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Bangtan Boys release 'appeal' version of their 'Just One Day' practice video

Bangtan Boys surely know how to make the hearts of ... video for 'Just One day'.Forget the proper choreography and sharp dance moves and just enjoy their adorable and dorky moments in this special practice video only for you.Watch below:

N.SONIC release practice video for 'Run Run'

N.SONIC make sure their fans are being treated despite ... video for their song 'Run Run'.The boys are even fiercer and stronger in the clip showing their flawless dancing skills and formations. 'Run Run' is a track included in their 2nd mini album 'Into The Light' which was released in Oc

It's All About EXO:SM Announces Their Solo Concert & Their 'Overdose' Video Premier Hits A High Note

EXO transform into twelve versions of Do Min Joon ... video, Overdose.The concept for the video slightly references the individual shots that were prominent within MAMA, with a dubstep introduction

EXO to Unveil ‘Overdose’ Music Video Filming Site on ‘xoxo EXO’

Mnet’s xoxo EXO will be unveiling what went on behind ... video filming for Overdose.Airing the first episode on April 18, xoxo EXO will be broadcasting the full story behind EXO’s comeback. EXO launched its comeback show on April 15 in Jamsil Arena, bringing 8,000 of its f

‘the SAEM’ bring out making-of video for G-Dragon’s new mascara CF

On April 15, “the SAEM” released the making of ... video for G-Dragon and Seo Ye Ji“s mascara CF, which was released back in March.This video showed the dichotomy between the charismatic and sexy G-Dragon who held the mascara for the CF and the goofy G-Dragon who laughed and did funny stretches off camera.“the SAEM” said, “After G-Dragon”s CF, the

“God’s Quiz 4″ drops out character video for Donghae

Donghae is up next with his own character video ... video for upcoming OCN drama “God”s Quiz 4“!Matching the dramatic background music, Donghae holds up a scalpel and says with all seriousness, “I am now a doctor,” before charismatically putting on a doctor”s gown – while accidentally smacking a senior doctor with it. This leads to comic relief as he apologi

Block B send a thankful video message to fans in celebration of their 3rd anniversary

After the release of their latest MV for new track ... video marking their third anniversary as a group.That’s right! The boys celebrated their third anniversary since debut, standing up and screaming in excitement while relaying the good news. Lea

Group Block B Releases Their 'Jackpot' Music Video Online

Group Block B released their "Jackpot" music video ... video and made their comeback. On April 15, Block B released their new music video on YouTube featuring actress Kim Se Ron. This song features an electro-swing sound that gained much attention from fans. The music video concept shows a

Ice Cube reveals a video of 2PM’s Wooyoung at Club Belasco

Ice Cube uploaded a new Instagram video of ... video of himself at Club Belasco, and one shot in the video showed 2PM”s Wooyoung enjoying his time there as he nods to the beat and does west side hand gestures!The boys of 2PM were in Los Angeles for the free K-pop concert and it looks like Wooyoung decided to enjoy some of his free time at Club Belasco on the night Ice Cube performed. It appears Wooyoung is having a

BTS unveils dance practice video for ‘Just One Day’

BTS (Bangtan Boys), continue their follow-up promotions ... video that shows off their well-rehearsed moves.In a dramatic shift from their earlier works, “Just One Day” features a softer and moodier sound which fits perfectly with the group”s continued growth.They”ve already teased various photos from diligently practicing their choreography, but now fans get to

15& unveil video teaser for ‘Can’t Hide It’

Right after announcing their upcoming release, the ... video teaser for their new song “Can”t Hide It“!Just like their song title, the girls have a hard time hiding their pure glee and excitement about a special someone.In her portion of the teaser, Park Ji Min plans a picnic for her and a special guy an

Rapper New Champ Asks Girls to Dress Less Provocatively in Music Video feat. Kye Bum Joo

Rapper New Champ has risen above the underground and ... video with English subtitles through the official 1theK YouTube channel. “Yahage” (pronounced Ya-ha-geh) means “provocatively” and was produced by Kye Bum Joo, his fellow PJR Entertainment label mate, with the melody and lyrics written by New Champ

“You’re Surrounded” reveals BTS video from Lee Seug Gi’s poster shoot

Lee Seung Gi greeted fans from the set of his poster ... Lee Seung Gi greeted fans from the set of his poster shoot for “You”re Surrounded” to let us know that the premiere is getting closer and closer!The singer and actor shared, “Hello, it”s Lee Seung Gi who will play the role of detective Eun Dae Gu in the SBS Wed-Thurs drama “You”re Surrounded”

Block B’s Park Kyung revealed to like doing video calls

Block B started off their new reality program Mnet“s ... video calls. When his make up and hair are done prettily, he makes video calls to girls.”The production team asked, “Which girl groups have you seen him make video calls to?” The members joked,

Lena Park Reveals Comeback Teaser Video for “Double Kiss”

Lena Park, also known as Park Jung Hyun, will be making ... video teaser for her track “Double Kiss” was revealed today on YouTube. Previously a teaser video for “Syncofusion” was released, showing off a beautiful instrumental track. Along with

BTS Video Of Akdong Musician For Their 'PLAY' Showcase

The adorable siblings Akdong Musician shared their ... video shows Lee Soo Hyun closing the door of a van as they make their way to their showcase and to the fans who are waiting patiently for them. The duo also showed photos of their fans with Lee Soo Hyun noting, "Why are there so many couples?."

Sonnet Son Places 6th For the Final List Of Best 'Let It Go' Video Covers

Singer Sonnet Son placed 6th for the best "Let It ... video covers poll on Ryan Seacrest"s site. Back in March, Ryan Seacrest held a poll on his site showing the best 25 "Let It Go" cover videos. They then began a poll to see which one was the best

Winner to Make Debut Soon? Music Video Schedule Confirmed

Looks like Winner’s debut may be just around the ... video filming scheduled with the music video production team. Winner’s debut music video will be directed by Seo Hyun Seung, who also directed Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby,” which currently has over 100 million views, and 2NE1’s “I Am the Best,” whi

First teaser video for reality show “Roommate” is out!

Upcoming SBS variety program “Roommate” is proving ... video filming scheduled with the music video production team. Winner’s debut music video will be directed by Seo Hyun Seung, who also directed Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby,” which currently has over 100 million views, and 2NE1’s “I Am the Best,” whi

SM Entertainment responses to the leaking of EXO’s “Overdose” music and dance video

As both the music and choreography video for ... video for EXO”s new title track “Overdose” has been leaked to the public, SM Entertainment expressed their intentions to take legal action.On April 10, SM said: “The relevant video was filmed for the broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core‘ while the music is not the completed version. Currently, we are taking measures