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4minute"s Sohyun confesses she got double eyelid surgery


4minute“s Sohyun confessed she got double eyelid suergery.
She was a guest on the 14th”s episode of “Quiz to Change the World“, and she said, “During the early days of our debut, we were told that since we were a performance group, our faces were fine. So we debuted, and after we debuted I went to get advice and then I got it done.” . ... Read more

4minute"s Sohyun is a fangirl for "Healer"s Ji Chang Wook


4minute member and fangirl Sohyun sent a video message to her celebrity crush, actor Ji Chang Wook!

While filming for Y-STAR“s “Gourmet Road“, (aka “God of Food Road“) Sohyun confessed without hesitation that she, like many, had fallen “Healer“s Ji Chang Wook. Jung Jun Ha acted as if he is close with the actor and tried to call him up over the phone, but it didn”t end up going through. . ... Read more

4minute shares photos from Sohyun’s birthday celebration

4minute shares photos from Sohyun’s birthday celebration

Celebrating her 21st birthday today, Sohyun uploads photos from her birthday celebration, together with group mates, 4minute. On their recent updates on Instagram, snippets of Sohyun’s birthday celebration complete with cake, candles, flowers and balloons were revealed, followed by their own greetings for their youngest member. . ... Read more

4minute"s Gayoon and Sohyun take over as 3-day DJs on "Raise the Volume"


4minute“s Gayoon and Sohyun have been chosen as special DJs for “Raise the Volume“!

The girls started on the 22nd and were chosen as the special DJs for the following 3 days. Even though the girls have been on radio shows often as guests, it”s the first time they”re going to be on together as DJs. . ... Read more

4Minute celebrates Sohyun"s birthday

4Minute celebrates Sohyun

4Minute“s Sohyun turned 20 (international age) on August 30.
She celebrated her important day with her fellow 4Minute”s member. She uploaded some photos of her celebration on her personal Instagram. Also, HyunA shared some photos of their bonding.
See below:

written by: SOURCE: Sohyun”s IG, HyunA”s IG. ... Read more

Happy birthday to 4minute"s Sohyun

Happy birthday to 4minute

Stage Name: Sohyun Birth Name: Kwon So Hyun
Nicknames: Cute Sohyun, Kkweon Sso, Im, grandmother
Training: Debut in Orange with the single “Our Star”, 2005 Birthday: August 30, 1994 Label: Cube entertainment Group: 4Minute Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae, Lead Dancer Height: 162 cm Weight: 45 kg
Blood type: B
Hobby: Swimming Instagram: @kkwonsso_4m Twitter: @4M_kkwonsso
– So Hyun had joined the Korean girl band called “Orange” when she was 12 years old. The group later disbanded after their debut because of cyber bulling and anti cafes.
– She is close with BEAST”s Dongwoon, ex-maknae of KARA Jiyoung and fx Sulli, Krystal

. ... Read more

4minute Sohyun"s debut movie "Hwanggu" to hit theaters next week

4minute Sohyun

4minute“s Sohyun snagged her first leading role as an actress in the movie “Hwanggu“, which has been confirmed to hit theaters on October 16!

Sohyun will play the role of college student Mi Soo who always cheers on her boyfriend, a Taekwondo athlete on the national team. She is a very noble character who does charity work and speaks up when she sees injustice. . ... Read more

Makers of “Hwang Gu” Movie Release Stills Featuring 4Minute’s Sohyun

Makers of “Hwang Gu” Movie Release Stills Featuring 4Minute’s Sohyun

The makers of forthcoming movie “Hwang Gu” have released still photos from the film. The pictures feature 4Minute star Sohyun, who will be making her acting debut in “Hwang Gu.” . ... Read more

4Minute"s maknae Sohyun, fierce gaze!


4Minute”s maknae Sohyun shows a more mature image in her recent photoshoot.

She models for the April issue of Ceci Magazine. In her pictorials, she poses with strong gaze and sporty fashion, garnering much attention with her curvy figure.. ... Read more

CLC"s Seungyeon looks like 4minute"s Sohyun?


CLC guested for the first time on this week”s MBC Every1“s “Weekly Idol” hosted by Jung Hyung Don and Defconn!

Once Jung Hyung Don saw member Seungyeon, he said, “You look like 4minute”s Sohyun.” To this, Seungyeon replied, “I hear that a lot,” as she laughed. Jung Hyung Don continued by asking, “Are you 4minute Sohyun”s unni or dongseng?” . ... Read more