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Sunny, "Please Watch As Girls' Generation Matures"

Girls" Generation"s member Sunny will be meeting the ... 2) Girls" Generation"s member Sunny will be meeting the crowd with her voice. (Photo : rio 2) Girls" Generation"s member Sunny will be meeting the crowd with her voice. In the Hollywood animation movie "Rio 2" releasing on May 1, Sunny wil

Watch the Performances from April 11th broadcast of ‘Music Bank’!

KBS” “Music Bank” is back for its weekly show ... episode, BTS followed up with “Just One Day“, NC.A came back with “I”m Different“, and Toheart followed up with “Tell Me Why“. Winner will be updated. Other performers of the night were 4minute, MBLAQ, Toheart, A Pink, Nell, Oran

“Kpop Star 3″ Almeng sing “Let’s Forget” for “Three Days” OST

(Photo : SBS)“K Popstar 3″ Almeng made ... star 3″ Almeng made a surprise participation in the “Three Days” OST.Almeng that received attention in SBS “Survival Audition kpop starseason 3″ with catchy and fresh songs will be releasing the OST of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama “Let”s forget”.Through “kp

Watch the Performances on ‘M! Countdown’ on April 10th!

Mnet“s ”M! Countdown” is back for its weekly ... episode, BTS followed up with “Just One Day“, Akdong Musician debuted with “200%“, Mad Clown came back with “Without You” featuring Hyorin, A Pink returned with “Mr. Chu“, and Eddy Kim also made his debut with “Push and Pull“.Winners will be updated.Other performers of th

Watch the performances from April 4th “Show! Music Core”!

MBC“s “Show! Music Core” is back for its weekly ... episode, A Pink came back with “Mr. Chu“, Mad Clown returned with “Without You“, Crayon Pop said “Uh-ee“, SPEED made their comeback with “Look at Me Now“, M

Watch the performances from April 3rd broadcast of “M! Countdown”!

Mnet“s ”M! Countdown” is back for its weekly ... 1 Artist of Spring 2014” special episode took place in Yokohama Arena, Japan.On this episode, Crayon Pop came back with “Uh-ee“, M.I.B returned with “Chisa Bounce“, and LEDApple made th

Watch Wooyoung and Park Se Young’s skinship on next week’s ‘We Got Married’

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait another week ... 2PM member and actress” segment on the March 29th episode was cut due to the ”MBC Sports 2014 Pro-Baseball Opening Game” running late and over the originally scheduled allotted time. Though the network did air “We Got Married” right away with no commercial break, viewers still missed Wooyoung and Park Se Young

Watch Performances from ‘Music Bank’ on March 28!

KBS” “Music Bank” is back for its weekly show ... episode, Baechigi returned with “DDURAEYO“, Super Junior-M came back with “SWING“, MBLAQ made their comeback with “Be a Man“, TINT were back with “Wolf is Stupid“, Gavy NJ asked “Is Everything Alright with You?“, and F.CUZ finally made their comeback with “One Love“

ZE:A’s Kwanghee: “I watch porn…”

ZE:A”s Kwanghee revealed something pretty personal ... episode. Though Kwanghee was pretty shy about the 19+ talk, he started speaking up when a married couple discussed their affection for each other.Kwanghee retorted, “Those are lies

Hallyu Is Riding The Wave To China - K-Pop Risk Factors To Watch Out For

(Photo : SM) Recently the Hallyu wave has been leaning ... star" is a record-breaking hit in China, and caused a "chicken & beer craze". Now Chinese fans can"t get enough of the drama stars Jung Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. The same goes for SBS" "The Heirs" star Lee Min Ho. It"s as if we"re once again witnessing the "Wi

Watch the Teaser for Jiyeon’s First Solo Album

Although known as a member of T-ara, Jiyeon has released ... 1 Minute 1 Second.” Although the singer had previously released a teaser image showing a more girly, pink concept, the teaser revealed Jiyeon’s sexy look. The black and white video complimented the short vocals

2NE1 And CL Get Buzzfeed Support For 'Crush' And 'MTBD': Watch Them Perform 'Gotta Be You' On Inkigayo

(Photo : Twitter) As 2NE1 continues ... 2NE1 continues to dominate with "Crush," Buzzfeed is showing CL, Minzy, Dara, and Minzy some much-deserved support! In early April, Buzzfeed ranked 2NE1 amongst "11 Girl Groups You Need to Hear." "With their new al

Lee Sun Hee's 15th album ranks 1st on Billboard Kpop chart

Lee Sun Hee’s title song of her 15th album ... 15th album currently ranks 1st place of Billboard K-Pop chart. The legend ballad singer, Lee Sun Hee has returned after a long time with her 15th album and was ranked on the top place of various music charts with her title song, 'Meet Him Among Them.' With her outstanding vocal and e

KPop flash mob in Tunisia

Amazing kpop fans from Tunisia show their ... kpop fans from Tunisia show their love for kpop through some slick dance moves from their favorite kpop songs. They are kpoppera from Tunisia and they started to organize this event from January, they gathered the dancers (about 25 dancers) and practiced for a week. The tra

Seulong: When I Watch VIXX’s N, He Reminds Me of My past Self

2AM‘s Seulong and VIXX‘s N will star ... 2AM‘s Seulong and VIXX‘s N will star in a drama together, and thankfully Seulong will be there to help out N through the filming of the drama. On March 27, both Seulong and N were present at the press conference for MBC‘s upcoming weekend drama, “Hotel King.

Watch The Complete 2NE1 Lap Dance Segment On 'All Or Nothing' World Tour: Park Bom Joining After School's Nana And EXO's Chanyeol In 'Roommate'!

(Photo : YouTube) As 2NE1 continues ... 2NE1 continues their "All or Nothing" world tour, Blackjacks now have the chance to see the entire lap dance segment! During the most recent Hong Kong stop of the "All or Nothing" world tour, 2NE1 performed their now famous lap dance for four lucky male members. Unlike the segment

Watch the performances on “M! Countdown” on March 27!

Mnet“s ”M! Countdown” came back on March 27 ... 27 with various performances by your favorite idols!On this broadcast, Baechigi made a comeback with “DDURAEYO“, Super Junior-M returned with “Swing“, and MBLAQ came back with “Be a Man“.Other artists including JJCC, Hong Dae Kwang, 

Win a Chance to Meet with K-Pop Idols Backstage and Watch Them Perform at WAPOP!

Hey Soompiers! We have teamed up with WAPOP, which ... Hey Soompiers! We have teamed up with WAPOP, which stands for World & Asia + WOW POP, to bring you an exciting opportunity to attend one of the concerts in April and get a chance to hang out with them backstage before their performance! We will be giving away 5 pairs of tickets and so you can have a blast with your friends

Watch performances from this week’s “K-Pop Star 3″!

This week’s broadcast of SBS‘s audition program ... star 3” featured the performances by the six remaining finalists including Sam Kim, Kwon Jin Ah, Jjari Mongddang, Bernard Park, Almeng and Heejun Han!All the contestants tried their best to capture viewers and judges with their singing and dancing talents.OHkpopwatch their performances below!

Watch Girl Hood Make Their Official Debut Through Their New Music Video

Earlier we reported about a new girl group that is ... 25, new girl group Girl Hood made their official debut through the release of their song, “Honey Sweetie I Love You.” The new girl group had garnered attention for being known as a group composed of married women. Although considered