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South Korean Celebs Kim Yuna, Ha Ji Won, Cha Seung Won Donate $100,000 To Victims Of Sewol Ferry Tragedy

(Photo : blogspot) (Photo : WikiMedia Commons) (Photo ... kpopsouth Korea"s top celebrities have pledged their support for the victims and their loved ones in the form of generous charity donations. Olympic champion figure skater Kim Yuna, actor Cha Seung Won and actress Ha Ji Won each contributed $100,000 to the cause

SBS Apologizes For Airing Reporters Grinning At South Korean Ferry Disaster Site

(Photo : SBS) (Photo : SBS) As the death toll of ... kpopsouth Korea Sewol ferry disaster climbed to 181 people on Tuesday, with 181 people still missing, executives at the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) were forced to apologize for a news broadcast that showed their reporters smiling in front of the sunken vessel. According to the OHkpopsouth Korean network"s

Hwayoung's 'Cousin' Hong Ga Hye In South Korean Police Custody For Allegedly Impersonating Rescue Diver In Ferry Disaster

(Photo : YouTube still) (Photo : YouTube still (MBN)) ... kpopsouth Korea on Sunday, for impersonating a rescue scuba diver at the site of last week"s Sewol ferry disaster. Hong Ga Hye reportedly turned herself to police in OHkpopsouth Korea"s OHkpopsouth Jeolla Province, after a warrant had been issued for her impersonating a volunteer diver at the scene of the ferry accident in an inte

Lady Gaga & Psy to join 2NE1 & Big Bang at South Korea Festival!

Lady Gaga and Psy will be joining 2NE1 and Big Bang ... kpopsouth Korea. The OHkpopsouth Korea Festival will be held at Seoul's Olympic stadium from August 15 to 16, 2014. This event will feature the big names in K-Pop and their ironic anticipated unexpected

Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and more celebrities ask to pray for South Korea

Through SNS, celebrities are sharing their hopes and ... kpopsouth Korea. Yesterday, a few celebrities like G-Dragon and Hyorin were revealed to have taken to Twitter to express their condolences and hopes for a miracle. Even today, more and more celebrities" SNS messages are coming to light, taking the online community by storm. _K) Apr

South Korean Pop Stars Voice Support For Victims Of Jeju Ferry Disaster: Hundreds Of Passengers Still Feared Trapped

(Photo : OHkpopsouth China Morning Post) ... kpopsouth China Morning Post) (Photo : Ktopia) OHkpopsouth Korean authorities fear 278 people, many of them believed to be from a group of 300 students from Seoul on a class trip to Jeju Island, are trapped inside a ferry off of the nation"s OHkpopsoutheast coast, after the vessel flipped on its side and filled with water on Wednesday. Four peopl

South Korean Entertainment Industry Halts Programming And Events In Wake Of Ferry Tragedy

A day after the a OHkpopsouth Korean ferry ... kpopsouth Korean ferry carrying hundreds of people sank 11 miles off the country"s coast, the Korean Entertainment industry has decided to halt programming and schedules while the search continues for the 290 missing passengers. Shock and horror

Lee Min Ho has a chance to meet South Korea President

 Hallyu star and actor Lee Min Ho met with president ...  Hallyu star and actor Lee Min Ho met with president Park Geun Hye. Actor Lee Min Ho on April 4, 2014, attended a meeting titled “Strategies to successful Hallyu” which was initiated by the president, and led the discussion in the meeting

“Kpop Star 3″ Almeng sing “Let’s Forget” for “Three Days” OST

(Photo : SBS)“K PopStar 3″ Almeng made a surprise ... kpop Star – Season 3″ with catchy and fresh songs will be releasing the OST of SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama “Let”s forget”.Through “kpop Star 3″ Almeng showed unique sounds and was able to reinterpret melodies and was in the Top 6

SHINee ends concert tour in South America with a success!

SHINee wrapped up their first-ever concert tour ... kpopsouth America. SHINee entertained their Latin American fans as part of their 'SHINee CONCERT SHINeeWORLD III.' They performed in Mexico, Chile, and Argentina. According to a representative from SM Entertainment, S

Lee Min Ho revealed to meet South Korean president Park Geun Hye

Actor Lee Min Ho was reported to have met OHkpopsouth ... kpopsouth Korean president Park Geun Hye on April 4. He was invited to take part in the third meeting of the Committee of Flourishing Culture by the Korea Creative Content Agency. President Park Geun Hye likewise participat

Wassup to embark on South American tour this summer

Wassup is getting ready to go on a OHkpopsouth ... kpopsouth American tour this summer!The seven members will be heating things up this July in Brazil, Peru, and Chile with mini-concerts, fan meetings, and broadcast appearances. Their agency Mafia Record announced

Lee Sun Hee's 15th album ranks 1st on Billboard Kpop chart

Lee Sun Hee’s title song of her 15th album currently ... Lee Sun Hee’s title song of her 15th album currently ranks 1st place of Billboard K-Pop chart. The legend ballad singer, Lee Sun Hee has returned after a long time with her 15th album and was ranked on the top place of various music charts with her title song, 'Meet Him Among Them

KPop flash mob in Tunisia

Amazing kpop fans from Tunisia show their ... kpop fans from Tunisia show their love for kpop through some slick dance moves from their favorite kpop songs. They are kpoppera from Tunisia and they started to organize this event from January, they gathered the dancers (about 25 dancers) and practiced for a week. The tra

BTOB participated in the filming of “America’s Next Top Model” in Seoul, South Korea

BTOB participated in the filming of “America’s ... kpopsouth Korea BTOB is revealed to have participated in the filming of “America’s Next Top Model” in Seoul, OHkpopsouth Korea. On March 24th, Cube Entertainment stated that BTOB participated in the filmin

2PM’s Wooyoung says, 'I think we should put a lot of deeper efforts into KPop's music side'

2PM’s Wooyoung was featured on Alpha Girls on ... kpop. He said, "I think K-pop is so popular because of that title of being an idol. It’s not about music style. It’s about being an idol and giving a performance. I think we should put a lot of deeper effo

Sunmi performs Full Moon on Simply KPop

2PM’s Wooyoung was featured on Alpha Girls on ... kpop. He said, "I think K-pop is so popular because of that title of being an idol. It’s not about music style. It’s about being an idol and giving a performance. I think we should put a lot of deeper effo

G-Dragon Returns To South Korea To Start Work On Upcoming Big Bang Album

(Photo : Facebook) On Wednesday, the record label ... kpopsouth Korea to begin work for the group"s next album. The Big Bang frontman will reportedly spend the spring composing what is being billed as the band"s first full-length album in two years. "G-Dragon began working on the song

America’s Next Top Model to film in South Korea

America’s Next Top Model to film in OHkpopsouth ... kpopsouth Korea Tyra Banks will be coming to Korea to shoot “America’s Next Top Model” in Seoul and Kyeonggido from the 21st of March. Along with Tyra, the contestants will also be arriving in Korea, and they will be shooting in Korea for 2 weeks in total. While their filming date has been conf

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun Helps Protect Wild Animals in Africa

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun has made her way to OHkpopafrica ... kpopafrica to help protect wild animals. March 19’s broadcast of KBS 1TV’s Real Experience: Embrace the World will feature Ye Eun working as a part of wildlife conservation team in Botswana. Botswana is often called the ‘wild animals