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Heechul and Puff to share first kiss in the next episode of Global WGM

The 'leg' couple would be sharing their first kiss ... kiss through their wedding pictorial in the next episode of Global We Got Married season 2.The couple wear flattering wedding outfits and share a very romantic pictorial with attempts of their first kiss. Both appear comfortable with each other. Are

BoA Was Startled By Paparazzi When She Filmed Kiss Scene On Street

With her first Hollywood film Make Your Move about ... 2TV’s Looking Forward to Romance, my actually first project is Make Your Move. So my first kiss scene was not with Im Si Wan, but was with Derek Hough.” She continued, “Before I started filming I received some acting lessons

Three Unique Kiss Scenes In K-Dramas

  The kiss scenes in popular Korean dramas ... kiss scenes in popular Korean dramas are becoming more and more unique. On April 14, 2014, the second episode of the cable channel tvN Monday Tuesday drama "Witch"s Romance," the two main characters shared a kiss with beer bubbles on their mouths. The st

Bangtan Boys sing 'Just One Day' on Kiss The Radio

  The kiss scenes in popular Korean dramas ... kiss scenes in popular Korean dramas are becoming more and more unique. On April 14, 2014, the second episode of the cable channel tvN Monday Tuesday drama "Witch"s Romance," the two main characters shared a kiss with beer bubbles on their mouths. The st

Actress Yoon So Hee exudes eclectic charms as new model for 'Kiss Me'

Actress Yoon So Hee, known from tvN"s "Let"s Eat" and ... kiss Me". On the set of the photo shoot, Yoon So Hee said, ""kiss Me" is a brand that can easily be found in drug stores and its eye make up has always been my favorite, so it"s very fascinating and welcoming that I became its model." SEE ALSO: 2014 Summer Internships Now Available! (Edgewater, New Jersey) The marketing team"s Hong Suk Man said

U-KISS delay their album release + to promote without AJ

U-kiss was originally slated to make their ... kiss was originally slated to make their comeback near the end of April, but it appears they will have to postpone the album release date. Agency NH Media stated to media outlet OBS, "The comeback initially planned for April has been pushed back to May.

A Witch's Love" Um Jung Wha And Park Suh Joon's Foam Kiss

(Photo : tvN) "A Witch"s Love" Um Jung Wha and Park ... kiss. On the 2nd episode of tvN "A Witch"s Love" broadcast on April 15th, Ban Ji Yeon (played by Um Jugn Wha) and Yoon Dong Wha (played by Park Suh Joon) kissed. Ont his day, the two people meet each other at the fortuneteller"s hous

ZE:A's Park Hyungsik & Kahi's kiss, 11-year age gap doesn't matter

ZE:A's Park Hyungsik and Kahi had their kissing ... kissing scene from 'Bonnie and Clyde' Musical performed on April 16 at BBC Hall, BBC Art Center, Shinsadong, Seoul.The two actors showed an intense and thrilling love story. Hyungsik and Kahi performed their charac

Lena Park Reveals Teaser for “Double Kiss”

Lena Park revealed the music video teaser for her ... kiss" on April 15. The new song, shortly introduced in the teaser clip, features ballad-singer Lena Park"s attempt at singing to a sentimental electronic sound. "Double kiss", produced by Postino, is the first of the SY

“A Witch’s Love” begins with a sweet kiss

One of the reasons the kiss takes on such significance ... kiss takes on such significance in k-dramas is because viewers have to wait so long for it.Viewers can usually expect a declaration of love and a kiss by around the tenth episode but occasionally they have to wait a few episodes longer.And although there are

Big Bang Taeyang, In Love With Tablo's Daughter Haru 'Kiss'

Big Bang"s member Taeyang revealed a picture with ... kissing Haru on the cheek. Haru was in Tablo"s arms and was making a confused look with her eyes wide open. Internet users who saw this commented, "Taeyang is so cute", "Haru is so cute", etc

"A Witch's Love", Uhm Jung-hwa and Park Seo-joon kiss

Uhm Jung-hwa and Park Seo-joon shared a kiss ... kiss from the very first episode. On the first episode of the tvN drama "A Witch's Love", Ban Ji-yeon (Uhm Jung-hwa) was reflected as a successful career woman. However, the more she was acknowledged f

Kiss&Cry’s Dia shows her voice in a cover of Lee So Ra’s “I’m A Star”

kiss&Cry”s Dia is the next talented ... kiss&Cry”s Dia is the next talented singer to cover Lee So Ra”s “I”m A Star”!Dia also wrote a hand-written letter which reads, “Although my interpretation is lacking a lot, I wanted to give a meaningful source of strength for my sunbaenim”s album so I worked up the courage to sing this song

Lena Park releases MV teaser for 'Double Kiss'

Korean-American RnB female singer Lena Park (Park ... kiss'.The MV teaser starts off with an intense background music followed by a funky beat with Lena Park's sexy voice. Meanwhile, last week, she released an MV teaser for 'Syncro Fusion'. The single will be released on Ap

Lena Park Reveals Comeback Teaser Video for “Double Kiss”

Lena Park, also known as Park Jung Hyun, will be making ... kiss” was revealed today on YouTube. Previously a teaser video for “Syncofusion” was released, showing off a beautiful instrumental track. Along with her comeback, Lena Park will also be holding

Korean Actresses Who Experiennce Their First Kiss On TV

 How might it feel to have your first kiss ... kiss with strangers watching and the cameras rolling? That has happened to some k-drama actresses and probably a few actors too, although actresses seem more willing to confess as much.Actress Nam Ji Hyun recently revealed

Actor Jung Il Woo Names “49 Days” Lee Yo Won as Best Kiss Scene Partner

On the April 13 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV ... 2010 at a pet café and showed off his barista skills. The actor was asked, “Which actress lasted the longest at the celebration of the conclusion of ‘Golden Rainbow’?” Jung Il Woo names Uee and Cha Ae Ryun

A-Prince reveals 'Kiss Scene' BTS video

On the April 13 broadcast of MBC’s “Section TV ... kiss Scene.'Watch below: written by: [email protected]: A-Prince Official

“Angel Eyes”: Kang Ha Neul and Nam Ji Hyun’s kiss

(Photo : SBS)“Angel Eyes” Kang Ha Neul and Nam ... kiss and showed the nervousness of a first love.On the 2nd episode of the new SBS weekend drama “Angel Eyes” broadcast on April 6th, Park Dong Joo (played by Kang Ha Neul) and Yoon Soo Wan (played by Nam Ji Hyun) kissed under a streetlamp.On this day, Dong Joo brought Soo Wan home and gave a whistle. Soo Wan was confu

Review of “Angel Eyes” Ep 1: Nam Ji Hyun surprises Kang Ha Neul with a kiss

In the first episode of Angel Eyes, Yoon Soo Wan(played ... kissed Park Dong Joo(played by Kang Hae Neul) on the lips.Dong Joo said to Soo Wan, “My mom said you’re too good for me, she wants you as her own daughter rather than her son’s girlfriend.” Soo Wan replied, “I want to be your girlfriend.”Dong Joo was su