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Big Band Sound: TVXQ, Eric Nam, History, IU

(Photo : SM) Dance songs and ballad are popular in ... band sound that has recently been appearing every once in a while is worth taking note of. Some of the biggest acts in K-Pop, like TVXQ and IU, and rookies, like History, have released songs that are infused with old-school jazz elements. The newest jazz-influenced song was released this past week, Eri

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa plays basketball with upcoming boy band N.Flying

CNBLUE”s Yonghwa played a game of basketball with ... band.Judging from the photo, it looks like their game went late! Fans commented, “Yonghwa is such a cool sunbae,” “It”s good to see CNBLUE and their hoobaes N

Yoon Do Hyun Band Becomes The 1st Korean Band To Make Main Page Of Overseas Rock Mags

(Photo : Kerrang, Dee Company) Yoon Do Hyun band ... band released their global single "Cigarette Girl" and has entered the US and UK markets. Their 2nd video has been unveiled. YG"s 2nd video was revealed for the first time through the websites for UK"s leading heavy metal and rock magazine "Kerrang!" and America"s rock magazine "Revolver." THe video was a live acoustic version of t

Band CNBLUE To Return To Singapore On May 10 For Their 2014 Live Tour - 'Can’t Stop Live In Singapore'

Following the much awaited release of their 5th ... bands in Korea"s music industry

Band FTISLAND Completes 'FTHX' Live Tour With Finale In Bangkok

band FTISLAND held their finale stage in Bangkok ... band FTISLAND held their finale stage in Bangkok for their 6 month long "FTHX" live tour. FTISLAND began their "FTHX" live tour back in 2013 and started with their 7th solo concert in Korea. This tour was also to celebrate their 6th year anniversary since debut and wanted to meet their fans and thank them for their continuous support.

Indie Band 10CM’s Kwon Jeong Yeol Announces Wedding at Exciting Concert

Indie band 10CM‘s Kwon Jeong Yeol announced ... band 10CM‘s Kwon Jeong Yeol announced his upcoming wedding with Kim Yoon Joo from the band Rooftop Moonlight at a recent concert on March 28 at Yonsei University in Seoul. 10CM was having a joint concert with Daybreak when Kwon Jeong Yeol released the news. Kwon

Rookie Band Jace Releases Acoustic Version of Debut Single “Come Up”

Rookie band Jace released an acoustic version ... band Jace released an acoustic version of their debut single “Come Up” on March 27, following up on the official music video that was released on March 18. The band is led at the vocals and guitar by Seung Hyun, also known for his role as Park Hae Jin’s younger counterpart in “Man From the Stars.” On

K-Pop Crossover: The Beatles And The Rolling Stones Lead Our List Of The Top 5 Strangest Band Promotions

(Photo : Screen Capture) On Monday, the two members ... band"s 10th year in existence. But wild band promotions are nothing new in the music world.From The Beatles playing an unannounced concert on a rooftop to U2 announcing their tour from a Kmart, it seems like musici

TVXQ Take A Train Trip With 180 Fans To Celebrate Their 10 Years As A Band

(Photo : eNEWS) (Photo : eNEWS) Call it the TVXQ ... band"s 10th year in existence. "We had an enjoyable and meaningful time, making special memories with the fans by taking a train ride in celebration of our 10th anniversary," read an official band statement to eNEWS on Tuesday

Band CNBLUE To Hold First Daegu Solo Concert In May

band CNBLUE will be holding their first solo ... band CNBLUE will be holding their first solo concert in Daegu since their debut. CNBLUE will be holding their "2014 CNBLUE LIVE-Can"t Stop" solo concert in Daegu on May 24 at 7 PM. CNBLUE, who is known for their all live shows, will also be performing all live at this concert a well.

Tiffany And Sunny Of Girls' Generation Defend Band's Outfits In The 'Mr.Mr.' Video, No Word On Yuri's 'Healing Camp' Comments

(Photo : Facebook) (Photo : Mnet) (Photo : Mnet) ... (Photo : Facebook) (Photo : Mnet) (Photo : Mnet) Girls" Generation always seem to inspire passionate responses from listeners. With some of the most fiercely devoted fans in the world, the group has also faced their fair share of criticism, most recently for their choice of outfits in the music video for their new single "Mr

Rookie Band N.Flying Receiving Lots Of Attention In China

(Photo : FNC Entertainment) FNC Entertainment"s newest ... band N.Flying is looking forward to their debut soon, and it looks like China is paying attention. The N.Flying version of tvN"s "Cheongdamdong 111" aired its first episode on the 13th. As of the 17th, Weibo"s number 1 search query for movi

Boy Band Jace Wants You to “Come Up” in Debut Single and MV

Four-member boy band Jace is making their ... band Jace is making their official debut with the single, “Come Up“! According to the band’s agency, “Jace” comes from the Greek word for “a person who heals.” The

Review: Korean Heavy Metal Band Jambinai's Album 'Difference' Is A Wonderful, Weird World Of Sound

(Photo : Ari Vesa Voutilainen) Heavy metal truly has ... (Photo : Ari Vesa Voutilainen) Heavy metal truly has no borders. Once you add the heavy metal distortion, that guitar could have been played anywhere. Metal was most likely invented in England, but it spread like wild fire, arguably becoming the most universally popular music worldwide

Review: Why Korean Indie Band From the Airport's Debut EP 'Chemical Love' Is My Feel-Good Album Of The Month

(Photo : Google Image ) (Photo : Google Image ) Let ... band and song of the month, "Chemical Love" by the South Korean indie rock group From the Airport. Founded in 2012 by guitarist Milo and drummer-producer Zee, "Chemical Love" is the duo"s firs

The Band With Idol-like Popularity NELL and The Idol With Band-like Musicianship CNBLUE

(Photo : TV Report) NELL is a band that has ... band that has members in their mid-thirties and has played together for 14 years. Their music is distinct but popular. CNBLUE is an idol group that"s been together for 5 years with musical talents that are shown through their instruments. NELL and CNBLUE are two v

FNC to Present New Boy Band N Flying through ‘Cheongdam-dong 111’

Following FT Island and CN Blue, FNC has introduced ... band, N Flying. N Flying attended the launch press conference for Cheongdam-dong 111: N Flying’s Way to Become a Star on March 12 and presented its first performance in front of the reporters and the senior singers at FNC. After performing One and Only and Basket, N Flying’s vocal Lee S

Band FTISLAND To Release 13th Japan Single, 'Mitaiken Future' Next Month

band FTISLAND will be releasing their 13th ... band FTISLAND will be releasing their 13th Japan single, Mitaiken Future, next month. Recently, they revealed their teaser video for their new single through Facebook and gained much attention.

FTHX Singapore Proves That F.T. Island, Undoubtedly One Of Korea’s Leading Rock Band!

To celebrate F.T. Island"s 6th year in showbusiness, ... band from FNC Entertainment, F.T. Island"s agency performed the opening act for the concert. The 4 members, consisting of Kwon Kwangjin (bass), Lee Sunghyub (guitar & vocals), Kim Jaehyun (drum) and Cha Hun (guitar) started with a rock versi

Multi-talented Korean Rock Band F.T. Island Meets Singapore Media; Shares Upcoming Album Incorporate Their Ideas And Musical Tastes!

With the persistent hazy conditions in ... band in town for a one-night concert, found the weather too hot for his liking, even though he had initially welcomed the change in temperature, having arrived from ice-cold Seoul last night. The stylist had the 5 flower boys decked in proper smart outfits for the Press Conference, which provided no relief for the lead singer"s plight