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MBLAQ, "We Contact Rain But He Doesn't Reply"

Idol group MBLAQ revealed their relationship with ... rain. (Photo : mnet) Idol group MBLAQ revealed the status of their relationship with singer rain. In Mnet "Beatles Code 3D" aired yesterday, MBLAQ talked about recently moving from J. Tune Entertainment, the same agency as rain, OH

SHINee's Onew is confirmed for musical 'ingin' In The Rain' + EXO's Baekhyun to join the cast

On April 16th, it was revealed that SHINee's Onew ... to play in upcoming musical "Singin' In The rain", also EXO's Baekhyun is likely to join the the cast as well.SM Entertainment said,"Onew and Kyuhyun will appear in musical "Singin' In The rain". EXO'

MBLAQ Members Explain Their Relationship with Rain

On the April 15 broadcast of Mnet’s “Beatles Code ... rain?” G.O said, “rain hyung was an artist signed under our company (J. Tune Camp). He signed with another company once his contract ended. He was not the CEO; the CEO is another person

MBLAQ Explains Its Current Relationship with Rain

MBLAQ brought up its current relationship with rain.During ... rain.During April 15’s broadcast of Mnet’s The Beatles Code, MC Shindong candidly asked, “So what is the relationship between rain and MBLAQ now?”G.O answered, “rain hyung was in the a

Rain actracts 8,000 fans to his showcase in Beijing

Eight thousand Clouds witnessed the “rain ... rain Effect” during rain”s showcase in Beijing! rain”s first solo concert in China in four years, “2014 rain Effect Show in Beijing“, was held with 8,000 fans at Beijing National Indoor Stadium on March 28. He performed tracks from his latest 6

Rain, Lyn, and G-Dragon receive awards at the “QQ Music Awards” in China

rain, Lyn, and G-Dragon were recognized as ... rain, Lyn, and G-Dragon were recognized as the representative Korean artists at the ”QQ Music Awards” in Shenzhen, China!rain thanked fans on his Weibo on the 27th, “Thanks to all of you, I received an award at the award ceremony

Rain asks “Running Man” members to play game

 On the March 30 broadcast of SBS‘ variety show ... rain.On this episode, rain asked “Running Man” members to play a game. He then played cards with Kim Jong Gook for the star badges. Upon realizing that he was about

Singer Rain Receives 'Most Influential Foreign Artist' Award At China Music Awards

Singer rain attended the China QQ Music Awards ... rain attended the China QQ Music Awards on March 27 and won the "Most Influential Foreign Artist" award. Many top Chinese stars were seen at this ceremony as it proved to be one of the biggest and most popular award ceremonies in China. O

Rain Wins “Most Influential International Artist” at China’s QQ Music Awards

On March 27, rain was awarded the ‘Most ... rain was awarded the ‘Most Influential International Artist’ award at China’s QQ Music Awards. A prestigious award ceremony, other artists in attendance included Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, pianist Lang Lang, among many others. Sharing the

Rain shows up at the press conference for Chinese film “Hong Yan Lu Shui”

Actor-Singer rain showed up at the ... tor-Singer rain showed up at the press conference for his upcoming Chinese film “Hong Yan Lu Shui” on March 26.The film is set to premiere on November 11.rain expressed, “I am joyful to work with China”s top movie cast and crew… I watched director Gao Xixi“s historical work and Liu Yifei“s “A Chinese Ghost Story“, so I have a lot of faith in them.

Rain and Kim Woo Bin Return to “Running Man” Next Week

“Running Man” will continue airing its Australia ... episode of SBS “Running Man,” cast members of new weekend drama “Angel Eyes,” Goo Hye Sun, Lee Sang Yoon, Gong Hyung Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Kang Ha Neul and BIGBANG‘s Seungri appeared on the show but were defeated in the end. END SPOILER In next week’s episode, “Running Man” returns to Australia for

Rain Appears in Orange Super Car for Upcoming Chinese Film “Hong Yan Lu Shui”

World star rain has been spotted in an exotic ... rain has been spotted in an exotic orange super car on the set of his upcoming Chinese movie ”Hong Yan Lu Shui.” The behind the scene picture was posted on the movie’s Weibo page on March 17. r

Set Picture Released of Rain Filming Chinese Movie with Actress Liu Yifei

A picture from the set of rain’s first Chinese ... rain’s first Chinese film “Hong Yan Lu Shui” has been released, featuring the two leads rain and Chinese actress Liu Yifei. The picture appeared on Chinese online fan community Tieba on March 14, and gives fans a glimpse of the two celebrities filming together for the first time. rain and Liu Yife

Rain to Attend Chinese “QQ Music Awards” Amidst Busy Schedule

rain will be having a special performance ... rain will be having a special performance at Chinese music award ceremony “QQ Music Awards” on March 27. The “QQ Music Awards” is an award ceremony hosted by Chinese music portal QQ Music.

Rain to Attend Music Awards in China

rain, who is currently staying in China to ... rain, who is currently staying in China to film a movie, will perform at the Chinese music awards. Cube Entertainment stated that rain will attend the "QQ Music Award" in China, held on the 27th.

Rain to Attend Chinese Music Awards Ceremony

rain will be attending a grand sized music ... rain will be attending a grand sized music award ceremony in China. rain is planning to attend Chinese music award ceremony QQ Music Awards taking place on March 27. QQ Music Awards is an award ceremony hosted by China’s music site QQ Music, which has hundreds of millions of members

Rain Feels Like A Lotto Winner After Teaming Up With “Running Man” Lee Kwang Soo

Singer rain expressed his genuine excitement ... rain expressed his genuine excitement for being paired up with Lee Kwang Soo for the latest episode of “Running Man.” On the March 9 episode of “Running Man” that aired, rain and Kim Woo Bin made special guest appearances for their “Australia Adventure” edition. On th

Kim Woo Bin and Rain Fail to Make ‘Running Man’ Number 1

Despite going all the way to Australia, despite ... to Australia, despite getting dressed up in kangaroo suits, even Kim Woo Bin and rain weren’t enough to make Running Man become the number one variety show watched on Sunday night. On March 9’s broadcast

Running Man releases sneak peak for upcoming episode with Rain and Kim Woo Bin

Recently, Running Man released the preview cuts ... episode, teasing fan's curiosity on the member's transformation and special games with 2 guests rain and Kim Woo Bin. In the next episode, Running Man crew will make a trip to Australia and do variety of activities as seen in the photos: scuba diving, driving ATVs, dressing up as kangaroos and feeding,.... One staff shared "Even we couldn't stop laughin

“Running Man” drops out preview cuts of Rain, Kim Woo Bin, and more

“Running Man” has raised more anticipation to ... to its upcoming episode with additional preview cuts of rain, Kim Woo Bin, and the cast members in Australia.In the still cuts, the guests and cast members could be seen dressing up as kangaroos, scuba diving, and driving ATVs, promising an interesting episode.Kim Woo Bin expressed, “It”s amazing that