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Hyorin and Bora show their sweet charms for “Plastic Island”

Fashion brandplastic Island” ... andplastic Island” released their 2014 spring & summer collection photoshoot featuring the lovely ladies of SISTAR19, Bora and Hyorin! The two girls shed their fierce and sexy stage image for a more sweet and bright look fitting the warm weather.A rep of

Akdong Musician’s contract with YG Entertainment: “No plastic surgery!”

The talented Akdong Musician appeared on the April ... and revealed that they had a specific clause relating to plastic surgery in their contract with YG Entertainment.Lee Chan Hyuk brought up the plastic surgery clause, saying, “When we made the contract, we

Korean actresses who admit to having plastic surgery

There”s endless speculation about which kdrama actresses ... plastic surgery and which actresses are natural beauties. Many do not want to discuss the subject. But as the incidence of plastic surgery becomes more common, especially in Korea, some actresses are being more candid about what they did to achieve their flawless good looks.One of those was actress Lee Si Young, who starred as Oh Min Ji

K-Drama actors do plastic surgery for a better look

K-drama actors are more open about enhancing their ... and Soybean Soup” and “We Got Married” admitted to having a Botox injection.and while Botox treatments to smooth out wrinkles are not exactly plastic surgery, it did lead to a discussion of the surgery that singer Hong Jin Young,

AKMU Reveals a “No Plastic Surgery” Clause with YG Entertainment

Sibling duo Akdong Musician, now officially known ... after debut, explained a clause in the contract with YG Entertainment. On April 9, SBS’ “Midnight Entertainment” released a recent interview with AKMU. “One of the clauses in the contract states that we can

Akdong Musician Added ‘No Plastic Surgery’ into Contract with YG

Concerning plastic surgery, Akdong ... plastic surgery, Akdong Musician said no and made sure YG Entertainment knew. On April 9’s broadcast of SBS’ One Night of TV Entertainment, Akdong Musician was interviewed for its recent success with debut album Play. During th

Male Duo 2BiC Tries “Plastic Surgery” for Fourth Teaser for “Love Game”

There aren’t many days left before 2BiC ... before 2BiC releases its second mini album “Soulmate.” On April 8, the group dropped the fourth video teaser for title track “Love Game.” Just like the other teasers, this one is slightly comedic and a little outside of the norm. But, what is the norm these d

Singer Lyn’s Pre-Plastic Surgery Photos Resurface Online

Photos of Lyn prior to her plastic surgery ... plastic surgery is creating a buzz and gaining the interest of many netizens. On the April 2 broadcast of MBC’s variety show, “Radio Star,” MC Yoon Jong Shin remarked, “We will not reveal pre-plastic surgery images of Lyn in order to protect our guests.” However, Yoon Jong Shi

2PM’s Taecyeon Displays Charisma as Tough Bodyguard on “Wonderful Days”

Ok taecyeon is wowing the audience of the ... taecyeon is wowing the audience of the top rated drama “Wonderful Days” with his exceptional acting performance as the tough bodyguard Kang Dong Hee. On the 11th episode of the drama that aired on March 29, Kang Dong Hee stood in front Oh Seung Hoon(Park Joo Hyung), protecting him from his angry father Oh Chi Soo(Go In Beom) who was armed with a golf club. Do

Ok Taecyeon captures viewers with his emotional acting in “Wonderful Days”

Ok taecyeon has been receiving a lot of love ... taecyeon has been receiving a lot of love for his emotional acting in the KBS 2TV‘s drama “Wonderful Days“.The drama aired its 9th episode on march 22. On this episode, Kang Dong Hee (played by Ok taecyeon) met his wife Seo Jung Ah (played Lee Cho Hee) who had abandoned their twins and told her to come back home. H

Park Joo-hyeong and Taecyeon from "Very Good Times"

taecyeon and Park Joo-hyeong, who ... taecyeon and Park Joo-hyeong, who both play the roles of Oh Seung-hoon and Kang Dong-hee, took a picture wearing waterproof jackets in the rain. They are smiling at the camera, glaring into it and even sticking out their tongue in a playful way.

SISTAR19 model for Plastic Island Spring collections

taecyeon and Park Joo-hyeong, who ... plastic Island.The girls dress in new plastic Island Spring fashion and reveal their feminine charm for the fashion brand.Check out the video below

“Really Good Times”: Ok Taecyeon looks great in a suit

(Photo : KBS)Ok taecyeon looked perfect in ... taecyeon looked perfect in suit!On the most recent episode of KBS 2TV‘s drama “Really Good Times” , Dong Hee (played by Ok taecyeon) visited the school where Dong Joo (played by Hong Hwa Ri) and Dong Won ( played by Choi Kwon Soo) were studying.Dong Won was pre

“SSK2″ Contestant Park Bo Ram Looks Stunning After Losing Weight, Denies Plastic Surgery Rumors

Mnet‘s “Super Star K2” contestant Park Bo Ram ... after “Super Star K2″ ended, Park Bo Ram had been updating her fans with photos of herself, getting more and more slim. Her appearance in the teaser clip blew everyone away due to her pretty looks and body

“Wonderful Days” Reveals BTS Photos of a Playful Taecyeon

The KBS 2TV weekend drama “Wonderful Days” has ... taecyeon. JYP Entertainment posted these photos on its official Facebook on March 16. The photos show taecyeon with a playful gleam in his eyes, a cute smile and his signature dimples. It looks like taecyeon is on a nightclub set for his drama and he is see

Taecyeon outstands himself on top of a 2PM poster?

If you read the title and thought, “Wait, ... and thought, “Wait, it can”t be what I”m thinking of“, well… you’re right. Except, thankfully, taecyeon was in a film scene when he did it. The scene follows from after taecyeon”s character gets incredibly drunk, and, well, nature calls. It turns out that he

Taecyeon shows off his body for ‘NEPA’

“NEPA” has released a CF and a making-of ... and a making-of video for taecyeontaecyeon filmed the CF for NEPA”s new “Real Motion” line, which is supposed to help support muscles for better exercising. The CF showed off t

2PM's Taecyeon And Jun.K Prepared Sweet Gifts For White Day On 'Real2PM'

March 14th marks the celebration of White Day in South ... taecyeon and Jun.K showed their baking skills to celebrate White Day. Instead of baking ordinary cookies, taecyeon decided to baked chocolate chip cookies and Junsu made sweet citrus tea

2PM’s Taecyeon and Jun.K celebrate White Day with sweet gifts

On the third episode of “Real 2PM” (season 2), 2PM‘s ... taecyeon and Jun.K prepared sweet gifts for their fans in celebration of White Day.The boys showed off their cooking skills as taecyeon baked chocolate-chip cookies while Junsu made sweet citrus tea.Check out the full episode below!Happy White Day!

Taecyeon drinks 3 liters of water in short time for drama “Very Good Days”

The production team of KBS 2TV‘s weekend drama ‘Very ... taecyeon and the story behind a scene in which he drank 3 liters of water in a short time.In that scene, taecyeon’s character drank soju to relieve stress. taecyeon decided to replace the s