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Song Hye-kyo vs. Zhang Ziyi

Two leading actresses from Korea and China have come ... <strong>songstrong> Hye-kyo and Zhang Ziyi attended the attended the previewing event of the movie "The Crossing" at the Bei<strong>jistrong>ng Hotel, China on the 16th. Their extreme fashion drew the eye. <strong>songstrong> Hye-kyo wore

Song Seung-heon, Park Hwi-soon and others pray for the missing

Actors are mourning for those missing in the sinking ... <strong>songstrong> Seung-heon said on Twitter, "I am watching the news and praying with my heart but it's so devastating. I mourn for the sinking of the ship and I pray the missing victims are all safe". Park Hwi-soon tweeted, "I hope everyone is safe! All your familie

“Emergency Couple” Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo to Hold Fan Meeting in Singapore

Leading cast of romantic comedy drama “Emergency ... <strong>jistrong>n Hyuk and <strong>songstrong> <strong>jistrong> <strong>hyostrong> will be holding a fan meeting in Singapore on May 16, 7PM at the Kallang Theatre. Presented by Channel M, lucky fans in Singapore can not only catc

Eddy Kim Selects Second Song as Double Title: “The Manual”

Eddy Kim selected "The Manual" as his second title ... <strong>songstrong> in addition to "Push and Pull". On April 15, Eddy Kim"s agency MYSTIC89 stated: "Fans requested that Eddy Kim promote his new album with "The Manual". We held a vote on April 13 so that fans could pick

Rapper New Champ Releases Debut Song “YAHAGE” Today

Rookie rapper New Champ released debut <strong>songstrong> ... <strong>songstrong> "YAHAGE" on April 15. The <strong>songstrong> is composed and written by New Champ himself, expressing his love to his virtual lover. The lyrics contain New Champ"s mischievous but charismatic emotions. Gye Bum Joo collaborated on the OHKP

Juniel Releases New Song “Next Day” on April 16 in Collaboration with Brave Brothers

Juniel"s new track "Next Day" will be released on ... Juniel"s new track "Next Day" will be released on April 16. "Next Day" is made in celebration of the 10th year debut anniversary of Brave Brothers, and is about the "next day" after calling an ex-lover while intoxicated

KBS Bans Akdong Musician’s Song ‘Galaxy’

After looking into the popular album, KBS concluded ... <strong>songstrong>s, which included Akdong Musician’s Galaxy from its first album Play. The reasoning was due to the word ‘galaxy’ being repeated a total of nine times. KBS said that the <strong>songstrong> could be misunderstood as a commercial

Photos of Song Joong Ki and his sister surface online

Following Lee Seung Gi and his little sister, <strong>songstrong> ... <strong>songstrong> Joong Ki and his sister <strong>songstrong> Seul Ki have become a hot topic online. Though the Lee siblings made headlines for looking like each other, the <strong>songstrong> siblings were noticed for the opposite.The photos above, including a selca and pict

Gary shows his jealousy to Song Ji Hyo and Dong Joon on “Running Man”

 The “I Like Sundays – Running Man” member Gary ... <strong>songstrong> <strong>jistrong> <strong>hyostrong>”s partner and singer Dong Joon.On the SBS entertainment program “I Like Sundays – Running Man” which aired on April 13, 2014, each of the Running Man team members invited a guest and went on a trip together using public transportation. Son <strong>jistrong> <strong>hyostrong> got teamed up with singer Dong Joon. Afte

Ailee Becomes New Face for Carbonated Beverage and Records CF Song

Female soloist Ailee is the new face for Donga Otsuka’s ... <strong>songstrong>, nicknamed as “Oran C <strong>songstrong>

Z.Hera’s Debut Track Regains Popularity as New Theme Song for Sports Program

Female soloist Z.Hera (known as <strong>jistrong> Hae Ra ... <strong>jistrong> Hae Ra in Korean)’s debut track “Peacock” will be the latest theme <strong>songstrong> for the second season of cable SBS Sports’ show “Baseball’s Real Character.” The sports program made its

Song Joong Ki's sister receives attention from netizens

<strong>songstrong> Joongki's sister, <strong>songstrong> Seul Gi, ... <strong>songstrong> Joongki's sister, <strong>songstrong> Seul Gi, is receiving attention from netizens after photos of her with her brother is posted online.A mischievous photo of the siblings amused netizens because of their close relationship.

