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NS Yoonji Releases New Song “Yashishi”.. Swimsuit Body!

NS Yoonji released her new song "Yashishi". Through ... inment"s official Youtube and Facebook accounts, NS Yoonji released her new mini album The Way2 and music video for title track "Yashishi". "Yashishi" is a retro tango and hip-hop song with Latin-s

NS Yoonji Shows off Her Sexy Swimsuit Look in Comeback Teaser “Yasisi”

Soloist NS Yoonji will be making her comeback ... ing her comeback soon with “Yasisi” and has revealed her first teaser today. Titled “White ver. Teaser #1,” she shows off her glamorous body while swimming in a pool. It ends with her putt

NS Yoon-G continues her sexy swimsuit look in 2nd teaser image

Sexy solo artist NS Yoon-G was attrative with a glamorous ... in a white swimsuit, and she”s giving us a second photo! Her amazing figure is even more emphasized in this new shot, but unfortunately we”re still not given much details on her upcoming mini album “Yashishi” or its concept, leaving us to keep guessing. Her mini album will be released on April 1!

NS Yoon-G Wows Fans with Comeback Teaser in a White Halter Top Swimsuit

NS Yoon-G already gave fans a heads up that she’s ... ing for a comeback by posting a photo showing off her hard-earned abs. On March 18, NS Yoon-G released an image teaser sporting a white halter top swimsuit for her upcoming mini album “Yashishi” (English title pending). The English translation means “erotic,” which makes o

B2ST slip into 'Clarks' shoes as new exclusive models

Shoes brand "Clarks" released an image from a photo ... in various shirts and cardigans as well as fashionable shoes for a London-themed shoot. They smile brightly, showing their individual charms while working the team chemistry into this cute picture. A rep f

Girls' Generation Jessica Sexy 'Miss Korea' In a Swimsuit

Jessica revealed a bold stage performance. (Photo ... inment) Jessica revealed a bold stage performance. in 'SM WEEK: Girls' Generation Concert Marchen Fantasy' held yesterday, Girls' Generation's member Jessica performed Lee Hyori's song "Miss Korea". On this day, Jessica came up on stage in a long d

TVXQ to Celebrate 10-Year Anniversary in "Time Slip" Concert for SMTOWN Week

in preparation for the highly anticipated ... in preparation for the highly anticipated Kpop festival SMTOWN Week, veteran boy group TVXQ has released an interview on SMTOWN’s Youtube channel describing their upcoming concert titled “Time slip.&

So I-hyeon in her swimsuit

So I-hyeon displayed different looks from swimsuit ... swimsuit to office-look. Stills of Kang Mina played by So I-hyeon in the movie "Top Star" were released yesterday. Mina is perfect all the time. The way she drinks coffee OHKPO

2NE1 Bom, Body That Cannot Be Hidden Under a Swimsuit

2ne1, bom 2ne1 bom swimsuit picture ... swimsuit picture Group 2NE1's member Bom revealed a picture of herself in a swimsuit. Today, Bom posted on her instagram a picture of herself. in the picture,

T-ARA 'Bikini' MV Released Online, 'Swimsuit Battle'

T-ARA, Bikini, MV T-ARA 'Bikini' ... ini, MV T-ARA 'Bikini' MV Released Online, 'swimsuit Battle' Group T-ARA has released their "Bikini" music video featuring Davichi and Skull. It has b

f(x) Sulli: 'I Never Bought a Swimsuit Because of Aquaphobia'

Sulli, fx Sulli: 'I Never Bought a swimsuit ... swimsuit Because of Aquaphobia' Sulli attempted scuba diving on MBC Music's 'Amazing f(x)' (broadcast on the 2nd) and revealed, "I never had a reason to swim because I was afraid of water."  Before attempting to scuba div

GLAM chosen as swimsuit models for "Florence & Fred"

Girl group GLAM has been selected as the swimsuit ... swimsuit models for the British brand "Florence & Fred." Florence & Fred official stated, "GLAM has a youthful and healthy image that fit the brand's image well, and are able to reach out to the public. Because of their big appeal and attraction, G

GLAM Chosen to be Swimsuit Models for U.K. Brand, 'Sexy Body'

GLAM GLAM Chosen to be swimsuit Models ... swimsuit Models for U.K. Brand, 'Sexy Body' Girl group GLAM has been chosen to model for a U.K swimsuit brand and showed off their toned bodies. On June 27, they released th

[Gallery] Which Korean Celebrity Has the Best Swimsuit Body?

Soompi_News_Leaderboard_ATF Mobile_Soompi_Ldrbrd_ATF ... swimsuit Models for U.K. Brand, 'Sexy Body' Girl group GLAM has been chosen to model for a U.K swimsuit brand and showed off their toned bodies. On June 27, they released th

'Inkigayo' 1st Place CL, Wears a Swimsuit?!

cl, 2ne1, inkigayo, sbs cl swimsuit ... inkigayo, sbs cl swimsuit CL revealed a shocking stage outfit. in SBS "inkigayo" aired today, 2NE1's CL performed her first solo song "The Baddest Female." "The Ba

CL Says She Expected Her Song to Slip on Online Charts

CL spilled on how she feels about the online ... ine chart ranks of her new song.The singer spoke at the interview for her first solo single The Baddest Female held on June 3. When asked whether she feels sad that her song didn′t last long on no. 1, she said with a big smile, "It was e

2NE1 CL Reveals Sexy Body Line through Swimsuit Picture

2NE1, CL 2NE1 CL Reveals Sexy Body Line ... ine through swimsuit Picture 2NE1 leader CL revealed her sexy body line through a swimsuit picture online. Today she posted a picture on instagram with the message, "Jeju island." in the picture, CL is seen wear

[SNS Pic] 2NE1’s CL in a Swimsuit

2NE1’s CL continues to show off ... inues to show off her sexy body, uploading a picture of herself on her personal instagram account with the caption, “jejuisland.” in the photo, CL is standing with her back to the camera and with the sunlight streaming in from behind, her hip line is accentuated. She also sports sunglasse

[Ratings: Mon, 03.04.13] ‘WBC’ Cuts into Drama Time, Causes Slip in Ratings

Although MBC’s Horse Doctor kept its number one spot, ... ings have partially slipped with the World Baseball Classic game with South Korea against Australia cutting into a good chunk of the drama time. The WBC, which aired on jTBC, grabbed a whopping 7.5

TEEN TOP’s Niel photographed in a swimsuit

TEEN TOP‘s Niel recently attracted curious eyes ... in a full-bodied swimsuit. An online community uploaded a photo titled ‘Niel’s swimsuit body,’ revealing the TEEN TOP member wearing a tight swimsuit that clung to his body, getting ready to start a swimming race. in the past, Niel had placed 1st as the idol who looked the most frail, an