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Lee Ji Ah To Share Details Of Her Private Life On "Healing Camp"

  Actress Lee Ji Ah is prepared to talk about her ... subject of scandal and speculation. According to her agency, HB Entertainment, the star of "She Gets Married Twice" will visit the late night talk show "healing camp" to discuss her work and private life. The 36-year-old actress has not done an interview since 2007 and is famo

Lee Ji Ah Confirmed for “Healing Camp,” First Appearance on Variety Program

Actress Lee Ji Ah will make her first appearance on ... healing camp.” She rocked the entertainment world in 2011 when word got that she used to be married to pop legend Seo Tae Ji during her teenage years. Lee Ji Ah’s entrance into the entertainment wor

Tablo, Comeback As DJ On MBC Radio

Group Epik High"s member tablo will be coming ... tablo will be coming back as a radio DJ. (Photo : osen) Group Epik High"s member tablo will be coming back as a radio DJ. Starting from April 21, tablo will be the DJ of MBC FM4U "tablo"s Dreaming Radio" that will be aired every night from 10PM to 12AM. Since the program cl

‘Healing Camp’ Lee Seung Gi - ‘I Wasn’t Prepared And Thrust Into It Alone’

Lee Seung Gi appeared on "healing camp" ... healing camp" and revealed his inner thoughts from the past. On the April 14th broadcast of SBS" "healing camp," Lee Seung Gi shared stories about his first role as a main MC. He said, "Since my first

Baek Ji Young Speaks About Her Husband on ‘Healing Camp’

Singer Baek Ji Young spoke about her love for her ... healing camp". Making a guest appearance on singer Lee Sun Hee"s episode of "healing camp", Baek Ji Young answered the question of "What"s your biggest comfort" by answering that her biggest comfort in life is her husband. She said, "In my 15 year career I"ve had various instances where my career was

Tablo to come back as the DJ for “Tablo’s Dreaming Radio”

Epik High”s tablo will be returning as the ... tablo will be returning as the DJ for “tablo”s Dreaming Radio” after four years away!According to MBC, tablo will start his DJ spot on MBC FM4U“s “tablo”s Dreaming Radio” starting on April 21 at 10-12 AM KST. The first ru

Lee Seung Gi talks about his younger sister on “Healing Camp”

Lee Seung Gi brought up his younger sister on the April ... healing camp.”In relation to his family, the singer mentioned, “The whole household does not really tell others that there is a celebrity in the family. My younger sister was going through puberty in high school, so she paid a lot of a

Baek Ji Young and Lee Seung Gi Perform “My Ear’s Candy” on “Healing Camp”

Singers Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young have attracted ... healing camp,” Lee Sun Hee talked about her career and life as a singer. To make the episode a bit more special, Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young made special appearances on the show. They entered the stage and performed “My Ear’s Candy,” a colla

Tablo Confirmed to Host His Own Radio Show After a Five-Year Break

Epik High‘s tablo will be returning to the ... tablo will be returning to the radio station after a long break of four years and ten months. He has been confirmed as the host of a daily radio show titled “tablo’s Dreamy Radio,” which will start airing on MBC FM4U on April 21. The listeners

Big Bang Taeyang, In Love With Tablo's Daughter Haru 'Kiss'

Big Bang"s member Taeyang revealed a picture with ... tablo"s daughter Haru. (Photo : instagram) Big Bang"s member Taeyang revealed a picture with tablo"s daughter Haru. Yesterday, Taeyang posted on his Instagram, "My superstar #Haru" along with a picture. In the picture, Taeyang was kissing Haru on the

Lee Sun Hee Special of ‘Healing Camp’ with Lee Seung Gi and Baek Ji Young Pulls Viewers

SBS’ healing camp ranked number one ... healing camp ranked number one for another week with legendary singer Lee Sun Hee as its guest. The ratings increased from 7.6 to 7.8 with the second half of Lee Sun Hee’s episode airing on Monday night. Not o

2NE1 Dara, Picture With Tablo's Daughter Haru

2NE1"s member Dara revealed a picture with tablo"s ... tablo"s daughter Haru. (Photo : twitter) 2NE1"s member Dara revealed a picture with tablo"s daughter Haru. Today, Dara posted on her Twitter, "Harudara! Our pretty Haru~ With auntie Dara" along with a picture. In the picture, Dara and Haru are posing

2NE1's Sandara poses with Tablo's daughter Haru

2NE1's Sandara updates her Twitter with a lovely photo.She ... tablo's daughter Haru in the photo above. She writes, "Haru Dara!!! ♥ Our pretty Haru with auntie Dara ^.^"Fans commented, "two superstars pose together", "so adorable" and etc.

Lee Seung Gi Changed the Channel When Kim Hee Ae was on ‘Healing Camp’

Lee Seung Gi confessed that he was hurt when Kim Hee ... healing camp.During April 7’s broadcast of SBS’s healing camp, MC Lee Kyung Kyu said to Lee Seung Gi, “I heard that you were a bit upset when you watched Kim Hee Ae on healing camp.”Lee Seung Gi said, “When I saw Kim Hee Ae nuna choosing Lee K

Tablo Gave Up Vegetarian Lifestyle Because of Kang Hye Jung?

tablo has revealed that he stopped following ... tablo has revealed that he stopped following a vegetarian diet after meeting his wife Kang Hye Jung. On the April 6 episode of KBS2′s “Superman Returns,” the families traveled to Jeju Island and explored the beautiful island.

CEO Yang Hyun Suk: “I feel like I’m receiving healing from Akdong Musician.”

In a recent interview with OSEN, YG Entertainment‘s ... healing from them. It”s like they didn”t come from Mongolia but from a star and are pure aliens who landed on earth. They are the definition of innocence

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung spotted at Park Chan Wook’s exhibition

The celebrity couple, tablo and Kang Hye Jung, ... tablo and Kang Hye Jung, recently enjoyed a date at an art gallery!tablo updated his Instagram on March 24th with the above photos and shared, ”Photographer Park Chan Wook‘s photo exhibition. Blo & Hye Jung.

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung Go on an Artsy Date

One of the sweetest celebrity couples, tablo ... tablo and Kang Hye Jung recently enjoyed a fun date at an art gallery. The artist posted on his Twitter on March 25, “The exhibition of Park Chan Wook director. Blo&Hye Jung,” and shared a comp

‘Hello’ Climbs Up with ‘Healing Camp Absence’

With the Nuclear Security Summit taking place, KBS’ ... healing camp canceled due to the live broadcast of the Nuclear Security Summit with President Park Geun Hye and other world leaders. The cancellation helped Hello spark up to 11.0 percent, compared to its 8.8 percent from the previous week. Lim Chang Jung, SISTAR

G-Dragon shows his interrest in Tablo’s daughter Haru

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon recently showed his interest ... tablo‘s adorable daughter Haru.On March 22, tablo updated his Twitter with the post, “I will answer three questions about Epik High‘s 5th album (2008)”.G-Dragon quickly left a question, “Hyung, about tha