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"Cart" releases movie trailer starring Yeom Jung Ah, Kim Kang Woo, Moon Jung Hee, EXO"s D.O. and more


Upcoming movie “Cart” released a compelling trailer starring EXO”s D.O. and more!

The film centers around a group of contract employees of a large-scale mart who are wrongfully dismissed and decide to take a stand. Also starring in the movie are Yeom Jeong AhMoon Jung HeeKim Young Ae, and Kim Kang Woo. D.O. will make his big screen debut as the role of Sun Hee”s (Yeom Jeong Ah) son Tae Young who seems stoic and reserved, but gets closer to his mother through the turmoil of the strike. . ... Read more

EXO"s D.O. chooses Yeom Jung Ah as the "Cart" co-star who was different from his expectations


The cast of movie “Cart” strolled into viewers” hearts on the October 11 edition of KBS 2TV“s “Entertainment Relay”.

EXO”s D.O. was asked to introduce the movie to viewers, and adorably stumbled over his words to which his noona co-stars helped out. When asked which co-star did he want to work with the most, D.O. chose veteran actress Kim Young Ae, commenting, “I was really looking forward to working with her. But I didn”t have any scenes with her.” . ... Read more

Do Kyeong-soo, "Yeom Jeong-ah took good care of me"

Do Kyeong-soo,

Do Kyeong-soo mentioned Yeom Jeong-ah.

At the premiere conference of the movie “Cart”, Do Kyeong-soo said, “I was so nervous at first but Yeom Jeong-ah always took care of me and made me feel at home”. . ... Read more

Yeom Jeong-ah Breaks New Ground in Film About Social Issues

Yeom Jeong-ah Breaks New Ground in Film About Social Issues
Out of Korea”s 18.78 million wage earners in Korea, 6 million are non-regular or contract workers. Now the movie “Cart” by director Boo Ji-young which opened in theaters last week, deals with the plight of supermarket contract workers who face being laid off. ... Read more

"Cart" D.O Feels Like Yeom Jung Ah Is His Mother


Cart” co-stars Yeom Jung Ah and EXO member D.O are close to each other like mother and son!

On November 6th, the actress Yeom Jung Ah has posted a selca of herself and singer-turned-actor D.O on her personal Twitter account. The picture is capped with,  “‘Cart’ with my pretty son Kyung Soo~Finally, a week left until the premiere~,” . ... Read more

Catching First Images Of Yeom Jung Ah and EXO’s D.O In "Cart" Movie Trailer

Catching First Images Of Yeom Jung Ah and EXO’s D.O In

The upcoming film “Cart” makes fans burst with excitement when the production crew released the first trailer, featuring actress Yeom Jung Ah and EXO’s D.O.. ... Read more