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Girls' Generation's Seohyun and 2AM's Jo Kwon Gave Their Condolences To The Victims Of Sewol Ferry Incident

Girls" Generation"s seohyun and 2AM"s ... seohyun and 2AM"s Jo Kwon"s are one of the many idols who expresses their sympathy for the victims of the Sewol ferry and posted their tweets on April 20th. Both of them made he

Girls' Generation's Seohyun and 2AM's Jo Kwon express their condolences about ferry incident

Girls" Generation"s seohyun and 2AM"s Jo ... seohyun and 2AM"s Jo Kwon"s tweets from April 20 have came to light. Both idols are made headlines for their thoughtful words as they expressed their condolences regarding the tragic ferry accident. seohyun

Girls' Generation's Seohyun, "No more pain"

Girls' Generation seohyun expressed her sadness ... seohyun expressed her sadness for the Sewol ferry tragedy. She posted on Twitter, "I cried so much that my tears have dried. Their hearts must be torn beyond imaginable. Please let there be no more pain and let there be a miracle". "I pray those who

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Prays for a Miracle

Girls’ Generation‘s seohyun joined other ... seohyun joined other celebrities in expressing their grief over the Sewol ferry incident and support for the victims. seohyun tweeted on April 20 KST, “They must have cried until their tears have dried up..their pain from having

K-Pop Fashion Hot List: Yuri, Seohyun, Jo Yoon Hee

The KpopStarz Fashion Hot List features Girls Generation ... seohyun, Jo Yoon Hee, and more! Actresses kept it chic and casual in skinny jeans and structured jackets. On March 22, Jo Yoon Hee attended a "Doshirak" fan-signing event. The actress, famous f

K-Pop Fashion Hot List: Goo Hye Sun, Seohyun, Jessica

The KpopStarz Fashion Hot List features Goo Hye Sun, ... seohyun, Jessica, and more! Actresses kept it chic and casual in skinny jeans and structured jackets. The stars turned up at various launch events in various shades of beige. On April 3, So Yi Hyun appeared at a L"Icona F

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun hangs out with her dog Tofu

Spring is finally here, and Girls’ Generation‘s ... and Girls’ Generation‘s seohyun welcomed the warmer weather with her dog Tofu!seohyun tweeted, “On a spring outing with my baby Tofu~~chu♡ The weather is so nice~~hehe,” along with photos that looked more like a pictorial than candid photos. The Girls” Generati

Girls' Generation Seohyun Attends A Fashion Event

Girls" Generation"s member seohyun attended ... seohyun attended a fashion event. (Photo : sue comma bonnie) Girls" Generation"s member seohyun attended a fashion event. (Photo : sue comma bonnie) Girls" Generation"s member seohyun attended a fashion event. On March 25, seoh

SNSD′s Seohyun and CN Blue′s Jungshin Chingoo Reunite at Helianthus Event

preview nextview 1/12 preview nextview ... seohyun struts in confidently in all-white Korea′s top idols showed up to celebrate the launch of Helianthus′ S/S Leslie line, held at the Lotte Department Store in Seoul′s Sogong-dong on April 9.Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Ji Suk seohyun gets leggy

Girls' Generation Jessica-Seohyun, Ice Cream Self-Camera "It's Getting Warm"

Girls" Generation"s members Jessica and seohyun ... and seohyun revealed pictures of themselves eating ice cream. (Photo : weibo) Girls" Generation"s members Jessica and seohyun revealed pictures of themselves eating ice cream. Today, Jessica posted on her We

Seohyun and Jessica offer some warmth with ice cream

SNSD's seohyun and Jessica are already ... seohyun and Jessica are already feeling the summer and warmed themselves with some ice cream.Of course, they wouldn't let their fans not to get a share, so the two girls shared a photo and Jessica wrote, "It's getting warm. How ab

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and Seohyun eat ice cream together

Girls’ Generation‘s Jessica and seohyun ... and seohyun showed off their close relationship as the two snapped a set of cute photos while eating ice cream together.Jessica uploaded the photos on her Weibo account with the message, “It’s getting warm. How about some ice cream?”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Seungri are Too Cute, SNSD’s Seohyun Spends the Day with Her Baby and More

preview nextview 1/7 preview nextview The warm ... and they’ve taken to the SNS world to spread the joy. Read about it all in today’s Twitter Roundup. SNSD’s seohyun soaked up the spring sun, tweeting this photo on March 27 with the message, “Taking in sp

Seohyun vs Yuri vs Hyomin, who wore it the best?

SNSD's seohyun, Yuri and T-ara's ... seohyun, Yuri and T-ara's Hyomin were spotted wearing the skirt of same design. The girls all wore a sheer stripe skirt from ARCHE collection. SNSD's seohyun created her "all-in-white" style at MAMA 2013 in Hongkong to complete her usual elegant image. Yuri al

SNSD′s Seohyun, miss A′s Fei, T-ara and More Light Up ′Sue Comma Bonnie′ Show at Seoul Fashion Week

preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview Seo ... and a beanie Idols to hallyu starlets lit up the 2014 F/W Sue Comma Bonnie presentation for Seoul Fashion Week, held at JW Marriott in Seoul on March 25. Photo credit: Newsen/Pyo Myeong Jung Hyo Min is street style chic in a blue anora

Dissecting Girls' Generation Seohyun's Fashion: The Best and the Worst

I like this outfit but not on seohyun. It almost ... seohyun. It almost looks like something an older woman, an ajumma, would wear. seohyun looks lovely and effortless in this casual denim, jeans, cardigan look. Sophisticated an

Tiffany confesses she screamed during the kiss scene between Seohyun and Kyuhyun

On March 18th, Girls' Generation members made a guest ... and Tiffany would be shouting "No" whenever there's a kiss scene"To this Tiffany said,"Recently seohyun and kyuhyun stared together in a musical. When they had a kiss scene, I don't know why but the "No" word just came out on it own"

Seohyun chosen as the prettiest Girls’ Generation member when they debuted

The nine ladies of Girls’ Generation appeared as ... seohyun as the prettiest member when they debuted.seohyun won 6 votes out of the 9, Tiffany earned 2 votes (voted by seohyun & Sooyoung), and Yuri received 1 (voted by Hyoyeon).YoonA shared her thought, “seohyun is pretty now, but her innocence back then…“

What is Kyuhyun's reaction to the picture of him kissing Seohyun?

On the March 12 episode of Radio Star, MC kyuhyun ... kyuhyun from Super Junior is attacked with a picture of him kissing SNSD's seohyun taken from their musical.kyuhyun's initial reaction was embarrassment upon seeing the picture of him kissing seohyun from the musical 'The Moon That Embraces the Sun' in which both of them played the lead roles.Kim Guk Jin said, "It was full of mouth" t

Star Fashion: Chic Seohyun vs Luxurious Yuri

Star’s airport fashion is always a hot topic!In this ... seohyun and Yuri.Girls’ Generation members gathered at Incheon International Airport, Seoul to leave for ‘SM Town’ concert overseas.seohyun appeared with a tweed jacket matched with skinny jeans and sunglasses, catching attention with her chic look.Meanwhile,