD Hyoyeon Investigated by Police for Hitting Male Friend

Along with all the pranks that occurred on April Fool’s ... kpopmale friend were playing around at an acquaintance’s second floor house in Seobbinggo when the issue happened

Super Idol Chart Show ranks 'Male Idols Prettier Than Women'

Super Junior Ryeowook and BEAST Dongwoon's 'Super ... idol Chart Show' ranks the Top 10 'OHkpopmale idols Prettier Than Girls' on their March 28th episode.You may have your own OHkpopmale idol in mind but see the result from their survey below. If you're not satisfied, let us know your opinion

Big Bang's 'Fantastic Baby' Becomes First Video By A Male K-Pop Group To Surpass 100 Million Views YG Claims

(Photo : Big Bang in the "Fantastic Baby" video) On ... (Photo : Big Bang in the "Fantastic Baby" video) On Thursday, YG Entertainment, the record label for Big Bang, announced that the group had become "the first Korean boy group to record more than 100 million views for their music video on YouTube," for the music video "Fantastic Baby

Fans Choose Which Male Idol Groups Are the Most Likely to Still be Together in 10 Years

An online community portal site, DC Inside (, ... kpopmale idol group do you think is most likely to be together and actively promoting in the next 10 years?” The results showed JYJ in the No. 1 spot with 40.1% of the votes (1,215 votes out of 3,029 votes). JYJ is consists of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Jun