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Eunji and Shin Bora send video messages to Kim Woo Bin on “4 Guys 1 Girl”

As actor Kim Woo Bin temporarily joined ... in temporarily joined MBC“s “Four guys One Girl” as the new youngest sibling, previous members A Pink”s Eunji and comedian Shin Bora sent him cute video messages to greet him and give advice.Eunji said OHKPO

Playing Tough Guys Becomes A Hot Trend For Korean Actors

This was the year when quite a few ... the year when quite a few stars known for their gentle onscreen personalities tried playing tough guy roles.Perhaps the most macho transformation of all was Kim Hyun Joong”s. K-drama

Kim Woo Bin explains the reason he joined MBC’s ‘Four Guys One Girl’

Popular actor Kim Woo Bin explained ... in explained why he joined the MBC variety program “Four guys One Girl” on the March 28 installment. He is currently play

Kim Woo Bin shows his dance moves for ‘Four Guys One Girl’

Kim Woo Bin showed his cute dancing ... in showed his cute dancing skills in preview cuts of MBC“s ”Four guys One Girl”!Kim Woo Bin and the family went out to pick shepherd”s purse plants for dinner. Kim Ja

BTOB Members to Compete Against Each Other on ‘Real Guys BTOB’

BTOB will be showing off its manly ... ing off its manly charms in the upcoming episode of Real guys BTOB.April 1’s broadcast of SBS MTV’s Real guys BTOB will feature the members competing against each other on their physical fitness, senses and networks. Upon O

Kim Woo Bin shows his cuteness in preview for “Four Guys One Girl”

“Four guys One Girl” has recently teased ... guys One Girl” has recently teased viewers with its next week’s preview featuring actor Kim Woo this drama, Kim Woo Bin will portray the youngest son of the onscreen family in Chuncheon, Gangwondo.

LUNAFLY released ‘Special Guys’ with Miryo

LUNAFLY has been tantalizing us with ... ing us with multiple teasers, and they”re finally here give us again their one-of-a-kind song with newest release “Special Guy“! the song features Brown Eyed Girls” Miryo as the rapper. the boys

‘Cool Guys BTOB’ Reality Program Airs First Episode

Boy group BTOB"s reality program "Cool guys ... guys BTOB" aired it first episode. BTOB"s reality program "Cool guys BTOB" aired its first episode on March 4th via SBS MTV. in the show, BTOB members will show off their own charms with their interpretations of what it means to be a "cool guy". the preview reveal

Kim Woo Bin to portray the youngest “son” on variety show “Four Guys One Girl”

Actor Kim Woo Bin will make a special ... in will make a special appearance as the youngest “son” of the family on variety program “Four guys One Girl“.On March 5, his label SidusHQ confirmed, “Kim Woo Bin is in the middle of filming MBC”s “Four guys One Girl”. He is filmOH

Eunji's bizarre sleeping habits make her even more endearing on 'Four Guys One Girl'

Eunji"s cute sleeping habits were revealed ... ing habits were revealed on "Four guys One Girl"! the cast of the show had to wake up at 3-4AM to start working at the fishery. But sOH

Learn How To Reject Guys Like 2NE1 As 21 Countries Vie For 'Special Gift' For Blackjacks!

(Photo : Twitter) As Blackjacks patiently await 2NE1"s ... ing world tour and (alleged) new album, some interesting developments are occurring online. A particular 2NE1 meme is spreading onlOH

A Pink's Eunji returns to her trot singing, satoori speaking roots on 'Four Guys One Girl'

A Pink"s Eunji brought smiles to the ... ink"s Eunji brought smiles to the celebrity uncle fans with her surprise appearance on the MBC Lunar New Year special "Four guys One Girl"! For the Lunar New Year special, Kim Gu Ra, Kim Ming Jong, Seo Jang Hoon, Kim Jae Won, and Honey Lee spent time with a grandfather and grandmother couple in the countryside of Mijo-ri, Gyeongsangnamdo.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha Confessed: “I Dated More than Ten Guys”

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha opens up about her love ... in Young’s Hope Song at Noon” where she revealed the number of men she dated. DJ Kim Shin Young asked, “Have you dated over twenty guys?” Narsha responded, “I

B.A.P to Transform into Sexy Guys for Their Comeback in February

It is official, B.A.P will return with a new album ... in February! Best of all, the boys will return with their first full album titled “First Sensibility.” Unlike their soldier-like co

miss A Performs for A Packed Audience of 1,200 Guys without Girlfriends

miss A recently felt very welcomed by a packed house ... ingle males. On December 27, KBS’s music program “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” invited 1,200 males without girlfriends or wives to a special year-end event. For the event, the members of m

A Pink's Bomi is Being Replaced by BESTie's Hyeyeon as She Comes in to Work With the Guys of M.I.B

A Pink fans, Bomi has ended her stage ... ink fans, Bomi has ended her stage collaboration with male group M.I.B for their song "Worry About Yourself First" yesterday, (December 14th) on last night's music show, "Music Core."

IU Trauma, "I Don't Want To Talk About Guys, They're Going To Write Articles About It"

iu, kim shin young iu doesnt ... in young iu doesnt want to talk about guys IU revealed what she thinks about acting. in MBC FM4U "Kim Shin Young's Radio" aired today, IU came out as a guest. DurOHKP

Can Girls and Guys Be Friends? K-pop Female/Male BFFs

Henry, amber, hyuna, jo kwon, gain, ... in, cl, gdragon, taec, jessica, iu It's impossible for guys and girls to be close friends without one party eventually falling for the other. It's happened to you, it's hap

2PM Chansung & Lee Ji Hoon, "2 Guys Playing Self-Camera"

2pm, chansung, lee ji hoon 2pm chansung picture ... guys playing self-camera at a cafe (why did my hair come out like this?)" along with a picture. in the picture, Chansung is posing with Lee Ji Hoon, whom he met through a program. internet users who saw this commente

Honey G Members Take Off Suits and Become Dandy Guys

Honey G Honey G Members Take Off suits ... suits and Become Dandy guys Honey G has transformed into dandy guys for their Nylon photo shoot. On August 23 Honey G's agency revealed a photo shoot pictorial from fashion magazine Nylon. in the