Emergency Couple Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk To Hold Fan Meet In Singapore On May 16

The 2 main characters of "Emergency Couple", <strong>songstrong> ... <strong>songstrong> <strong>jistrong> <strong>hyostrong> and Choi <strong>jistrong>n Hyuk will be in Singapore this May to meet their fans. Channel M is proud to present "Emergency Couple Fan Meet Singapore" at The Kallang Theatre on the 16 May 2014. Event begins at 7pm for approximately 90 minut

Akdong Musician Announces “Give Love” as Their Third Title Song

Akdong Musician"s third title <strong>songstrong> was announced ... <strong>songstrong> was announced to be titled "Give Love". On YG Entertainment"s official blog, a post announcing: "The third title <strong>songstrong> that you all selected for Akdong Musician is "Give Love"!" A third title track following the first two <strong>songstrong>s "200%" and "Melted" was decided. YG"s producer Yang Hyun Suk h

ZE:A’s Dongjun confesses his feelings to Song Ji Hyo on ‘Running Man’

ZE:A“s Dongjun confessed his feelings to his “Running ... <strong>songstrong> <strong>jistrong> <strong>hyostrong>!In the beginning of the episode, all of the two-member teams gathered for a cookout and to read the results of an anonymous survey, which asked the members and guests questions such as “what did you think about your teammate?”To this question, Dongjun had simply written, “She is pretty. Beautiful. I was happy

Yoon Jong Shin Asked to ′Borrow′ Kang Seung Yoon and Song Min Ho from YG

Yoon Jong Shin revealed the story behind collaborating ... <strong>songstrong> Min Ho.During April 15’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Power Time, DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked Yoon Jong Shin, “I saw that Kang Seung Yoon and <strong>songstrong> Min Ho participated in ‘Monthly Project Yoon Jong Shin’ for March.”Yoon Jong Shin shared, “I saw Kang Seung Yoon for the first time on Superstar K. When

Busker Busker’s Jang Bum Joon and actress Song Ji Hoo tie their knot!

Busker Busker“s Jang Bum Joon and actress <strong>songstrong> ... <strong>songstrong> <strong>jistrong> Soo tied the knot on the 12th and showed off their “cherry blossom ending” in a wedding pictorial! Jang Bum Joon and <strong>songstrong> <strong>jistrong> Soo held a private wedding ceremony with family and close friends at The Laville in Samseongdong, Gangnam on the 12th and for the congratulatory <strong>songstrong>, Jang Bum Joon sang “Cherry Blossom Ending” for his wife.The couple are expecting their first child la

CNBLUE to lend their voices in “Ryu Can Do It” for LA Dodgers’ Ryu Hyun Jin’s theme song

Ryu Hyun <strong>jistrong>n“s official theme <strong>songstrong> ... <strong>jistrong>n“s official theme <strong>songstrong> for this season will be CNBLUE“s <strong>songstrong>!The <strong>songstrong> title will be “Ryu Can Do It“. Yonghwa edited his <strong>songstrong> “One Time” to fit Ryu Hyun <strong>jistrong>n, and also remade the lyrics. The OH

ZE:A members gather to celebrate their 1st win on ‘Immortal Song 2′

ZE:A won their first trophy on “Immortal <strong>songstrong> ... <strong>songstrong> 2“! Dongjun, Minwoo, Kevin, and Hyungsik sang “Step by Step” by New Kids on the Block. The episode had the singers perform foreign <strong>songstrong>s that were the most loved in Korea.Kevin looked like he couldn’t believe the

ZE:A wins on “Immortal Song 2″ with a cover of New Kids On The Block

It”s a process, step by step, and ZE:A finally ... <strong>songstrong> 2” on the April 12th episode!The boys won the audience over with a cover of the old-school American boy band New Kids on the Block“s “Step by Step“. They said before getting on stage, “We”ll show a colorful performance.” Each of the membe