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[Exclusive] Interview with Producer Bruce "Automatic" Vanderveer: Working with XIA Junsu on "Uncommitted" and "Incredible"

Back in the summer of 2012, many fans were excited ... xia‘s) new English single album, “uncommitted.” The album opened a new understanding towards the singer’s ability to digest and express different musical ranges. Many have wondered about the American producer behind the English song “uncommitte

K-Pop Review: Uncommitted by XIA Junsu

xia, JYJ, Junsu, uncommitted, review ... xia, JYJ, Junsu, uncommitted, review uncommitted is JYJ Junsu's 1st English single which he released right before he embarked on his world tour, which was starting right here in the U

MV “Uncommitted” of JYJ Junsu ranks 1st on China’s YinYueTai Chart

JYJ Junsu recently ranked first in China with ... uncommitted” was revealed on August 17th, and since then, the singer has been receiving much love and support on music portal sites and YouTube. The music video for the song received over 3.28 million hits and ranked first as soon as it was released on China

Eat Your Kimchi Reviews Xia Junsu's "Uncommitted"

This week for Music Monday, Simon and Martina reviewed ... xia Junsu‘s “uncommitted.” They thought that the song was a really solid pop ballad track with a North American styled music video. Junsu looks stylish and mature in the video, and it fits the

Lost In Translation: XIA’s “Uncommitted” MV

Junsu, blue hair, English, and ladieeeez. Never thought ... xia’s) latest MV has managed to prove otherwise. At this point, the idea of JYJ’s Junsu engaging in solo work has become a rather familiar concept. Having released his first solo single, O

JYJ Junsu's "Uncommitted" MV Ranks Number 1 on Music Site

JYJ, Junsu, uncommitted Junsu's ... uncommitted Junsu's "uncommitted" MV Ranks Number 1 on Music Site JYJ member Junsu's first english single has been heating up. Today, Junsu's agency stated that his song, "uncommitted" has been gaining much support through his YouTube channel and various music sites. In particu

JYJ’s Junsu releases MV for “Uncommitted”

JYJ’s Junsu (xia) finally unveiled the ... xia) finally unveiled the full music video for new single, “uncommitted”! “uncommitted” is an urban pop and mid-tempo number sung entirely in English. The music video wa

Junsu Releases First English Single "Uncommitted" Music Video

jyj, junsu, uncommitted JYJ member Junsu's ... uncommitted JYJ member Junsu's first english single, uncommitted, has been released along with the music video. Junsu's agency stated today, "Junsu's first english single has been released today. He has wor

XIA Junsu raises the heat with ‘Uncommitted’ full MV

After teased us with two video teaser before, ... uncommitted’. ‘uncommitted’ music video was taken in Los Angeles and now you can enjoy the result in C-Jes Entertainment’s Youtube channel. The single album releases on August 17th where beside ‘uncommitted’, there will be ‘Tarantallegra’ English versi

Kim Junsu release English single, "Uncommitted"

On August 17th at noon, JYJ's Kim Junsu released ... uncommitted." In addition to releasing the single, he also released the title track's music video, which was directed by Marc Klasfeld and Ray Yeom. Instead of releasing a repackaged album for his first solo album, "TARANTELLEGRA," K

JYJ's Kim Junsu releases "Uncommitted" MV

On August 17th at 12PM KST, JYJ's Kim Junsu released ... uncommitted," via C-JeS's YouTube channel. The track previously received a lot of attention as it was written by Bruce "Automatic" Vanderveer, who has previously worked with Christina Aguilera, Wanted and Leona Lewis. The songwriter previously praised Kim Junsu for being one of the best vocalists he's ever worked with

Xia Junsu Raises the Heat with "Uncommitted" MV

After releasing the first and second teasers ... uncommitted,” xia Junsu just revealed the music video. In the music video xia is playing a dual role of a man who dates two different girls, the blond girl from the club and the brunette. “uncommitted” is about a man whose truth isn’t t

JYJs Junsu releases Uncommitted on Aug. 17

Jun Su (of JYJ)’s first English song, “uncommitted,” ... uncommitted,” will be released on August 17. C-Jes Entertainment, Junsu’s agency, reported, “‘uncommitted’ will be released on August 17 at noon on online music sites. A music video of the song will also be released on

JYJ Junsu Reveals 2nd 'UNCOMMITTED' Music Video Teaser!

JYJ, Junsu, uncommitted Junsu Reveals ... uncommitted Junsu Reveals 2nd 'uncommitted' Music Video Teaser! JYJ member Junsu revealed his 2nd teaser for his new english song, "uncommitted." In the se

On August 14th, JYJ’s Junsu releases second MV teaser for “Uncommitted”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu (xia) is making a ... xia) is making a comeback with his new song, “uncommitted“ for his upcoming word tour. A second video teaser for this track was revealed through C-Jes Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel after releasing the first video teaser. This song features an &

JYJ’s Junsu releases first MV teaser for “Uncommitted”

JYJ’s Kim Junsu (xia) will be releasing ... xia) will be releasing an English single album ‘uncommitted’ for his upcoming word tour. The first video teaser for the single’s title track was revealed through C-JeS Entertainment’s official Youtube channel. “uncomm

Xia Junsu Releases Second MV Teaser for "Uncommitted"

Following the release of his first teaser yesterday, ... xia Junsu has now released a second teaser for his upcoming single “uncommitted.” “uncommitted” is an English track, xia Junsu chose to incorporate the sound of  a gong with a traditional Korean musical instrument. Overall, it can be described as an urban pop and mid-tempo song. Crea

Kim Junsu releases 2nd MV teaser for English single, "Uncommitted"

JYJ's Kim Junsu has released the 2nd music video ... uncommitted," on August 15th. The first teaser, which was released yesterday, featured Kim Junsu and a woman holding on to each other as they looked towards the camera. The teaser itself made many fans excited for the upcoming single, despite it only being 20-se

JYJs Junsu releases the first teaser of Uncommitted

The first teaser of Junsu (of JYJ)’s first English ... The first teaser of Junsu (of JYJ)’s first English single was recently released. The teaser, which was released on YouTube, is only twenty-second long, but its impressive scenes are enough to increase music fans’ expectations for the music video

JYJ Junsu Releases Music Video Teaser for "Uncommitted"

Junsu, JYJ, uncommitted JYJ Junsu's ... uncommitted JYJ Junsu's first English single, uncommitted, music video teaser was revealed. This song features an 'urban pop' style with a mid-tempo beat. The music video teaser was revealed today at midnight (KST). This mu